AIT free to cover Buhari’s activities – APC

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria
General Muhammadu Buhari
General Muhammadu Buhari

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has said that all accredited media organizations in the country, including the African Independent Television (AIT), are free to cover the activities of the President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the incoming Buhari Administration will not discriminate against any media organization, irrespective of its role during the electioneering campaign leading up to the recent polls.

It however enjoined all media organizations to observe the highest level of professional standards in carrying out their duties.

”There is a Code of Ethics guiding the practice of journalism in Nigeria, and this demands every journalist to ensure a strict adherence to the highest levels of ethics and professionalism in carrying out their duties.

”There must be repercussions, within the realms of the law, for media organizations which have wantonly breached the Code of Ethics of the journalism profession and turned themselves to partisans instead of professionals. But such repercussions will not include barring any accredited media organization from covering the activities of the President-elect,” APC said.



    The AIT documentary was one of the major factors that led to PDP defeat.

    WE HAVE STOPPED TUNING AIT IN MY HOME SINCE THEN, so they will need to probably be passing their corrective msgs via other CHANNELS for us to know when they are back to their old days glory.


  3. You are labelled a thief, yet you are dancing with another man’s lamb in the market place. Buhari should rather shame AIT by proving to be a converted democrat and not display his penchant hatred for opposing views in democratic dispensation.

  4. By buhari’s action, he has confirmed AIT’s fear of military mentality and intolerance of opposing views – Need we say more?

  5. There seem to be a gross misrepresentation of the person and character of BUHARI here. The question is who is barring AIT and from what? In my opinion, the person of BUHARI is different from the person of the president-elect. BUHARI is a private person but not the president-elect. If this is carried then Yes, BUHARI can choose to bar AIT from covering his private activities. The diabolic campaign of calumny and gross misrepresentation broadcasted by AIT against BUHARI and his family is still fresh in our minds and cannot be so easily wished away. Your enemy is your enemy politics or not, until they convince us otherwise. Therefore if BUHARI chooses to be wary of AIT, then that is not necessarily or in any way being vengeful to AIT. To put it straight and clearly, the BUHARI’S have a moral right to bar AIT from their private events. And take it from me, this stand of BUHARI, I believe precludes the public events of the president-elect such as the much awaited Handing-over ceremony for which AIT would be very much present. What is more; if you insult me, I might take it lightly, but if you insult my father or mother talk-less of the dead, then I will take it personal. Again APC’s refutal of the assertion, ‘AIT barred from Buhari’s events’ does not suggest a lack of coherence between Buhari and his party the APC, rather it shows how simple and intelligent diplomacy can be used to douse tension and so leave no feedstock for mischief makers to feast on. Thumbs up for the APC House.

  6. AIT has discredited itself by such broadcast during electioneering, it should try as much as possible to redeem its image!!

  7. We forget so soon… wa ooo

    Let all the hypocrites and self denying liars and bigots continue to open their mouth!
    The media house launched a paid campaign of slander against him.
    Then they denied him the chance to campaign even though it was not for free.
    They insulted him, his family even his kids were not left out.
    Now he refuses to give them audience and you open your mouth to say what?
    He has not closed their media house…he only said…Don’t Bother to cover my events now!
    Even NTA will give account soon. …because professionalism was thrown to the wind!
    Until we can collectively come together and identify problems affecting us, we will continue to trail others behind!
    And please let’s stop saying payback time…there were liable injustices to Buhari and indeed Nigerians!
    The press is an arm of the government and protector of the civil society!
    If they can sell their conscience for some cheap price, then we are in trouble!
    No wonder we are fed with lies daily and persons unable to verify stories carry falsehood around endangering others!
    I am not BUHARI, but I have stopped watching AIT completely! I won’t allow my brain be filled with lies!

  8. I appreciate all comments made here, but 2 put things in the proper perspective, There is a Code of Ethics guiding the practice of journalism in Nigeria. We are witness to the position of AIT during the electioneering period.

    Thus, we should be guided by d ethic of the code of conducts, even Madness is regulated, a mad man is free to walk the street if he conducts him self well, but if a madman walk the street and start fighting or destroying properties he will be caged. So AIT should abide by d code.

  9. @ Suny Lulu,Point of correction, Mr. Buhari is not yet a President of Nigeria, he’s a president elect and he can decides media organisations that can cover his programmes for now until after May 29,but for now he still have right to his own privacy and don’t forget we are all human, if you were in his shoes you would have done more than that based on the roles played by AIT just to bring him down by all means.

  10. The magic word is ” ACCREDITED “,it means we will not ban AIT but rather not accredit them.NO ACCREDITATION NO COVERAGE… Good one Apc,( a real masterstroke)

  11. This would have been a bad start for Buhari if not for the timely intervention of the party leadership. Barring AIT from covering his activities would have promoted perceived fears of his hatred for the the media. Thank God for the team work of APC Public Relations unit. The President-elect should learn to consult on sensitive issues before acting. Good one APC.

  12. I think that somebody, somewhere should immediately remind Buhari that he is no longer in army uniform and that free expression is the order of the day now. Nobody can gag the press in the 21st century Nigeria and if he has issues with a particular media outfit, he is free like any other citizen to sue the organization for libel or whatever infringement it had commited. How can the president of a nation bar a part of the nation’s press from covering his activities?

    Is he telling us that he is president over a section of the nation or what?

  13. What allows a cash and carry journalist or organization to collect money from a corrupt individual and spread falsities against those it perceives as enemies. AIT did not abide by any ethical code, rather the free money jamboree by the PDP clouded their judgement and allowed a bias towards the APC. who will penalize the offenders of a code of conduct within our press system where journalists are paid to do hatchet jobs against opponents. That APC made this statement is stating the obvious, but AIT will continue to slant it’s partisan views as the mouthpiece of the PDP not as an outlet for news. Really it would have been nice for AIT to be on the receiving side rather than continue ripping off PDP by collecting money in exchange for writing favorable stories.

  14. Score line Buhari 0 : APC 1
    Nigeria can actually say no to impunity.
    This is democracy and I congratulate Barr. Adegboruwa Ebun for speaking out.
    He is the Gani Fawehinmi of today.
    Together we can say no to Aggravated Impunity.

    • I hope u v done a re-think? The APC House and BUHARI are not in disarray. The APC is too mature for inconsistencies.

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