Buhari will not know peace, if Niger Delta knows no peace – Tompolo

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Government Ekpemupolo also known as Tompolo
Government Ekpemupolo also known as Tompolo

Government Ekpemupolo popularly known as Tompolo as said that Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari will not know peace if the Niger Delta region knows no peace.

Tompolo who was reacting to allegations that he attacked oil installations in Warri area of Delta state threatened the number one citizen of Nigeria after stating his readiness to corporate with the federal government.

The reasons why the ex-militant drew the Niger Delta region into his differences with the federal government is unclear but the influential warlord might be on collision course with the government over his statement.

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria told he will know no peace by Tompolo
President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria told he will know no peace by Tompolo

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“Well, I am sure this is what President Buhari is looking for. He should allow the people of the Niger Delta Region to know peace, otherwise he will not know peace as well,” Tompolo said in the last paragraph of his statement issued by Paul Bebenimibo, his media aide.

Reacting to allegations that he was responsible for bombing oil installations in Warri, he said: “I am not responsible for the attack and I condemn it as a dastardly act. I am aware that some persons might want to destroy oil installations and link it with me that was why I said before time that I have nothing to do with it.

“I could not have gone ahead to carry out such action knowing that every finger will be pointed at me because of my case with the Federal Government,” he added.

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  1. J. B.

    lets allow peace reign I Nigeria oooooooooooo

  2. biafra son

    Who is this fool called Doko or Boko? For ur information Rivers and Delta is part of Biafra. I am a Delta man and we are solidly behind Biafra. Fool like u. As for pmb let him try anything funny in niger delta, nigeria will boil

  3. Doko

    @ Tony , rant all you want I realize you are unable to spell correctly. Even with spell check you could not spell despise. You are part of an insignificant group if extortionists and if Ndigbo as a tribe felt they were threatened as occurred in 1966/67 en masse return to their ancestral lands would have commenced. But alas, Ibo traders reside all over Nigeria. These traders believe in Nigeria unlike you 419’ers and lazy scam artist who want money for free and homosexual sex to go with it . So to those few who want Buafra, GO back to your village and mobilize. Commit treason and terrorism and the Nugerian state will react. The south is not Igbo, but over 250 different tribes so stop arrogating the voice of many to one tribe. Watch and see what Ricers and Delta will do to your rag tag protesters, JAIL and bullets await them.

  4. Tony

    Doko , ok lets do it this way. Ibos return to your five states and you hausas go to your mushroom 100 states and lets see who gets through.
    Yes Ibos are adventureous. Even if other states in Nigeria ask Ibos to go we will survive. We dont need oil to survive .We have grown bigger than nigeria . Our tentacles are spread all over the world. Who is begging you to buy from us. Our survival doesnt flow from the oil pipelines that you parasites from the north are clinging to. Proudly speaking our economy is now bigger than our geography. The world despice you . We in the south despice you too. Go. Go. Go.

  5. Doko

    @tony, the usurper. You believe all others must be assimilated into the Ndigbo stock. Biafra died in 1970, that’s why the OJUKWU’s whose family were at the apex of Igbo society are not the treasonous brood. Your IPOB and MASSOB cannot absorb rivers and Delta states into their fold. Delta state has a minority Igbo community but will NEVER be part of Biafra as Rivers will show you treasonous lot. Frankly, most Nigerians will allow the 5 Igbo states to GO AWAY and starve. But the cost will be severe in that all other states will ask all Igbo traders to return to their Biafra, and let us see who will buy your goods. You Tony are the tribalist barking up to destroy the country, but in the end it is you and your ilk who will scatter like the wind away from Nigeria. Start a war that you cannot finish, this is not 1967-70, today the remainder of Nigerians will gather and end this aggression by a few. But first, Tony why don’t you never leave your Biafra, and like in 1966/67 when Ndigbo returned en masse to the east central states why has that not occurred now? The reason is that the majority of Igbo believe in Nigeria unlike you and the other starving extortionists who have turned this into a scam to get rich quick. keep it up and soon you will see the result. Where is Nnamdi Kanu today, is he not in jail? Go and free him by force now, or was OKAH another terrorist not jailed and is still CAGED till today? KANU will not be released and will face trial with all the evidence against him even if he were to return to the UK he will be tried for passport forgery .And as for the real story, Tompolo will be subdued by Buhari unless he hides in the creeks which cannot go on for ever.

  6. Ogbeni Awoof

    170 million Nigerians will relocate to the N/Delta. We will rake the creeks with rakes and sweep the entire region with brooms till we locate Tombpolo, and his government of the Niger Delta region will become history.

  7. Tony

    Doko , no doubt you are of boko haram stock . Doko is boko , boko is doko . Your divide and rule has failed .If in your opinion Delta and Rivers are not Ibos what are the yoruba speaking people doing in your 19 northern states union? The British who in there selfish interest committed this error by amalgamating darkness and light ( north and south) are being attacked daily by those of us from the south. Is it not time you terrorits from the north stopped hanging on the south for recognition and survival? Why are you animals so desperate on One Nigeria ? Cant you see that we have nothing in common? Go you must go.
    It is BIAFRA or nothing.

