9-year-old girl raped to death

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Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt

Women weeping in Elele, Rivers State, over a 9-year-old raped to the death by unidentified persons
Women weeping in Elele, Rivers State, over a 9-year-old raped to the death by unidentified persons

An atmosphere of gloom has enveloped Elele Community of Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State after a 9-year-old girl was raped to death by yet to be identified persons.

The girl whose name was simply given as Miracle was abducted at about 5 pm on Wednesday, 13 January by yet to be identified rapists while returning from an errand for her mother.

Eyewitnesses said that her mother had sent her to buy some food stuffs for her within the busy Elele Roundabout, but she never returned.

After waiting endlessly, the worried mother had to raise the alarm and ran into their streets calling for help in case if anyone might have seen her.

A search party that was organised that night could not locate her.

However, the girl’s lifeless body was later found early in the morning of Thursday, 14 January within the vicinity of her family house.

A family source said that they woke up from sleep on the morning of Thursday, 14 January to behold the lifeless body of Miracle with blood all over her nose, mouth and private part.

Some Residents in the area are insinuating that she might have been used for ritual.

It was later found out that the elder brother to the late Miracle belongs to a cult group and has been in the custody of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad since last December last year.

There are insinuations that her death may be connected to a revenge by a rival cult group.

The Rivers Police Command is yet to react to the gruesome murder of the innocent minor.


  1. Jossy

    No surprise, The fact is there is no alternative to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ on this planet earth! Recall that those days it was a default to teach Bible (at least CRK) in schools. But now it has become an option. Even now we have Godless parents. It is unfortunate! The Gospel has been the water quenching the raging fire of the satanic forces all the while. Since Governments begin to resist the Gospel in the nations of the world, satanic kingdoms begin to establish and establish their hold on the people. The solution is simply return to the Gospel and its righteousness which is today a free gift from God Almighty to mankind.

  2. james bon

    o my God. Where are we going in this country? Pls i beg the police to do anything to find out the murderers of this innocent 9yrs old girl. The truth is that her blood is in the head of the govt of this land for vengeance.

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