How Jonathan, Mu’azu belittled Ijebu People— Monarchs

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Abiodun Onafuye/ Abeokuta

Awujale of Ijebuland in Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona receives President Goodluck Jonathan
Awujale of Ijebuland in Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona receives President Goodluck Jonathan
Facts have emerged on why Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona and other Ijebu monarchs failed to take group photograph with President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan when he paid a courtesy visit last Thursday.

Jonathan is the Presidential candidate of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the Presidential election coming up in the country on March 28,2015.

With South Western Nigeria votes said to be crucial in deciding the winner of the election, President Jonathan has been meeting many groups, including visiting the monarchs in their palaces. Indeed, President Jonathan has virtually relocated to the South-West since the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, postponed the general elections from 14 February to 28 March.

On February 21, President Jonathan, after inaugurating the Olorunsogo Power Plant 2, at Papalanto in Ewekoro local government area of Ogun State, held a private meeting with some prominent traditional rulers in the State.

At the meeting were the Akarigbo of Remoland and Chairman of the Ogun State Traditional Council, Oba Michael Adeniyi Sonariwo; Alake and the Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, Oba Michael Adedotun Gbadebo, Olowu of Owu, Oba Adegboyega Dosunmu, Olu of Itori, Oba Fatai Akamo, Oniro of Iro, Oba Adebari, Olu of Owode-Egba, Oba Kolawole Sowemimo and other traditional rulers, mostly from the Ogun Central Senatorial District.

The Awujale and Paramount ruler of Ijebuland, Oba (Dr.) Sikiru Kayode Adetona and the Olu of Ilaro and Paramount ruler of Yewaland, Oba Kehinde Olugbenle were absent at the impromptu meeting.

Also, three weeks ago, the President moved to Oyo to visit the Alaafin, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi and the Soun of Ogbomoso, Oba Oladunni Ajagungbade in their respective palaces.

On March 7, the President visited the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade, in Ile-Ife, Osun State to seek the support of the monarch and other Osun monarchs for his re-election.

Apart from the Ooni, the Orangun of Oke-Ila, Oba Adedokun Abolarin, the Owamiran of Esa Oke, Oba Oba Adeyemi Adeniran, the Olufi of Gbongan, Oba Adetoyese Oyeniyi, Alowa of Ilowa, Oba Bukola Ali, the Olojudo of Ido- Osun, who is the Secretary, Board of Trustees, BoT National Council of Traditional Rulers in Nigeria, Oba Adedapo Aderemi and other monarchs from the entire Ile-Ife region were at the palace to receive the President.

The President, thereafter, went to Ilesa, where he also met with the Owa Obokun and Paramount ruler of Ijesaland, Oba Adekunle Aromolaran. Traditional rulers from Ijesaland were also present at the Owa’s palace to receive the President.

In Ekiti State, a similar scenario was reported to have played out. President Jonathan met Ekiti monarchs when he visited the State for the PDP campaign in January and about 50 traditional rulers were present at the meeting and the President took time to shake hands with all of them.

Last week Thursday, President Goodluck Jonathan returned to Ogun State and paid a visit to the Awujale in his palace at Ijebu Ode, with the expectation of that the respected monarch would endorse him as it was done for him at Ile-Ife, Osun State.

We can exclusively report that the Presidency has remained unsettled since the visit as it was shocked with the reception at the palace.

The Awujale’s address was read by the Dagburewe of Idowa, Oba Y.A. Adekoya, who in an introduction told Jonathan: “Your Excellency,the man you are sitting with now,our own Awujale and Paramount ruler of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona is 81 years old and he has spent 55years on the throne.The man is wearing gold and you know that gold does not rust.” The introduction was greeted with applause by other chiefs and monarchs present.

Our correspondent also learnt that the Presidential protocol officers tried to rush the MC, who is one of the Otunbas, but the compere bluntly told them,”I am acting on the directives of the Awujale and nobody can give another order. That is our tradition here, we don’t rush.”

