T.B Joshua: Election Result Will Shock Nigerians

•TB Joshua

Simon Ateba

Nigerian cleric, Prophet T.B. Joshua, has said that the outcome of this year’s general elections will shock Nigerians.

He also predicted a plane crash in Nigeria and urged the nation to pray fervently and fast between 19 and 23 March.

“Pray for Nigeria because I am seeing a plane crash,” he told his congregation on Sunday in a service televised live via Christian channel Emmanuel Television.

“It’s not a good thing to lose personalities again,” he added, specifying that prayer and fasting should be especially offered from 19 to 23 March.

•TB Joshua
•TB Joshua

Joshua also gave a warning to Nigerians over the upcoming elections, saying that a dark cloud was hanging over the nation.

“The cloud is darker. When it is about to rain, you cannot see in front again,” he said.

Speaking on the presidential election, Joshua said that the results would surprise many people.

“The challenge Nigeria is facing – on the day of voting, when you drop your votes in the ballot box, you will know who is PDP and who is APC. It’s a parable; very delicate. Because everybody plays a game; we deceive ourselves. ‘So this man voted for this party but he’s in that party.’ ”

Joshua insisted that the building collapse in his church in which 116 people died in September last year was an attack and the planners and perpetrators will soon pay the price.

“There must be vengeance concerning what happened here. Both the slaves and masters must pay the price.”

He stated that he was unhappy due to the innocent blood spilled in his church premises and the refusal of those responsible to admit.

“God gave me an order that I should continue this work – so I must do it. Nothing can separate me from the work of God but your prophet is not happy. I will be happy when vengeance comes,” he said.

On Russia, where the president has gone missing for over a week, Joshua seemed to be saying that he might have been assassinated.

“I am still seeing the same thing happening – killing of a hero,  even bigger than the one that was killed. I am talking in parables. Who could be bigger than the man that was shot in Russia? You should pray for the authority there; pray for the President of Russia,” Joshua said referring to the recent assassination of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.

Joshua also stated that he had collected his own Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) as a responsible Nigerian citizen, but added he is living like a foreigner in Nigeria.

“I am living as if I am a stranger in my own country,” he told congregants.


  1. I think its time men of God speak repentance, salvation and preach the word not delve into politics from the pulpit.

  2. they have ears yet can not hear, they eyes yet can not see, neither do they speak with their mouth and their wicked hearts are darkened.
    Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. ..believe in my prophets and you shall prosper…. Touch not the woman for her husband (Abraham) is a prophet less he cursed you and a great evil befalls you and your entire house. Even if you don’t have respect for men of God, shut up instead of blasphemy. 40 boys were devoured by a beast when the prophet Elisha cursed them. be warned.

  3. tb joshua,dnt mind dem,l remember wen jesus came to d world,dey critizised him,jugde nt

  4. May d GOD of tb joshua forgive u all n help u understand his words. Prophets/pastors re sent to alter d deep tins of GOD with edification faith n comfort.


  6. Pls let’s appreciate the Most Man of GOD. “TB JOSHUA” keep it up and remember in your daily prayer. “EMMANUEL”

  7. Pls stop calling pastors “evil” because nobody has the right to judge. We judge with the outer characteristics Y I believe God judges with inner characteristics. stay blessed


  9. he is a God send to the world, if love you can’t condemn if love you can’t hate a man of God in all let love lead in the world

  10. whether you like him or not is a prophet, I believe him, I will continue to believe. remember Jesus Christ in the bible, his people did not believe him they crusify him and kill him. TB Joshua is a true man of GOD.

  11. One thing is sure, your comments exposed your emptiness of Holy Spirit in your life because the Holy Spirit has told me many times that Prophet T. B. Joshua is a specially anointed man of God. No wonder that he has all the characteristics of Christ. My dear prophet,in this world, you, with your overflowing anointing, will have trouble.But take heart! Christ has overcome the world. Please, remember me in God’s Kingdom.

