Jail break averted in Warri

Police cell

Nigeria Prisons Inmates
Nigeria Prisons Inmates

Security operatives in Warri on Saturday barricaded the vicinity of the Okere Prison yard to forestall possible jail break by inmates.

The Joint Taskforce (JTF) which comprised heavily armed military personnel and mobile policemen blocked both sides of the road with about 10 patrol vehicles, preventing road users from passing through the area.

When contacted, Delta Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Celestina Kalu, said the move was to prevent possible jail break.

According to the police spokesperson, on Jan. 1, the inmates had complained over scarcity of water and epileptic power supply in the prison.

“The inmates have complained about shortage of water and poor electricity supply in the prison and the development is generating tension inside the prison.

“So, we decided to swing into action before the situation escalates.

“There were also rumours of possible jail break,’’ Kalu said.


  1. francis u are a fool with fault on ur brain. Go abroad whether u will see any prison that is operated without water and light. How can u luck up people and u fail to give them the need to life? Pigs in developed nations would refuse to sleep in the best prison in Nigeria and yet u open ur wide mouth to call a place where pigs refused to live a five star hotel. If u think Nigeria prison is a five star hotel why don’t asked the govt to provide u with a room in any of their prison? Afterall, nobody will ask u for rent.

  2. What are they going to use electricity for? Charging phones,ironing their dresses, watching TV? When has prison become a five star hotel? .
    Well,this is time for loudmouth Adegboruwa to help this inmate achieve their demand.
    But no Adegboruwa is not interested, their is no cake to be shared in this one compared to Dasukigake.
    God bless Nigeria.

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