Cross section of traditional rulers, community leaders and chiefs during President Jonathan's visit to the Awujale's palace in Ijebu Ode
Cross section of traditional rulers, community leaders and chiefs during President Jonathan’s visit to the Awujale’s palace in Ijebu Ode

Later the Master of Ceremony invited the Obiri of Aiyepe to introduce all the members of the Ijebu Traditional Council.

To the admiration of all the people in attendance,the monarch stood up and introduced all the monarchs, numbering about 45, as they sat off-hand.

As the event was about rounding up, the Master of Ceremony announced that all the monarchs should move outside to the palace terrace for a group photograph with the President.

The atmosphere at the Lions Hall,venue of the meeting inside the Awujale palace, instantly changed as most of the monarchs declined to go while those who had intended to go for the picture,having read the body language of others,who are mainly old horses,had to retrace their steps. The photo session was called off as the President hurriedly left the palace.

The show signalled serious disappointment and embarrassment to the President, as the protocol hurriedly ‘packed’ the number One citizen to his vehicle and zoomed out of the palace to catch up with another appointment at the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE in Lagos.

One of the highly respected monarchs in Ijebuland, who was part of the meeting confided in P.M.News that they are not hungry monarchs who could easily be bought over with the President’s dollar.

The royal father revealed that the President had before the visit sent an emissary to the Paramount ruler to discuss how he would like the meeting to go, the development that really pained Awujale. He was said to have warned the emissary.

“One of the prominent Ijebu businessman,whose name I don’t want to mention had been sent to Awujale by the President to speak with him on how he would want the meeting to go and also to get an endorsement from him, believing that Awujale is a strong factor that can add weight to his ambition at the poll.

“This man met with Awujale on Wednesday,a day before the visit but Awujale angrily expressed his reservation to the middleman.A blunt and straight forward monarch,he told the man,whom he so loved, that he will never be part of such arrangement and warned him never to do such as he was quoted to have told him,”how many President have you ever hosted in your life,even,with your riches and wealth?Are you now the one to teach me on how I should host the President or you think I am a stereotype or robot King. Never let such thing happen again, or else,you will not like what will happen next,” the monarch was quoted to have told the President’s emissary.

Commenting on why they refused to take group photograph with Mr President,the monarch queried: “Why the noise about group photograph? Haven’t they got enough pictures during the meeting,after all, they took several pictures? Are those not enough? So, what is so special or important about this group photograph?

“You can see how the picture taken at the Ooni’s palace went viral on the social media. Is that the kind of thing our own picture will turn to?. Awujale is not like that, he is an institution of integrity ,an authority and a symbol of culture and tradition. We respect our tradition and nothing should be done to soil it. If A has done something,does that mean that B too must do it?

“Awujale has spoken our minds,we don’t campaign for any politician and President Jonathan is not exempted. Is he a different person,are they not all the same. So, we have resolved to maintain our dignity and integrity. We are fathers to all, we should not be seen as playing partisan politics and that was what we have demonstrated,” the royal father said.

Another monarch,who is from Odogbolu local government expressed dissatisfaction with some of the utterances of both the President and some of his aides during the meeting.

The monarch, who pleaded anonymity exclusively revealed that the President either deliberately or tactically ignored some of their requests and was saying other things.

The PDP Chairman,Alhaji Adamu Muazu, had annoyed the monarchs and chiefs when he described the Ijebu people as stingy people.

He was angrily corrected by Awujale,who said,”we are not stingy, but prudent in our spending.”

All the monarchs at the palace and other Ijebu sons and daughters at the palace were uncomfortable over the dry joke.

Even,when Muazu insisted that the Jonathan train would not leave until it received the Awujale blessing, it was clear that his hosts were not happy with him over such embarrassing statement.

“We were worried when the President was reacting to the requests and address of Alayeluwa, Oba Awujale. In his address,he mentioned like four to five things and when the President wanted to react,he just flipped through them and was saying that he did road, railway,agriculture,so,if re elected,he will do more. ‘A n wi’ri,o nwi’ru’.(meaning,we are saying this, he is saying another thing).

