How Major Nzeogwu killed Ahmadu Bello, Sardauna of Sokoto

Late Sir Ahmadu Bello removed Muhammadu Sanusi I

Late Sir Ahmadu Bello, first Premier of Northern Nigeria
Late Sir Ahmadu Bello, first Premier of Northern Nigeria
Gripping details of how Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto and Premier of the Northern region was killed by mutinous soldiers led by the late Major Kaduna Chukwuma Nzeogwu on January 15, 1966 have been revealed in a series of dispatches by British diplomats and intelligence officers during the period.

Titled:British Secret Files on Nigeria’s First Bloody Coup, Path to Biafra, the details are contained in the current issue of TheNEWS magazine which is out today on the newsstand. It was written by Damola Awoyokun, an engineer and historian.

According to intelligence dispatches on the death of Ahmadu Bello, he was not in the main house but upstairs in the rear annex with his senior wife Habsatu; his second wife Goggon Kano, third wife Jabbo Birnin Kebbi and Sallama, a house retainer when Nzeogwu and his soldiers started breaking down doors asking for Sardauna.

”They (Sardauna and his wives) listened and rattled prayer beads in fear for an hour as Nzeogwu and his motivated mutineers booted down doors, pumped bullets into guards mounting resistance and shouted to others, “Ina Sardauna? Take us to the Sardauna.” It was dark, Sardauna and his wives went downstairs and into the courtyard connecting the annex and the main house. They were trying to escape.

”On finding them, Nzeogwu shot the Sardauna and his senior wife who was trying to protect him. He then blew a whistle which was the agreed signal for all soldiers to converge at the rallying point at the front gate for the final onslaught on their symbol of national decay.

”The rocket-launching party then began shelling the house. Boom! Boom! The ground shuddered like the cannon fire which the great Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky laced into his 1812 overture. Nzeogwu was a lover of jazz and classical music. Their beauty heightened his sensitivity to the decay which Nigeria was. He even mentored Captain Theophilus Danjuma to become a classical connoisseur.

”With the huge flame before him overpowering the harmattan and the night with abundance of light and heat, Nzeogwu was satisfied his own unit’s assignment was a success. He felt like a single note from an oboe, hanging high up there unwavering, avid for glory, above pulses from bassoons and basset horns till a drag from a clarinet took over and sweetened the note into a phrase of such delight, such unfulfilled longing making the coup’s failure unlikely with every passing bar.

”Nzeogwu then left for the brigade headquarters to await news from other units confident as ever like that high oboe note from Mozart’s Serenade for the Winds in B Flat that the news would be good news.



  1. History is not meant to fan the amber of hatred and bitterness, but what everyone should learn from. Even if the national plits, which is better for us Niger Delta people, let’s still love one another, whether Ibo or Hausa

  2. Death to Buhari.
    Death to All haters of Biafrans,South east and south south.
    A million death to sarduna or sadin Ahemdu bello

  3. @ habu Lawan….keep deceiving your moronic selves that you are masters okay? When Nigerian is finally divided, we will know who is masters…when you people turn on one another because you won’t have the oil to be clamouring for any longer. The great former USSR got divided, is it this small Nigeria that can not be divided? Be reminded that the Biafran war was fought by hand made bombs and catapults….and be also reminded that when it was fought, we we had not the money and men in the army like we have now. So shut up you smelling mouth and keep following your stupid Muhammed the son of a whore!!!

  4. @ frank.the killing of ironsi by T.Y is what we call d RETURN MATCH.So do me i do u, man no suppose to vex.

  5. what is d intent of this write up?it is uhuru for dis country.what has d alter of d Almighty God got to do with islam?To ur tent O,Isreal

  6. The atrocious brutality and killings being witnesd in nigeria till date where first and foremost ignitted and inculcated into d system by early n present northerners who uphold religious differences wit passion thereby subjectin n refering to d ibos as minority wit hatred. A breed dat embraces enemity due to diversity in ethnicity, moral and culture. Nigeria can never be united. I tink biafra is due for sessesion

  7. its all lies stop insulting my leader you ignorant of history we the people of the north like sardauna no matter what ever you will said

  8. this criminals Igbo’s your tribal sentiment will not work Jesus said a servant is not greater than his master nor we that are ur master a u greater wiser than us? baby factories.

  9. Ahmadu Bello is an epitome of corruption, tribal segregation, religious bigotry and paedophile that is troubling NIGERIA till date. He deserved to be in hell. Till date, Nigeria is never ONE COUNTRY with the ideas of this regional inept politician called Sardauna of Sokoto. Nigeria is still suffering his religious intolerance policy aka the present Boko Haram terrorism. Today Nigeria suffers from Northern Nigerian parochial leadership with deceitful Yoruba West support. Yeye de smell.

  10. How I wish the bigot be brought back up to life and re-shot. The goon sowed the seed of divisive ethnic consciousness, fueled the embers of inter-tribal acrimony and deep hate, instigated the mass murder of innocent Nigerians, especially of Igbo people in the North and arrogantly boasted of the awusa-fulani DANFODIAN agenda to raise a jihadic caliphate whose task is to deep the koran in the Bight of Biafra and colonize and enslave us for ever, using the Middle-Belt people as willing tool for the diabolic task. This man set the tone for the ever widening and deepening ethnic divide, making awusa people the hated pariah in the land.
    The name ahmadu bello, a “founding father” by QUOTA and FEDERAL CHARACTER, should not be mentioned as it it offends moral conscience. The more I watch the bigot on YOUTUBE the more I wish he were dead. Rarely do you find a human being with such hate brewing in a satanic soul. All he achieved was bands of roaming hordes of barbaric almajiri killers and fulani cattle herders who do what they do in his damnable memory. Dan bura uba……shege.

  11. @ Frank,Tafawabalwa was tied to a jeep dragged several miles before the cowards killed him in Lagos, while Chukwuma and his death squad had a field day in Kaduna bombing and killing the Sardauna and his wife, what do you call that? Ironsi got what he deserved.

  12. The most atrocious crime ever committed in Nigeria, was the killing of Ironsi by Danjuma, Gowon and their coconspirators. Ironsi was tied face down and dragged by a Military Jeep on a tarred road till he was decapitated. What a vicious, ravaging rascals and scavengers.

  13. but he fail to tell the world one thing and what is that? how the northerners started killing biafrans from 1945

  14. Why is this account written by a Yoruba man published by the TheNEWS magazine owned by a Yoruba man out on the newsstand today June 12, a day purportedly dedicated to the memory of MKO Abiola? What other purpose is it meant to serve if not to divert attention from Abiola and June 12? This is how Yorubas undermine themselves and remain perpetual slaves to Hausa-Fulani oligarchy. What a bad body language and ignoble way to dance on the grave of a kinsman! And what a shame!

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