Funsho Arrogundade

Tempting Fate, the much anticipated Hollywood meet Nollywood stunning and riveting movie, has finally premiered in Nigeria.

The movie, with Nigeria’s celebrated actor, Ramsey Nouah as the lead and has gained lots of media attentions in Nigeria and United States debuted Friday 10 July with a glittering reception at the Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The premiere had most of the major cast based in the United States in attendance.

Kevin Nkem Nwankwor, the producer and director of the film, speaking at the premiere, described the new flick as an all-round inspiring and heart-touching film much like those of successful American producers like Tyler Perry and T.J. Jake.

It is a story of two brothers who lost their parent and had to take care of each other. Despite being siblings, they have two very different approach to life.

L-R: Ramsey Noauh with Andrew Onochie and Tiffany Denise Turner

L-R: Ramsey Noauh with Andrew Onochie and Tiffany Denise Turner

Edu Okoye, played by Hollywood debutant Andrew Onochie, is the calm and peaceful-seeking brother, who is battling a life threatening illness. The young man relies on his spirituality to walk him through his illness, hand in hand with his girlfriend Tracy, played by Tiffany Denise Turner.

But his elder brother, Ugo Okoye (Ramsey Nouah), is the hot headed bloke who has chosen a life of crime, which Edu, his brother pays the price for.

Ugo is spurred along his path of crime by Dan Davies, a ruthless crime and gang leader. With his brother (Edu) in dire need of money for an operation, Ugo has to play with the devil to raise fund to save his brother. But this results in a chain of events that serve to open up a world of hurt, betrayal and deception.

Kevin Nkem Nwankwor and wife at the premiere

Kevin Nkem Nwankwor and wife at the premiere

Nwankwor, who was making his directorial debut with the flick, said ‘Tempting Fate’ depicts deep brotherly love, betrayal and forgiveness.

“The film explores a plot where two different paths in life can be taken with an unintended outcome. It is a must see film for those who can at any time face a cross road in their life,” he said.

In February, “Tempting Fate” was chosen as an official selection film to be premiered at the 2015 Pan African Film Festival at the very prestigious Rave Cinema in Hollywood. It was also at the USA Indie Fest.

Shot two years ago in the United States utilizing the latest camera technology ‘Red’ and supported by Panavision, Sulekhh Suman was the director of photography, while Emmanuel Ojeah and Unoma Nwankwor are executive producers.