My wife was dating her GM, says wife-killer Shonde

The Shondes: Lekan and Ronke

Lekan Shonde: accuses wife of infidelity
Lekan Shonde: accuses wife of infidelity
Depot worker, Lekan Shonde, who allegedly killed his wife in the Egbeda, Lagos area, and vanished thereafter has spoken from his hideout, revealing what may have provoked the tragic incident.

Shonde told PUNCH Metro that his wife, Ronke provoked him by describing vividly how her lover slept with her in a hotel in Abuja.

He said his wife of eight years changed after she allegedly started dating the general manager of a publishing company.

The Abeokuta, Ogun State indigene, said he regretted marrying Ronke, explaining that his late mother had warned him against the union, but he never listened.

Lekan and his wife, Ronke, lived on Tiemo Close, Off Awori Street, in the Egbeda-Idimu area.

The marriage, which was blessed with two children, aged six and four, was said to have been marred with domestic violence.

The crisis culminated in the death of Ronke on Thursday, after which her husband fled the house and locked up the children with their dead mother.

The Shondes: Lekan and Ronke
The Shondes: Lekan and Ronke

He said the last time he beat his wife was three years ago after a disagreement, saying he had never touched her afterwards.

“Since I married my wife eight years ago, she has never bought anything into the house. I gave her N5,000 on Saturdays and N3,000 on Tuesdays for soup. I also gave her money to make her hair.

“She was working with GTB as a marketer, but she got sacked three years ago. For that period, I was the one feeding her and taking responsibility for everything in the family. I would wash her pants, bathe the children and buy foodstuffs in the house. She later got a job with a publishing company owned by her uncle.

“But my wife changed sometime in March, when she started dating the general manager of a publishing company. My wife was going to the office from Monday to Sunday and she wasn’t going to church again, all because of this man. She called him ‘Eyitemi’ (My own).

“Last week Friday, she went to Abuja and came back on Monday. She never told me that the lover was there with her. I learnt later that the lover was there and they slept together in the same room for four days.

“When she came back, she didn’t know I was inside the house. She started talking with the man on the phone that she really had fun with him and I didn’t know how to make love. She again said her private parts were paining her.”

He said he confronted his late wife and she confirmed that she was dating the other man, adding that he asked her to concentrate on a relationship.

Lekan said his wife refused to leave the house despite his insistence on her leaving.

Recounting the incident of that night which led to her death, he said they had an argument over money.

“It was around 9pm on Thursday. We had paid our nanny N20,000. Then we needed to pay our children’s teachers N30,000. I discovered she had taken N20,000 and when I asked her to return my money, she said she had spent it.

“I was angry because for the past three months, she didn’t allow me to have sex with her. I pushed her hand away from me on the staircase and I left her. She never tumbled or fell. In fact that night, I bought the food that we both ate because she said she didn’t want to cook.

“I didn’t know anything had happened to her until Friday when I saw her on the staircase. I thought she was still pretending. I just left her and walked away.”

Asked why he shut the gate against his children, he said he never did, adding that it was his son that closed that gate.

Lekan also denied taking the victim’s phone away, saying he left it on the bed.

He said he had no reason to kill his wife, adding that he bought her two cars and always provided for her needs.

“Jide, her family’s second child lived with me for three to four years. Their eldest daughter, Bolatito, has lived with me too.

“Although I am not a saint, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. I am a responsible man. The problem with my wife was that she was temperamental. She shouted at me whenever she talked.

“I am a Lagos boy and I can be in this Lagos for the next 30 years and nobody would see me.”

Meanwhile, the police in Lagos have declared Lekan Shonde wanted.

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  1. A lot of men will be jealous. But the guy only allowed devil to control him over the matter. I feel sorry to the couple. Ladies, please avoid untimely death like this, stop the wayward when you’re married. This general manager will still be living with his family now, you both left your children as children of no mother and prisoner father.

  2. @Fact, no matter the gravity of the crime, we are not in monkey republic. Lekan Shonde is still a suspect. He needs to be prosecuted, tried, sentenced to death by handing if that is the verdict of the Judge. He will then be executed some minutes after the state governor where the offence was committed assent the verdict.

    It is a pity. He wasted the life of that pretty woman. I said it this morning, except if Nigerian Police does not wish to work; they have the security checks of detecting criminals anywhere they may hide in Nigeria except if such criminal is not with or using a phone. For Lekan, you have no right to take another person’s life. Even if your late wife was found in the act, the best to do is to seek for divorce if you can forgive her. You claim you love her and you kill her. No matter what she would have done to you, you must find way of forgiving her.

    For those with hot temper, learn to be patient with your spouse. Always remember this song:
    When God is in the family, Happy Happy Home! Happy Happy Home!! Happy Happy Home!!!
    When devil is in the family, trouble every day! trouble every day!! trouble every day!!!

    By God’s grace, we shall all have happy home.

  3. Mr Killer is looking for excuses that are not sticking. Just go serve your jail term. COWARD

  4. very stupid guy, still talking with no remorse…………….hes a lagos boy indeed……..i feel so terrible for him….his kids will forever hate him……………….how pathetic….

  5. This story is very pathetic. How on earth could one kill his wife or husband? If one knows one’s spouse will kill one, one does not need any bulgary proof in his house. One just need to be watchful and shine one’s eyes.