“Awujale spoke about not feeling the federal presence in Ijebuland, resuscitating the moribund Iwopin paper mill, actualising Ijebu State, reimbursing Governor Amosun on the cost of construction of the Mobalufon flyover. We should have risen above partisan politics. That bridge is a landmark not for Ogun people alone but Nigerians as a whole. But instead of direct response,he was making political statement,forgetting that he is not at a campaign ground,”he revealed.

A Presidency source confirmed to our correspondent that the President’s team are now regretting their visitation to Ijebu Ode, especially, after the media backlash.

The source disclosed that during the analysis of the visit, one of the party leaders from the southwest,who was in the entourage said,”we would have gotten the endorsement if not for the stupid statement of the Chairman. Why should he be saying that Ijebus are stingy in front of their Obas, that’s too bad.

A palace source also informed our correspondent that Awujale,since last Thursday visit of the President, has received over 500 text messages congratulating and commending him and other Ijebu monarchs for their actions.

The messages according to the source, are still pouring in.


  1. Omo

    The Bible and Quran says give honour and respect to the leader of a country.Even David respected Soul despite the rift.U don’t give orders to the president.The Oba is in no way higher than d president.The president is far more recognized globally than any Oba World wide.If the Oba is feeling to big to give back respect because he fills his a god,then shame on him.If he was the father to d prodigal son what wld he have done wen his lost child return.That he already had a written down response for the president even before the president arrived then it shows it’s all planned out.He shld reimburse Amosun instead of reimbursing Ogun govt.Don’t worry very soon the true picture wld be seen.Long live Nigeria.

  2. Musca.e

    Ijabu has nothing to offer whether they vot Jona or not GEJ is a winner.

  3. Tambari

    Mr Chidi dis is a democratic country were d citizens are free to express themselfs N d government is suppose to protect its people.And u don’t seems to have any brains at all judging by ur reasoning N wrong spellings. Emancipate ur self from mental slavery.U n I are d government u hear about.but I guess u don’t know d meaning of democracy.

  4. lawal rahmat

    Ijebu omo alagemo merindinlogun! Omo oba nta! Adebisi my dear, calm your nerves, we shall vote Buhari. If he becomes president it is of more good to us than to him.

    Chidi, Awujale that we know ll never do that.

  5. Ijebu Man

    Truth must be told. Some of the said Obas at the meeting are either APC member or sympathiser . I personally know one of them who is a national elder of APC. If Mu’ azu is ignorant of Yoruba culture of respect for Obas, it only shows how much we mean to these Fulanis (Buhari inclusive). Majority of our Obas have gotten themselves into this sorry state by their partisanship in the past. Forgotten the NPN issue that caused rancour between The Awujale and Late Bisi Onabanjo? Once beaten they say …………………..

  6. Adebisi

    Buhari and Tinubu will be disappointed with the outcome of the election in our land. Any Yourba that is support Buhari must have been paid or doesn’t wish yourbas good. Buhari dealt will our reputable politicians, musicians and others. It was as if he did his 1983 coup to punish our people.
    Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers we must use our PVC to punish him back for his evil deeds towards us. The tyrant might even have another sinister plan for us. Let us act fast before it becomes late.
    God bless Nigeria
    God bless Yoruba land
    God bless GEJ
    Let us join hands and massively vote for GEJ

  7. Adebisi

    Buhari and Tinubu will be disappointed with the outcome of the election in our land. Any Yourba that is support Buhari must have been paid or doesn’t wish yourbas good. Buhari dealt will our reputable politicians, musician and other. It was as if he

    1. Banty

      We Yoruba people are not senseless like u Adebisi. Its only senseless soul like u would want GEJ to continue with all this desperation going on around wasting all our treasury for election purpose. Suffering and smiling You will soon eat up the bag of rice you got from them. Olopolo dobale. Omo Ale yoruba

  8. Janey Sonso

    Awujale of ijebu land has shown that USD cannot buy his conscience and that of ijebu Obas .Please keep it up.

    ln 2011,President Jonathan called Yoruba Obas,Yoruba leaders dead or alive RASCALS.Thereafter, he effectively marginalised the Yorubas for six years.How can you trust him with your support?What about the intimidation,harassment and the victimisation of two ijebu sons for exposing looters of Public treasury and unpatriotic activities?

