Diezeani appears before London police

Funsho Arogundade

Diezani Alison-Madueke, former Petroleum Minister was once arrested by UK National Crime agency on suspicions of bribery and money laundering
Diezani Alison-Madueke, former Petroleum Minister was once arrested by UK National Crime agency on suspicions of bribery and money laundering

Embattled former Nigerian Petroleum Resources Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke on Thursday afternoon finally appeared at a London Police Station.

In a report monitored by our correspondent on TVC, Alison-Madueke was at the Charing Cross Police Station, London to honour the invitation by the authorities.

Diezani Alison Madueke reveals her cancer-stricken look
Diezani Alison Madueke reveals her cancer-stricken look

She was granted bail on the same condition given earlier and asked to return to the station on 21 June.

In October last year, the former minister, who was one of the most powerful officials of the President Goodluck Jonathan administration, was arrested by the UK National Crimes Agency, alongside four other people.

The charges against her were looting and money laundering in the United Kingdom using a network of relatives and businessmen.


  1. Meche

    If it were in nigeria she would have been found guilty before trial.

  2. 10/10

    All. nigeria. public. looters. and. economy. killers. will. never. prosper.

  3. Guobadia i. Godwin

    I absolutely agree with Eko that is how is done in anywhere in the world if the police ddecide not to handcuff any accuse it is not the norm. Enough of this handcuff hullabaloo . the law is greater than any individual the earlier we accept this the better for our judicial system.

  4. Records

    @SunnyAkhigbe what’s you grouse about handcuffing? Even former IMF president Dominique Strauss- Khan sometimes back was handcuffed in US. He wasn’t even found stealing as the guys you’re trying to fan for. If pick pockets could be handcuffed, how much more about heavy looters whose account is found with evidence of illicit monies. Please stop parochial sentiments over very serious matter. Am a Niger Deltan too.

  5. Mayor

    Oh Lord, please save us o

  6. Boris

    God help us Nigerians

  7. Jason jasi

    @James. You have a penchant for graft and stealing. Can you reference for me the part of the constitution or any existing law in Nigeria or abroad that you rely on. I’m assuming you’re into some form of crime, whether admittedly or not.

  8. Innocent Samuel

    People like Dasuki,Metuh,Diezani and rest didnt surprise me as much as did their supporters.In fact l am really disappointed in some of my friends with whom l held in great esteem for their supports for these big manipulators and saboteurs of our country’s growth and development.

  9. Jay

    Mr Akhigbe British police do handcuff people with lesser crime than she commited, let wait and see if she wont be handicuffed in UK because she is definitely going to be guilty

  10. Suny Lulu

    I think we should to join hands together as a nation in troubled times like this and jointly condemn corruption irrespective of our political affiliations. It is worrisome to see people supporting those caught in the corruption web. The level of corruption in the country is mind boggling and if what we are reading in the news is true, it will be wrong for any one to support the culprits. Those who support them cannot claim to be patriotic.
    Of particular interest is Diezani who didnt show any sign of any ailment before escaping to Europe to enjoy her loots. Now, when she is required to render accounts of her stewardship she is claiming to be sick (?). Whatever the case, the state should investigate her and ask her to remit what belongs to the nation back to the country’s coffers immediately.

  11. Babagida j

    I think president Buhari should call for sending this bastard that doesn’t resemble any of her so call parents back to Nigeria and have her room in kuje prison.

  12. James

    For Dazieni less I knew of her. But that of metuh is a clear political witch hunt, whenever I work for someone and get paid it’s not in my jurisdiction to ask where did you got this money from that you are using to pay me. Government of the day should not by any means claim ignorance of this

  13. olami

    Hmmm Nigeria!!! May God forgive d supporters of Metu, Dansuki and others that have deprive us our inalienable right as Nigerians

  14. Tayo

    Fear God, his fear is the beginning of wisdom. People who rode on the shoulders of poor Nigerians are now been paraded as common criminals, all the glory of the past has departed. I would rather remain poor than been handcuffed and become an object of shame and ignominy. A good name is better than great wealth acquired through fraud, corruption and greed. the big men, women of yesterday have now transmuted to felons. Integrity pays, materialism and wanton crave for illicit wealth is the road to shame and eternal damnation. I pray for the redemption of the souls of people like Dasuki, Metuh, Deziani.

  15. Oj Kenechukwu


  16. Judgement Day

    @ Sunny Akhigbe yes she would have been handcuffed had it been she tore her confessional statement and tried to swallow it!

  17. nkem

    If it were in Nigeria she would have pretended to be too sick to attend court and some jesters from her area of birth and area of marriage would have fouled the air with the chant that she is being persecuted for coming from a particular area. Lest I forget, she would have rented a crowd to accompany her to court.

  18. Musa Ayatullah

    Now I am more convinced that whatever one does today, there is certainly a day of reckoning.

  19. Musa Ayatullah

    Now I am more convinced that whatever one does today, the is certainly a day of reckoning.

  20. u K Kanu

    And if it were in Nigeria she would tear her statement and swallow it to obliterate evidence.

  21. Eko

    Handcuff is part of the procedure in any criminal justice system,once you are under arrest , they handcuff you, finger print you and take your picture , stop advocating different laws for so called ” big men” you are the one who sees them as such ! The law respects no one if we are going to improve our institutions we need to get past trivialities of this manner.
    Mr Sunny

  22. Olaoye Emmanuel

    I care less even if she is leg or neck cuffed, these are people that do not care about an ordinary Nigerian, all they care about is how to embezzle the funds meant for the development of this nation. If a man that steal one goat can be handcuffed, I see no reason why those that stole billions of naira can not be handcuffed + leg cuffed.

  23. Bashir

    We need urgent extradiction of this wicked woman, for her trial in Nigeria.

  24. Sunny Akhigbe

    And if it were to be in Nigeria, she would have been handcuffed and vilified!

  25. Bob Ugee

    Exactly, she wouldn’t have honoured it.

  26. adeleke

    If it were to be in Nigeria she would have ignored the invitation.

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