John Kerry carries Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign to Davos

John Kerry, US Secretary of States
John Kerry, US Secretary of States
John Kerry, US Secretary of States

United State Secretary of State, John Kerry has given President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign drive a larger reach at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Kerry in his speech at the forum, he made reference to Buhari’s fight against corruption in Nigeria and how individuals pocketed money meant for arms deal.

“It has been reported that over 50 people including government officials stole over $9billion in Nigeria.

He added that money that was meant for arms to fight Islamist sect, Boko Haram, was pocketed by generals in the most populous black nation in the world.

“Corruption costs global economy more than a trillion dollars a year and complicates every security, diplomatic, social priority,” he said.

“In far too many countries, plain rank corruption has generated such powerful headwinds that local economies just tread water. Today, corruption has grown at an alarming pace and threatens global growth, global stability, indeed the global future.”

“There is absolutely nothing more demoralizing, disempowering to any citizen than the belief the system is rigged against them. Corruption is a radicalizer because it destroys faith in legitimate authority.”

He noted that about three trillion is lost to corruption a year.


  1. once upon a time i was scared Nigeria will naturally launch itself to extinction but today im very much proud to raise my shoulders very high in the world to be proud to be a Nigerian. God humself delivered Nigerians from the hands of fraudsters.

    im very much surprised with the negative commemts being hurled at PMB. if not PMB who else have the courage to speak about the NigeriaCorruption openly and fight it sincerely. Corruption is indeed a monster and an epidemic that has eaten deep into our bone marrows and our fabrics. there is no disease worst than Corruption. The NigeriaCorruption is satanic and indeed the worst evil ever thought about. these fraudters are heartless, go to our hospitals you will be shocked to see Nigerians dying in hospitals because of neglect, Nigerians are treated in their country worst than refugees. haba we should all put our hands together to fight Corruption. Nigerians have for long suffered in the hands of heartless Pharaohs.

    i think we misinterprete people, i think the case Kerry is making did not in any way exclude US or any country. he is taking this as a global calamity that requires the world to work on serously, it is worst for us if u look at the profile of our children abroad u will be shocked to hear the number of Nigerians in prisons abroad who travelled for greener pastures only to be swallowed in prisons to decay. you will wonder what is the work of our ambassadors abroad and the huge expenditures on the embassies.

    its high time we begin to reflect upon our attitude and give Buhari all the cooperation he deserves to bring back our Country’s lost glory. PMB has worked on himself and disciplined himself with the help of God to be our Messiah. we should pray for him for God to grant him good health to continue his good works.

  2. Thanks to Mr. Kerry but no thanks .

    Corruption is an English word and is as perverse in the USA, Mr. Kerry’s country. He should have used the example of many American corrupt companies instead of Nigeria. The example of Haliburton instead of Nigeria. The example of the Weapons of mass destruction Bush discovered in Iraq that led to a corrupt war that cost and is still costing billions of Dollars and human lives. Why did he not use the example of planned parenthood in the US, an organization that was caught on video killing innocent Americans with government funding through abortion in order to sell the body parts, yet the Obama administration has refused to withdraw funding from them.

    The corruption in Nigeria is being dealt with by the Nigerian government in the interest of Nigerians. At least the present administration is showing that we do not need any commendations to do the right thing.

    My experience with racism and the west in recent times is that racism is as pervasive as it is subtle. They patronize you in a way that singles you out as inferior. So when you hear ‘wao! Well done’ sometimes it more an expression of surprise at your ‘ability’ than a sincere compliment!

  3. Honesty obasanjo used Jonathan to cover him self, , and so called Johnathan couldn’t do nothing,
    he allowed obasanjo to go free with all the money he loot,, HALIBOTIN CASE, name them,, many more currupt cases,
    well buhari should turch all this matter, bring in BABANGIDA, OBASANJO.MANY OF THEM

  4. No matter their propaganda and hypocrisy.One thing is certain”There is time for every thing” The END of the Entity called Nigeria full stop.Since money is more important than the Lives of people in Nigeria ,where unarmed protesters are being shot on daily basis but no one mention it.God is in control of the whole thing happening.