  12. A prophet is not respected in his home land! Am not suprise by the ultrance am seeing here, may God forgive you all

  13. As a man of God, say it directly, TB Joshua. Concerning Putin, say way and manner, this cannot help the prophetic ministry. Be specific and straight forward. When it comes to prediction, why going proverbial, this embarrassing. Putin is alive, and we are waiting the translation of the shock that would follow the forthcoming election in Nigeria

  14. When God servant is talking the wise listen no prophet was recognized in his fathers land what happen to T.B. JOSHUA can happen to any true prophet in d world so leave him alone. Ur calling him name,s cannot change anything rather u will attract d rot of God upon ur life.

  15. pls hold ur tongue readers 2 avoid d wrath of God 4 abusing d anointed 1.I no no I no deoooooo.M in need of his triple grace of anointing yl others have eyes but cud not c

  16. GEJ….all the way. The north will be shocked we will win there. Even the SW . thiefNubu will be shamed. The rally today is an eye opener

  17. Prophet, have only the fear of God in you.
    Go attend the inquest, a lawfully established body and tell them of the attack, so that we can prevent it in future! Those who mislead the people of GOD will surely pay. You, them, followers and enemies will pay DEARLY, if you are untruthful. So says the Lord.

    Over to God.

    O pari.

  18. Hymnnnn. The hand of the Lord is not short to deliever. Therefore God is ready to deal with the enemies of the country called Nigeria. Brooms can not be used to prevent rain and sunshine. At the end you will end up under the Big Umbrella.

  19. Sai Buhari, Fe Buhari, Love Buhari, March 28, Vote Buhari, DESTROYER of Maitatsine and Boko Haram and of all Corruption in government, as President of Nigeria.

  20. Ladies and Gentlemen, even I HP can predict that the elections will shock Nigeria depending on where you live, if you live in the north, you will be shocked if Buhari does not win, equally you will be shocked if you live in SS and Jona does not win…

  21. Of course, this is neither a prophecy nor prediction. If either of GMB or GEJ wins,what is shocking there,I will only pay this ‘pastor’ any attention if any of the presidential candidates from the other parties emerges as winner of the election. What Mr. Joshua has said is just a general statement who needed to say something to his audience.

  22. i tell you in Countries where prophesy is treated as crime they enjoin peaceful coexistence. Nigeria govt should place ban on all these Astronogers and satanic prophets. They hardly see good the BOKO HARAM issue is there ravaging the nation they provide spiritual help to end it. It”s all about stomach infracture.

  23. You stiff-necked people, with uncircumcised hearts and ears! You are just like your fathers: You always resist the Holy Spirit! Was there ever a prophet your fathers did not persecute? They even killed those who predicted the coming of the Righteous one. (Acts 7: 51-52). The reward for your utterances is on the way and very soon.

    • The word of the Lord Yes and Amen. They have eyes, they can not see. They have ear yet they can not hear.

  24. If he really has to predict, he should tell us who will win. His trick here is that he can say anyway it goes, that is what he predicted. Pure 419 tactic. Many years ago, he had a predecessor, T.O. Olabayo. He said: “Quote me any time, Bush will win on NTA.” Bill Clinton won. Joshua should put his mouth where his spirit is or shut up forever.

  25. Is this a prediction or idle talk. Election result will be shocking . This is just a general statement. Well Jeremiah 14:14 is fulfilling on TB Joshua no doubt.

  26. This cultist after donating the blood and lives of over 100 worshipers to his cult is predicting another plane crash,blood thirsty vampire.

  27. The whole error is from the pmnews editor! He should not have allowed this rot called prediction/prophecy to be published. It is the stuff for gossip tabloids; reputable news media do not condescend so low!

  28. Dont worry, uncle Jona will be coming to your business centre soon, you can tell him the election result.

  29. The Pastor has been expecting a visit from the President after he went to Ota, Redeemed Camp and Ijesha.

  30. This evil demon’s predicted Ekiti election and we all know how victory was fraudulently gotten, and the same thing is most likely to happen again, but it would be a tragedy if allowed to stand. This fake man has not said nothing.

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