  9. bode

    Gej will emerge indeed. sebi we fools abi. tell me adebisi, which fool like you will vote gej? what possitive thing has he done that u can mention. the bad economy or the insecurity? u must b out of your mind…. i have never seen a president so terrified of election and opposition. rubbish

  10. idoma

    That’s has been HRM ways of dealing with government of the day. Trace Olabisi onanbanjo victory…

  11. idoma

    That has been HRM style, always not supporting the government of the day…
    Trace Olabisi onabanjo victory….

    GEJ will surely win this election…

  12. KayBuga

    Bunmi…. pls tell them! Integrity is the first thing a man should have. You were in my house to insult me by saying I am stingy and you still want me to support your course? Ijebus are naturally born with integrity and we respect age and tradition. so we expect same from anyone that wants favour from us, afterall ‘ respect they say is reciprocal’. Bunmi has said a lot about who we are so I need say much again.

  13. M.B Ismail

    Nigerians should ask themselves why the PDP, GEJ & The Scavengers are show so much desparation in holding on to power at any cost, and what they intend to recoup at the end of the game. Naija go survive even if the naira is now 258 to one dollar!

  14. justme

    APC will surely do anytin to discredit the president!!..anyways we all know beta,with or without the support of the great Awujale of ijebuland,GEJ will still emerge winner!

  15. justme

    And what’s the big deal if the ajuwale of ijebuland refuses to be partisan!!,fine and good he doesn’t want to be involved in politics,but that won’t erase d fact that d president impact has been felt in so many oda towns and cities,even villages,so if they all feel it’s not jonathan they want,well there are a whole lot of us out there who can wait for him to emerge winner!!

  16. Michael Ijere

    An empty and biased report , based on conjecture and falsehood , with little truth or verifiable fact, an apology of a news report

  17. BunmiMayungbeAdegbesan

    I will always be proud of the King of my homeland, Oba Sikiru Adetona the Awujale of Ijebuland and my Ijebu people. We are people of high sense of integrity, dignity, sound moral standing, appropriateness, hard working, educated, sociable and very disciplined people who neither kiss anyone’s butt nor play by other people’s greedy and lowly rules. As the Awujale stated, we are not stingy people, we just spend our money wisely and not recklessly like most others do. If you don’t believe this, then come to our yearly Ojude Oba event to have first hand experience of how we enjoy life after working hard for a whole year. Here you will see sons and daughters of Ijebuland from foreign countries come home to Ijebu to socialize with their equally hard working Ijebus who live in Ijebuland and those that live everywhere else in Nigeria and other African countries. Here you’ll see good food, drinks, music and very, very trendy fashions in clothing, shoes, purses, handbags, jewelries and vehicles. The Ijebus are the number one fashion trend setters in the whole Africa. Above all, we don’t compromise our values, culture, believes, dignity, sense of integrity and code of ethics and we cannot be bought with money. We believe in working very hard for our money, hence we are not frivolous with it. Love us or hate us along with our King, it doesn’t matter because we love who God has created us to be – people of value and dignity. President GEJ on the other hand, should have done his homework before approaching our Obas, doing so would have opened his eyes to the fact that these are respectable, wise and very, very disciplined elders who are neither hungry nor greedy and that they needed to be approached with utmost respect, honesty, appropriateness, carefulness, and not with some garrulous, preconceived notion of people who are gullibly purchasable.

  18. Odo oropataki

    Adebisi u and ur types that share the same ideology are a disgrace to Yoruba race. Ambassador of stomach care trace ur family history I believe u are far to the royal sit. Learn how go respect the Obas

  19. chidex

    My PVC goes for GEJ…

  20. timi

    Jonathan’s overtake don overtake overtake

  21. chidex

    My PVC is meanet for GEJ…

  22. kunle

    Serves him right. Jona thinks money can influence every Nigerian. Its un fortunate.

