UK Airshow Crash

London police said on Sunday that the number of dead in the crash of a military jet taking part in an air show in Britain could be as high as 11.

It said the victims were primarily pedestrians on a busy road in southern England, where the Hawker Hunter military jet plunged to the ground Saturday, just 400 meters away from viewers at the Shoreham Airshow near Brighton.

Police warned that the death toll could rise further, even though there were no reports of casualties among the air show’s audience.

The police said it was not known why the pilot, said to be an experienced former Royal Air Force pilot, lost control of the craft.

The videos posted on social networks showed the jet attempting a loop before crashing.

It said the civil aviation experts were examining the wreckage for clues.

Although the police had not announced the identities of the victims, but the families of a 24-year old man and of two young players at the nearby Worthing United Football Club confirmed that their loved ones were among the dead.

Meanwhile, the South East Coast Ambulance Service initially confirmed seven fatalities and 15 people injured including the pilot who was pulled from the burning wreck with life-threatening injuries.