The Muslims Right Concern (MURIC), an NGO, has commended the ruling by Lagos Division of the Court of Appeal allowing Muslim pupils to dress in the Hijab (veil) as part of their school uniforms.

Prof. Ishaq Akintola, the MURIC’s Director, gave the commendation in a press statement on Friday in Lagos.

Akintola described the Appeal Court’s judgment as a victory for the rule of law.

“This judgment has restored hope in the judiciary as the last hope of the common man, and truth has prevailed over falsehood.

“The five judges who sat on the case have also shown that they are principled men of the Bench,” he said.

Akintola appealed to officials and management of public and private institutions not to intimidate or stigmatise Muslim women because they are dressed in Hijab.

He commended Muslim students and groups for their peaceful dispositions and for seeking legal redress whilst the controversy over Hijab raged.

“MURIC appeals to officials of public and private institutions to desist from intimidating and stigmatising Muslim women in Hijab.

“We also laud Muslim students and Islamic organisations in Lagos State for demonstrating patience and tolerance during the controversy,” Akintola said.

Besides, he urged Nigerians to take important lessons from the Appeal Court judgment and to always adhere to the rule of law.

“This case has shown that litigants need to be patient when lower courts make pronouncement, while exploring the opportunity of the appellant court.

“Democracy can only thrive where the rule of law is respected, and when litigants go berserk over court pronouncements, it can only breed anarchy,” Akintola advised.

He also appealed to politicians of all faiths to always be prepared to do the right thing, “no matter whose ox is gored”.

Akintola urged all Nigerian Muslims to remain calm, law abiding and watchful.

The Lagos Division of the Court of Appeal on Thursday ruled that female Muslim students had the right to use Hijab as part of their school uniforms.

A Lagos State High had ruled in October 2013, that the Hijab was illegal.