Picture: Buhari enjoying his vacation in UK

A Senior Special Assistant to the President, Bashir Ahmaad has posted a photograph of President Muhammadu Buhari watching Channels Television in his suite in the United Kingdom where he went on a 10-day vacation.

Ahmad tweeted: ”MBuhari on a phone call with @ProfOsinbajo while watching Sunday Politics on Channels TV this evening”

The picture serves to dispel evil rumours by some Nigerians on the social media that the president was dead.


  1. Death is inevitable and any soul on earth must surely test it. Those that are wishing Buhari dead are making a grate mistake b/c, if point a finger on person 4others will face u. If our President is truly ill, we should pray for his quick recovery.

  2. All of us will die at some point ! Why wish another human being dead or call for the killing of a human being ! 10/10 and Ahmed have both said it all God bless !

  3. Buhari should take a picture holding today’s paper. Or attend a public event in London to be seen in public. This is so simple – but then, it’s Nigeria.

  4. No one knows when death will come knocking,those who wish others dead that should know that every body must taste death,but how,when and where is obscure to every mortal.

  5. By His grace, our president will live to fight his corruption inshaalah. Long live our president long live Nigerians

  6. president buhari alone is not nigeria problem, but every nigerians are the problems of nigeria, weather u are muslim or christian once u have negative mind against your fellow human such person will remain undergrowth. i believe nigeria will good again …GOD BLESS NIGERIA!!!!

  7. Let us pray for PMB, we should not wish him the death sentence, instead if we think that Buhari has given us economical depression, then come 2019, we should vote him out of office.
    I,as a Christian would pray for him, Buhari should also read the Bible, and have 7 days dry fasting.

  8. Those who want Buhari dead will never believe anything. They want him to return as a corpse or as Buhari the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Lets await his return on Feb 6th.

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