    Moral lessons for everyone: if I am to judge by Lekan’s statement:
    1. Lekan was not good in bed and his late wife found someone that was very good and she was satisfied. Men of God, whether Christians or Muslims, need to tell the young couples the reality about sex. Many couples need sex education. It is not a sin. You will save lives when inculcating this in your counselling.
    2. Ronke, the late wife, was not a devoted Christian. Neither Lekan nor Ronke was devoted. On what basis did Lekan marry Ronke? Were they devoted Christians? If so, how come his late wife flirt around as he said and he killed for infidelity? Haven’t you read in Exodus 20:14 not to kill?
    3. Money is not love. If it is true ooo. I am not living with them. N5,000 weekend upkeeps; N3,000 every Tuesdays for soup. He bought her two cars and took good care of her. Then, he killed! What a mess! If truly you love, you must have the spirit of forgiveness. There is no love without forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the attributes of LOVE.
    4. Lagosian guru – I can be in Lagos State for 30 years and people will not see you. For how long will you hide. The deal has been done already. You cannot correct the mistakes of the past. You have killed as it is alledged. Come out of your hiding place and face the wrath of law. Submit yourself to Nigerian Police and the matter will be handled with care and not assault. They will still catch you; you cannot run forever.
    5. Do not commit suicide. It is not advisable to do so. You have an apple opportunity to ask God for forgiveness of your sin and do not be as stupid as Judas. Ask God to forgive you; tell Him your plight and ask Him to intervene; who knows? We are all humans. So, do not commit suicide.
    6. My mom warned me not to marry her. Don’t blame yourself for marrying this beautiful angel. I could see that you really proved you care. Hardly can men watch the pants of their wives. What I see you have is that: you over likes not that you LOVE. Your mom or any of your relationship would not live with you. You need to have changed and become a new man before you settle down. You need to have done your findings and draw up your conclusions before settling down. Iron out your differences and see how best to live your life as husband and wife. You thought if you can give her everything she will be satisfied. Women that I know have a deep ocean of secrets. They reason from the heart while men reason from the head.
    7. Want to see your children? It is better you allow the innocent children to live and forget the trauma you have caused them. You can right to them to forgive you after you must have surrendered. Let them know how much you love them and will all your properties to them until you are freed.

    For us all, we need to shine our eyes before settling down. As a marriage counsellor, I face difficulties too but I thank God for being there always. I have never raised my hands to beat my wife of over eight (8) years. Please, keep managing your spouse and do show the LOVE of God through all its attributes which are uncountable.

    I felt what Lekan is feeling right now but was mad with the action he took for killing Ronke, his beautiful and gorgeous wife; I am also worried about the future of his children. However, the children will come out victorious. Lekan and Ronke are just your custodians. Your parents on earth is God. May He guide and keep empowering you both for great success ahead.

    What a pity!

  6. Rubbish.Assuming she slept with another man actually,was it enough reason to kill her?Lagos boy or not,you’ve just made yourself a murderer & a widower, you’ve also made your children motherless which is really very sad.You’ve just tainted the image of your innocent kids.

  7. Very sad indeed. You marry a woman because you love her, if the going turns sour you always have the option to go for divorce. This problem of murdering one’s spouse is increasing nowadays. The other day a woman was also reported to have murdered her husband for engaging in adultery.

    Religious leaders must assist young couples by introducing counseling as part of their programs and not only focus on tithing.

  8. @Oliver majek Shonde is Ogun state Abeokuta as a matter of fact and stop the generalization … A crime is a Crime. Ekiti or where ever you come from.

  9. This is very tragic on all sides especially for the little children who lost their mother and will soon lose their father when he’s eventually caught. Killing the wife is not the answer. That’s why divorce is an option.

  10. It is a pity that Lekan Shonde killed his wife, who will take care of your children. It is not a do or die affair, you could have work out of the marriage than killing the innocent lady. May her sou rest in peace. Amen.

  11. You still not showing any remorse to the marriage gaffe that took the life of your better half. Perhaps you are yet to grab the implication of your action. Oyo.

  12. I pity you, Lekan Shonde, the allege “killer” husband. How long and how far will you run or hide? If she was sleeping with another man, you have the options of either enduring the marriage, knowing fully well that you may have also slept with another woman in the course of your marriage, or dump the marriage.

    Despite your boisterous statements, I know deep down the police will get you in a matter of days. I am NOT a police officer. But, I know the police in Lagos is working.

  13. Bad news. Marriage not do or die affairs.

    You married her and you have the right to say i will not marry you again, divorce her legally, you walk away from her and she walk away from you.

    Man you have put yourself in a mess. the GM that made you to kill your wife, the mother of your children shall continue to live and enjoy while you have brought disaster and shame to yourself and family. because of jealousy.

  14. My advice to this murderer-on -the-run is simple; when you are in a hole, stop digging. From his rambling, he has established that there is malice and an intention to do harm. His story leaves a lot of holes and will not stand scrutiny

  15. Agreed she’s dating someone else. Does that mean she should be killed? or when why you’re still in the hiding. And the stupid family member acting as a conduit should be arrested for aiding. Killing some does not need to be judged in the media but in the court of Law.
    And the stupid man is not even worried about his kid but himself.

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