  8. jugg

    Niger detains are the owner of the oil money they can do what day like pm b should leave them alone

  9. valentine

    Asitis u,ve said it all. Let him send his soldiers to niger delta. Buhari should have focused on boko haram issue and leave this issue of Tompolo, because it will add to his burdens. Biafra,boko haram and millitant.

  10. Gaigh

    A lot of person are grossly and gravely ignorant of the matter in question. First we must understand that the topography of d Niger delta especially d creeks makes developmental projects highly expensive. The cost of building a house in d creek is equivalent to d cost of 3 houses in town. The man built a world class diving school and d government bought it as a temporary site for a university like d practice d world over. That shouldn’t b a problem except dea is a sinister plot by some person dat feel threatened for no reason whatsoever . People should b more critical and analytical of some figures been thrown around by the government of d day in attempt at demonizing people on pages of newspapers. Dea are institutions saddled with d responsibility of addressing issues bordering on state matters and dey should rather been strengthened to do their job judiciously without fear or favor not what we presently have.

  11. Doko

    Odua peoples congress is not representative of the Yoruba, rather it is composed of a gang of illiterates extorting the poor. Somehow Goodluck Jonathan tried to empower these thugs, but not in Yoruba land. IPOB is not representative of Ndigbo, but if they feel they are let them flex their muscle at the ballot box. OPC cannot influence the outcome of any election in the south west, so lets see what IPOB can do in the 5 east central states. Delta and Rivers are not Ndigbo states, so IPOB show us that APGA is dead in the 5 Igbo states and maybe you can provide infrastructural development rather than encourage chaos. Hopefully the government will not cave in and will proceed with the case against Kanu who used a fake British passport and Nigerian passport in falsified names to leave the UK and enter Nigeria.

  12. Tony

    It is your entire useless northern generation , the region sponsoring the worst terrorist group in the whole world that is animalistic. If you and your dumb president think you can cook up charges to start up wars in the south east and south south regions , the two regions that have been feeding you good for nothing desert rats you are in for a surprise because we are wiser and more enlightened and connected than when we watched helplessly as you killed Saro Wiwa.Is it Tompolo now? Come try it again.

  13. markdone

    More than 90% of the people who called themselves nigerians are very stupid n are incapable of reasoning. it’s clear that nigeria can never be one n live like one family till the world will end but the gullible ones are pretending to love those who we obviously know they hate. I was born n bread in nigeria n am above 30 n have never experienced 1 year peace in that contraption n nobody is seems to know the solution to the problem. How do you expect peace in a country where the politicians are the only citizens of the country? How do you expect peace in a country where the politicians are the only one who their right is the constitution n the masses who voted them are slaves? How do you expect peace in a country where some people are called minority in their ancestral home?
    How do you expect peace in a country where some people are being marginalized n some are claiming to own the country n have the right to do what ever that pleases them. A country where the so called leaders has collaborated with the compromised media to breed hatred between the ethnics inhabiting in for their own selfish interest.
    Nigeria is the only country where the majority of her citizens has never experienced the need to have a government in their lives yet they chant I LOVE NIJA everyday in pains n hopelessness.
    Nigeria is the only country where the politicians kills, deceive n steals what belongs to the people inhabiting in it for more than 50 years n people complains but don’t want to get off the situation because of two things (OIL) n the hatred between the diversities of the ethnics in the country.
    For me at this point the solution to the British Nigeria is DECOLONIZATION, DISINTEGRATION, DIVISION to save the live of the people, then we can all know our potentials n our Gods given blessings n talent, n if we fail cos of some people who believes they can’t survive without the oil in the so called south south n south east then we should expect an everlasting crisis from generation to generation cos i know some people from some part of the one nigeria can not boast of a pencil from the government of nigeria since they existed till date rather the government takes the resources that belongs to them n even extort them of the little money they struggle hard to make through their agents police, soldier, custom n other security agencies…….That name NIGERIA should seize to exist that is the solution.

  14. sir doye

    A very big question. Where is Shekarau today. The police killed a single man that started boko haram, Nnamdi Kanu must not die also. 5 million dss can not arrest tompolo, let peace reign baba PMB. Oil is less than $29 now, blowing up oil installation is very easy for billionaire tompolo. IPOB is gathering momentum. Odua people congress will start their own agitation. Multi biliinaires and army generals are arrested on daily basis and PMB thought all is well. Advisers pls talk to Buhari before it will be late. PMB pls think twice before you act ooooo.

  15. @ashiruat

    Tompolo is an animal and he should be so treated. The activities of all these militants should be curtailed immediately. Their wings should be clipped. There can’t be republic with a republic. Federal government should crush them before they get out of control like the Boko Harams. Force should be applied and get them out of way once and for all. Is Tompolo above the law of the nation? All his assets should be frozen immediately.

