APC will rule Nigeria beyond 2019 – Guru Maharaj ji

Satguru Maharaj ji, Founder, One Love Family.

Satguru Maharaj ji, the Founder of the One Love Family, says the APC will rule Nigeria beyond 2019 in spite of the acrimony in the party.

The sect leader said this in Ibadan on Friday at a press conference to mark the 36th anniversary of the group.

He said what the ruling APC needed to do was to ensure that those who defected from the PDP to the party were monitored to ensure that they do not tarnish the good intention of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Maharaj ji also said the defection of some PDP members to APC was to escape prosecution for offences with which they had been charged.

The sect leader said Nigeria was in need of leaders like Buhari in order to create a new country to be proud of.

He further urged the APC to work for the suspension of any minister or lawmaker under probe for acts of corruption until cleared.

“If this is complied with, APC will stand by the name of Maharaj ji.

“I will make sure I support the party so that Nigeria would be free to enjoy the dividends of democracy.

“Those that steal Nigeria’s money cannot escape; they would be fished out and forced to return every kobo they have stolen.

“I recommend to the Federal Government to give one per cent of any loot recovered to any Nigerian who is able to offer fruitful information on such hidden money.

“This would assist in the speedy recovery of stolen money and create a new image for Nigeria to the outside world.

“Presently, the whole world looks at Nigeria as a country that encourages corruption,” Maharaj ji said.

Reacting to Donald Trump’s victory as U.S President , the sect leader said the new administration would bring greater benefits to Africa and the global community.

According to him, Trump is a wise man judging from his plans to tackle illegal migration and terrorism.

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  • I know this half-truth declarations will be giving APC-led government unwarrantable confidence, whereas the supposed prediction cannot holds water in the presence of God. Is it not this same man that claimed to be God or having equivalent powers like God? I only pity APC, let them not work harder to redeem their continuous dented reputation and popularity for lacks of failed promises to the Nigerian masses that did almost everything to put them in power. They can as well go ahead to seat back on this illogical disclosure; I'm very sure 2019 will be a different ball-game where empty promises will be nearly impossible to beat the Nigerian over battered citizens on inequality with worst employment in this current recession. 2019 indeed!

    A self-acclaimed prophet trying to warm himself into the government almshouse, since it's only what they (Government) love to hear. (SWEET WORDS) plus their own regular political sermons adopted by their administration on how much corruption has battered Nigeria in the past will not save them even before 2018 let alone 2019. "Honestly, some people that cannot foresaw their house, only upside down saw Clinton winning the US-elections, since Donald hairs look like that of woman.

    I will urge this government to decisively on deliberate efforts at improving the standard of living of the Nigerian masses and as well improving the ease of doing business by sponsoring investments into this Country to create groundbreaking jobs would inspire the loyalty of Nigerians, not the ill-fated "Change begins with me".

    Don't be fooled! Nigerians are getting wiser everyday, and the Trump victory over the worlds powers against only him, had also giving the Nigerian electorates more focus to combat you all in the next 2019 elections. Be prepared for more confrontations

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