  5. We know Jonathan will pay the price later or sooner, I don’t care if he and Obasanjo continue to get this and that award they never deserve from organisations elsewhere.
    Their end is coming precipitously soon.

    Obasanjo Stage managed Jonathan’s presidency to cover up his on corruptions during his own tenure.

  6. Thank God that for once we can export this, rather than corruption all the time. Bravo PMB as well as Secretary Kerry for recognising this laudable action of our dear President.

  7. While the whole world notices what happened, Metuh and his selfish band of supporters want us to believe it is persecution.

  8. What would be appropriate punishment would be applied to any politician found guilty of fraud, looting and embezzlement of public funds?

  9. High time people saw the war on corruption being sponsored by this administration as a beginning of much larger perspective for overall sanity of Nigerians.People from the northeast of Nigeria know what insecurity due to insurgency means and will never forgive anyone that conspired,knowingly or naive in robbing them of the basic rights of life.

  10. Power reveals itself in its insidious corruption of others. The only way to cure this is with relentless prosecution. And when the prosecutor becomes corrupt, then get an outsider to prosecute him or her as well.

  11. He was merely quoting Mr. Lai Mohammed there. Read the line that said ““It has been reported that over 50 people including government officials stole over $9billion in Nigeria.

  12. @ st.john u are very rite. Tribalism and ethnicity has really blindfolded them and it reflects in dere comment

  13. The US in their typical hypocritical mode. Terrorists move money and are tracked down. The sums of money that moved through US banking system should have flagged off their security system but they kept quiet because it benefited them. Now these have been flagged off from afar, they want to play St. Michael. So they are not seen as colluding. The US is as much guilty. By the way what has Jonathan got to do with this. There are procedures in place for the procurement of arms which would have been followed should the US have allowed normal transaction procedures. Traceability with the nigerian system would have been easier. Jonathan approved funds for arms procurement and there was collusion between those under him who lied to him that arms were procured and the war was being won. Of a truth arms were procured but not to the tune they declared. Add all the sums so far shared and I bet it’s not up to 100 million dollars out of the 2.1 billion when converted. 2.1 illion was given as a distraction. But prefer ious government ts have had larger sums disappear fro. The economic radar without Buhari coughing of which he has been fingered I the past severally. Kerry should shut up and go and repair Syria.

  14. Ask Mr Kerry, if he has heard of any conviction before making that statement if true? Hope the US will not deny or dissociate itself from APC media trial and lopsided anti opposition ‘fighting of corruption’ propaganda.

  15. Twenty First century Colonialism. So Corruption is now more important to Amarica than Human Lives. There in nothing FREE OIL Money can not do. Who is the Sponsours of Boko Haram should be number one question.

  16. Buhari is a very corrupt man, fingered in the DASUKIGATE, and PTF. If Buhari is not corrupt, what is the essence of him budgeting 3.9 billion for the renovation of ASO VILLA that he renovated 8 months ago. Buhari is so blemished to be talking against corruption. Smack of hypocrisy.

  17. @Judgement Day. Jonathan hid the malfeasance from US. US could not help Nigeria when Nigerian President declared severally that “Stealing is Not Corruption”. How do you deal with a President who does not know the meaning of corruption?

  18. @Joe,we are not talking about who is bigger than who in corruption. We are talking about corruption and corrupt persons in our country and how to get our monies back. He who commits little corruption if not caught will one day commits a bigger one.

  19. @opc, I beg to disagree with you. IBB and OBJ are the most corrupt Nigerians ever live. Abacha is a saint compared to all the past military leaders.

  20. They cant because Nigeria is not a state in the US…Nigeria is an independent state… and since Nigerians never complained, who is US to do that for them? People deserve the leader they have….Jonathan will go down in history as the most corrupt human to ever live!

  21. If i am not mistaken, USA was very aware of the recklessness of Jonathan regime and most of the money transferred were right under the nose of FBI. So why cant they chastise Jonathan then if truly the oppressed poor masses are in the same world with the rich?

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