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Abiodun Tobun

Abiodun Tobun

Members of the Lagos State House of Assembly on Thursday said the visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to the United States of America was not only timely, but appropriate.

To them, this was not the time for Nigeria to pretend that it has no challenges.

Buhari, with his team, returned from the US early Thursday after meeting with top US officials including President Barack Obama for discussion on the best ways the country can help Nigeria.

In separate interviews with journalists in the House, they expressed optimism that Nigeria would soon begin to see the result of that visit since the US has both the economic and military wherewithal to assist Nigeria overcome its challenges.

Abiodun Tobun, who represents Epe Constituency 1 at the House, said he was sure the visit would strengthen the diplomatic ties between Nigeria and the US adding that this was a fulfillment of Buhari’s promise to boost the image of the country internationally.

“The visit will make Nigeria move from developing country to a developed country provided the is positive commitment by both countries. It is a good development if we want to develop,” he said adding that this did not mean that Nigeria would loose its sovereignty to the US as the visit was not abnormal.

On his part, David Setonji representing Badagry Constituency 2 said the President’s visit came at the right time.

According to him, “if you talk of democracy in the world today, the US is very key. They have been contributing to democracy all over the world and Nigeria too has been very key to democracy in Africa and we have played a very good role.

David Setonji

David Setonji

“It is very good for the Buhari to have visited the U.S as an important nation in the world. We have many areas of collaboration and it is in our best interest.

“We need to seek the support of the President of the U.S, Barrack Obama on many issues like our economy, we are just developing, they have been there for over 200 years, so we are just coming up.

“US is the leading country in terms of military and the economy. They are the world power at the moment, It is very good if the America can fulfil their promises.

“Coming to the aid of Nigeria on terrorism would help a lot because they have the wherewithal to help. Talking about economy, they can help us in several ways.

“As long as it does not disturb our sovereignty, as long as we remain an independent nation, we should not be too shy or pretend as if we know it all.

“Whatever they can do for us to make us a better nation, I am for it once they would respect us as a nation.”

Also speaking on the visit, Sola Giwa, the representative of Lagos Island Constituency 2, said the move by Buhari was important for the country’s security, trade and economic challenges.

He said collaboration with the US military and intelligence will go a long way to help Nigeria fight terrorism which has claimed the lives and property of many citizens.

He supported Buhari’s position that he could negotiate with the Boko Haram for the rescue of the Chibok, Borno State girls stressing that the victims are children who have suffered endlessly.

He however advised the government to be careful in this regard.