Wanted Tompolo, in letter to Buhari, says he’s innocent

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Government Ekpemupolo also known as Tompolo
Government Ekpemupolo also known as Tompolo

Here is the unedited open letter wanted former Niger Delta warlod, Tompolo sent to President Muhammadu Buhari:


His Excellency,Muhammadu Buhari
President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,State House,Abuja.

Sir,Beware of Some of Your Party Members in Bayelsa and Delta States

I wish to inform you that,it has come to my knowledge that,the leader of your party and governorship Candidate of the All Progressives Congress,APC in Bayelsa and a few young men from Warri South West LGA of Delta State,who joined the party from the Peoples Democratic Party,PDP,after the 2015 presidential election are hell bent on linking me to the renewed vandalization of oil facilities in the Niger Delta region,whereas they are the ones carrying out the act to smear my name. They are doing this in connivance with the Economic and Financial Crime Commission,EFCC lawyer,who is also a member of your party,is at the forefront of prosecuting me because I refused to buy property from him.

The crux of this letter is to let you know them that,they are dubious,mischievous,desperate,pretentious,manipulative and corrupt,therefore do not share the same vision and mission with you,as well as do not believe in good governance.

I will briefly tell you some of their antecedents in this letter. The leader of your party in Bayelsa state approached me shortly after my meeting with you in Abuja,that I should accompany him to meet you and plead for him to be appointed as Special Adviser,SA and Chairman of the Presidential Amnesty programme committee,which I refused to do because of his antecedents, as not a reliable and trustworthy person. It was thereafter he forced his way into the governorship election of the state,which almost tear the state apart with violence,beginning with the party primary in which he demonstrated a high level of desperation as was recounted by the chairman of the committee and governor of Edo State,Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

As for the members of the party from my local government area,Warri South West, they have been involved in illegal bunkering and oil theft activities over the years,which I have been fighting against because of love for country. They know me as a no nonsense person.There is this particular one from the same Gbaramatu kingdom with me that has sworn to kill me because I refused to manipulate the ascension to our traditional stool in his favour when he was not even qualify for it. And so,he look for any opportunity to deal with me.

As for the EFCC lawyer,he approached me some years back that ,I should come to Abuja and Lagos to buy some choice property worth billions of naira from him. I told him that I do not have such money to buy property. Besides,I was not interested in holding property in Abuja and Lagos,except in my village. Since then he has been looking for any opportunity to drag me into matters I do not know anything about. And this is one of the reasons why I have not appeared in the court because he is not qualified to prosecute me.

The truth of the matter is that I do not know anything about the 34 billion naira EFCC is talking about.. First, it was 13 billion naira issue,now it is 34 billion naira. I am not a signatory to any of the companies mentioned in the said 34 billion naira case,so I do not know where this one is coming from.. I know that God in His infinite mercy will see me through in this critical moment. Thanks and God bless.

Yours faithfully,


High Chief Government Ekpemupolo(Tompolo)
The Ibe-ebidouwei of Ijaw Nation


  1. Atiku boy pm.

    yes my belove tompolo: ur letter well spoken, pls do not trust dis so call APC government, never again should u make such mistakes and huge sacrifices before dis corrupt, dictatorship and incompetence one-sided apc, efcc, judges etc… mind u they are not like d former late president yar adua who granted amnesty. be wise:u ar not d only millionaire in d country simply because u are a star from d east, a strongh iroko tree’s. note if they succeed in caging u, then even former president is not save: likewise d whole region. beware of jungle justice, if treaten further, go back to d creeks and make dis country un-governable for d so call apc lead government afteral: every good turn’s deserve another. be wise n play dead.

  2. obasegun

    Before the elections you had promised “fire and brimstone” was not elected both at the primary and at the general elections. After the election, you promised that the Niger Delta will “know no peace” if you are not paid for protect the pipelines and waterways as contacted to you by previous administration.
    A federal court had invited (not arrested) you, all you need to do, Mr High Chief, to go and all you know. Including all you have just stated.

  3. Don Keph

    My brother Tompolo remain where you are, don’t be in a haste to come out,Buhari and d chief Justice of d federation has fair Nigerians, if they want war let it rain ☔ if they want peace they will also have it. We owns Niger Delta and we know all d route in it

  4. Gentle Pope

    You don’t win in Buharis court, all the accused are condemned already. Those granted bail were not obeyed, so what confidence will one have to appear before a competent Judge and Nigerian government? It is a pity that those who are expected to shout against the impunity of the executive are excusing them. Leaders should lead by example, if the leadership cannot obey court injunction, do want the ordinary man to obey? the precedence have been set by the executive and others are following the trend. Until we all come out and call evil by its rightful name no matter whose ox is gored, there will be no place for Nigeria.

  5. Suny Lulu

    I will advise the federal govt to be very careful in handling this issue. Already, there are strident demands for Biafra for which Kanu is being held and now this. It calls for sober reflection so that an issue that can be settled easily will not snowball into another major issue like that of boko haram. If the police had handled the boko haram softly, it could have been peacefully resolved and all these blood letting wouldnt have taken place.

    Tompolo is not the kind of person who denies his actions and so his denial should be taken very seriously to avert another disaster. The country already has its hands full and opening another war theater at this time is like biting more than it can chew.

  6. izo

    Don’t come out from any hiding oh, cuz the efcc is not sincere and fair in there doings it’s just a tool to cram ur wings and besides even if u are right they will frame u up and make u look wrong. I think it’s a plot to bring u down. If the letter is not good enough for him and the efcc then they should go to hell and if they still try to arrest, go into hiding and fight the government to a stand still. We in the niger delta are behind u.

  7. Alfred Robinson

    I understand d fear of high Tompolo, he believe that his enemy the lawyer is capable of influencing his incarceration even when he is not guilty. He is correct, anything is possible but Nigerians are aware of it now and will monitor ur probe to ensure that justice takes it cause and u will not be ill treated as a law abiding Nigerian.

  8. onyebuchi

    He cant come out why becouse those that came out has not come because of disobeying of court order.we r still under dictator rule

  9. Wale

    Come out to clear your name….then prove all these in open court for all to see.
    Nigerians are not fools, we’ll know who is lying and saying the truth.
    So come out, its court that called you not them.

  10. arik

    Thank u!”Tompolo ” but ur letter will be listened to, should u come out from ur hiding and summit urself.

  11. Atanda Raji

    This is exactly what Nigerians and Nigerian government wanted you to come forward and say in front of a competent judge according to the Nigeria constitution. Come out from your hidings and handover yourself to the nearest police station and become law abiding citizen. I believe in the government when the president said that people should not be afraid of the government but of their own doings. And if your hands are cleaned definitely you will be vindicated and set free to enjoy your unlimited freedom. Nobody enjoys freedom when in hiding. period!

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