  23. Adeyemi

    Hmmm! Oga jona, your time is already up. God continue to give our paramount king good health in body and spirit. We know you, we trust you.

  24. Lekan Salami

    No doubt GEJ has not been in d good of dis Obas.

  25. Adebisi

    With or without the support of ijebu-ode monarch GEJ will triumph come 28 march. His administration has positively touched so many lives in Nigeria. Youths,civil servant, business people will massively vote for Jonathan. The Monarch can’t be trusted, maybe they were expecting a fat gift from the president.

  26. MELODY

    In Ijebu land, we dont take shit. The President must have seen that during the visit. We are not stingy but prudent spenders. Yes. Long live Awujale ! Long live Oba Ogbagba agbote wole! Long live Ijebu land.
    “Dede eni re mo fo Oba eni ojogbo gidi roun wa.”

  27. nijasaint

    Hes too desperate for power,thats why i dont like him.GEJ must go.

  28. walejohnson

    Wao that my King treated Jonathan that way made me proud to be from Ijebu-Ode! If Abacha, during his military rule, could avoid messing up with the Ijebus by telling Diya to leave the Ijebus alone, who is Jonathan to dare our King. We are different from others. Once again MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND GIVE YOU GOOD HEALTH MY KING

  29. Ukpeli Benjamin

    Too much sensationalism

  30. anneedu

    No one is perfect, am sure if buhari comes you will definitely endorse him because you supposedly hate jonathan

  31. Bed Bug

    The Kindergarten president went to Ijebu to display his usual juvenile exuberance. Abiloa as rush as he was would prostrate in any Oba’s Palace… That’s the sign of what Yorubas regards as omoluabis. Jonathan lacks courtesy, having a hand shake with a whole Awujale… He is a foooooooool !

    So sad how the Osun council of Oba’s allowed themselves to be teleguided by that blind Ooni of Ife. They were deceived to take photograph snap with that Kindergarten idiot called President Jonathan, and the puerile managers at the presidency only needed the photographs to make their usual media headline. Jonathan is really a fooooooooool !

    1. kolawole ishola Anthonio

      Hello BEG BUG don’t make mistake oba or no oba you don’t expect them president of a whole great country like Nigeria even no matter how small the country his he should never never never make the mistake of prostrating for any oba or king in this country of in any part of the world.
      that will be a big slap on Nigeria as a nation never Jonathan can never prostrate to any king in Nigeria. Reason been that he his Number 1 citizen of this country . ori koni pada ko di idi o se ewo. what are you talking why are you talking like an illiterate a president of a nation to a monarch he is far from them. please we shouldn’t make that mistake yes i hes to respect them as father but not to prostrate for the even his own father while he is the president of this country the country is bigger than his father or anybody.. that is the truth i might sound some how but it is the truth.

      1. vauxal

        In Yoruba land the eldest person in the house is the father and must be respected as so ( Eni aba laba ni baba) President, governor chairman comes and go but the monarch head is for a life time. They are our father if you dont respect them as a president you disrespect the whole kingdom they represent.

    2. chidi ezekannagha

      first of all you said your name is bed bug which repressent evil and blood sucker. You said your president is an idiot which means youre a double idiot and useless. You read junk news and has concluded because you have a small brain. The writer of these stale news you read delibrately excluded that the awujale has been lobbying sending emissaries to jonathan to visit his palace. Did awujale told you how much he pocketed or how much was doled out to his fellow obas. Be wise a little mr loud mouth. Dont you ever think the govt doesnt know where you are. Loud mouth

  32. anneedu

    Awujale is not answer to jonathan been re-elected

  33. anneedu

    Awujale or no Awujale, not answer to jonathan been re-elected

  34. little monk

    The man(Jonathan) has largely been wasting his time. No traditional ruler can influence his people on who to vote anymore, gone are the days when people give a damn about these institutions beyond the ceremonial roles they have in the society nowadays.
    Showcase your achievements and let the people judge you from them.

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