Police mask

A stray dog on Saturday in Yola, went berserk, biting a policeman on duty.

The incident occurred at the popular Police Round-About area of Jimeta.

An eyewitness, Tizhe Joseph, told NAN that the dog, suspected to be ‘mad’, was being pursued by a crowd when it came face-to -face with a policemen in uniform, and bit him.

“The mad dog was being chased and at a point, was hit with a stick. It attacked a policeman in uniform attached to state anti-robbery squad, who was approaching it (dog) from the front.

“The dog bit the policeman on his right leg. The animal was however killed by the people pursuing it and the policeman, advised to hurriedly go for anti-rabies vaccine,” Joseph said.

NAN however gathered that as people trooped to have a glimpse of the dead animal, a man believed to be a dog meat eater, appeared with a sack, took the remains of the dog and walked away, as the crowd watched with shock.