  16. NKBN

    “Nigerians Knows Better Now”

    My take in all of this is that they should be peace now, instead of going into war and still later come back to look for peace after the harm has been done does not make sense to any right thinking human being and that is why there is problem all over the World. Taking Nigeria as a case study, most of the people commenting here were not born during the Nigerian/Biafra civil war. Even if they were born which side of the divide where they during the civil war? Somebody in Lagos during the civil war don’t know what happened in the war torn area. Just like Boko Haram, people in the other side of the divide will not understand the anguish, pain, sufferings and lamentation those in the North East are going through. Innocent People are loosing their life for no reason on daily basis just because some people feel the have score to settle. Common sense is not common in the real sense of it, otherwise, they wouldn’t be all this noise, threats of war. Those in position of authority should lead us which is the reason we elected them. The colour of the White is NOT and can NEVER be the true reflection of his heart. Okay, just look at the so called IMF Chief Ms. Laggards who said Nigeria is on course with our Economy and does not require any assistance, only to arrive France and said Nigeria is in severe Economic situation. What does that tell us? They may be fanning the Amber of war from one end, all they are after is what they will gain from us slaughtering ourselves. But, you will be thinking you have a good backing. Look at the politics of oil going on in the World now, only a fool will not understand their game plan. Climate Change is another time bomb waiting to explode. PLEASE LET PEACE! PEACE!! PEACE!!! REIGN.

  17. Jo

    How can a man threaten a whole government? Is the military so weak? What about intelligence gathering ?

  18. KolaO

    Is that a threat?how do you mean that BUHARI wil not know peace?I think it is a mis-information.Remember that the man is our current and nigeria,nigerians president.The man BUHARI is acting on our behalf so therefore Mr.tompolo re tract your statement against him or Nigeria is bigger than anybody.

  19. westlife

    Disrespect for court order/law by the authority breeds anarchy. Our Mr President some years ago shunned the Oputa Panel when he was invited , so let us see how things turns out in this Tompolo case.

  20. westlife

    OBJ had it rough in the Niger Delta and Nigerians all rejoiced when peace was eventually restored under Yar Adua/Jonathan. It should be duty of a country’s leader to promote peace and that should be one cardinal aim of this APC government. Better the government refrain from instigating violence in that region, so our country can move forward. But, from observation, there is deliberate plot to dare the Niger Delta region with the aim this time to conquer them and silence them forever, but things may not be easy for this government to have to contend with two battle fronts, the Boko Haram and the Niger Delta. Better we work towards peace for all and let peace reign.

  21. Babagida j

    Who is this animal that think is a human being. I wonder if President Buhari hasn’t finish the Megawatts prison and find one the horrible underground place to keep this animal. I am tired of this animal fucking face here on pmnews.

  22. Asitis

    . Dictator Buhari should toe the path of honour by obeying court orders so that others would have faith in the judiciary. The reason why tompolo won’t appear in court is that if court grants him bail, dictator buhari would disobey court orders. One thing is sure . Tompolo with massive instrument of violence at his disposal would not allow himself to be arrested. I pity the security personnels who would be sent to arrest him because many would loose their lives.
    Let the battle begin.

  23. Onye Nze

    When Buhari lost election he said he will make Nigeria ungovernable for GEJ, did anybody arrest him? Now He is in power and think he will have a smooth ride is not possible. Whatever thing u do in dis life whether good or bad must surely locate u.

  24. praise

    Let dis crook go and answer for his misdeeds and stop hiding under the defense of Niger Delta .imagine, how will he quantify the hardship it will bring to d Niger deltans if he forcefully push the federal might to respond to his inflammatory comments?

  25. Dagogo Jacj

    See this useless thief. Do you think you are above the law? This is not GEJ’s government where you stole money and disrespected rule of law. By the time PMB start dealing with you mercilessly, you will then realize your childishness and stupidity. The faster you report your self to EFCC, the better for you. Idiot.

  26. Paul

    Nigeria is country of unity of exploitation of the few for the gain of many,without the few benefited anything,rather environmental hazard is what they got in return.I’m not an admirer of Tompolo,but. Federal gov should be fair,coz no one is saint,those who seek eauity must do the same.

  27. Tompoloclearyourname

    All that was required is COME and CLEAR your NAME…and suddenly your declared over your generations, that you don’t even take care of with all the looted funds.

  28. Fred

    Imagine the arrant nonsense from this thief. We shall see, I hope when the president reacts the so called human rights advocates will not talk, more so they are not talking now that this thief is ranting over his criminal activities. Why is he hiding if he is so strong.

  29. benchudeze1

    Surely it is a statement of fact that Buhari and Nigeria will not know peace if he makes the Niger Delta region and Igboland to know no peace!


    wintch cry last night child die today do we need an oracle to tell us who kill the child?.The fight is not for PMB is for the well meaning majority of nigerians,b/h,n/d militant and biafra will be defeated and nigeria will remain as one,better stop the wardrum now and seek for forgiveness from innocent citizens.

  31. Freedom

    Of Course there will be no Peace in Nigeria is there is no Peace from the Banks that Milks Dollars to feed the Political Class.

  32. 10/10

    Animal. living. in. the. mist. of. human,. creek. born. gorillas. . think. they. are. important,.tompolo. what. ever. u. name. may. be. ask. asari. . and. others. i. promise. ur. generation. names. will. soon. be. thing. of. past

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