African Elephant Photo: National Geographic

African Elephant
Photo: National Geographic

A 66-year-old Italian tourist was trampled to death by an elephant after ‘provoking’ the animal when he moved too close to get a better photo.

Fernando Mocclola had been having breakfast with his wife in their tent when he left to photograph the elephant at a watering hole in Kenya’s coastal region on Sunday.

He suffered serious injuries to his left leg and died after the attack near Sabaki River, just outside luxury Swara Camp in Kulalu ranch, according to police.

Mr Mocclola was pronounced dead at the camp before he could be airlifted to hospital.

The couple, who arrived in the country last month, were due to leave in two weeks when their tourist visa expires.

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Kulalu Ranch in the Tsavo is a one of the major tourist destination due to its wide range of wildlife.

Samburu National Reserve is a very peaceful national park in Northern Kenya.

It attracts wildlife because of the Uaso Nyiro River that runs through it and the mixture of forest and grassland vegetation.

All three big cats, lion, cheetah and leopard, can be found here, as well as elephants, buffalo and hippos. The Uaso Nyiro River contains large numbers of Nile crocodile.