Soon, Joseph Mbu will not be face, voice of police – Ezekwesili

Obiageli Ezekwesili
Joseph Mbu: says he was misquoted
Joseph Mbu: says he was misquoted

Obiageli Ezekwesili, former Education Minister has stated that once Nigeria’s democracy matures people like Assistant Inspector General of Police, Joseph Mbu will not be the face and voice of Nigeria’s police.

Ezekwesili was reacting to Mbu’s attempt to clear himself of a statement attributed to him.

Mbu who was recently transferred to Zone 2 was quoted as warning that 20 civilians would be killed for every one policeman killed in the area of jurisdiction during the forthcoming elections.

“When in due course our nascent democracy climbs higher on the maturity ladder; people like AIG Mbu cannot be the face and voice of the police,” she wrote on her Twitter page.

She followed that with several tweets. “What is sickening though is that AIG Mbu may not even have received a ‘CAUTION’ from his bosses for yet one more of his serial noxious acts.”

Obiageli Ezekwesili
Obiageli Ezekwesili

Then she concluded that Mbu needed help of some sort. “If AIG Mbu is not sent into Democracy Assimilation program as quickly as possible, the system does both him and Nigeria injustice.”

Ezekwesili who was a co-founder of Transparency International then said: “There is no context that permits a police officer (Snr) in the land to threaten extra judicial killing. That’s what AIG Mbu did.

She then offered Mbu some advice. “My free advice, AIG Mbu is this. It is not yet late to stop “being carried away”. We are in a Democracy and it is founded on The Rule of Law.”

“Talking and acting like an “imperial majesty” because you may have a Direct Line to the Presidency is unwise. We, the Citizens PAY YOU to serve,” she wrote.

She noted that: “The Police IG (Suleiman Abba) should get AIG Mbu to publicly sign a ‘Peace Accord’ with the public that he serves. He has created too much ‘Discord’.

She concluded by saying: We really miss Gani Fawehinmi. He would have helped us show AIG Mbu everyday, how to respect The Rule of Law. I so so miss Gani'” she tweeted.


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  2. Simon Philips, I am sure this is not the first report you have read in this forum? If yes, how many moral preachments have you put up against those who call Jonathan daft, idiot etc? Should such comments ever be published?

    Lots of Nigerians are known to be selfv-righteous in their own eyes. Just get a little of their dossiers and what is unearthed is appalling.

    Please tell PM News to stop publishing those who malign the president at their whims. Press freedom is not allowance stupid journalism

  3. I don’t knw dz agent of continuity that they at paid to be on dz media to discredit madam due process.we Nigerian at yearning for change u ar just brain wash by money bag politics….chai dearis GOd wow.madam due process keep on moving a good patriotic nationalist

  4. @Madrid,
    You must be very stupid for insulting and denigrating the person of Onyeka Onwenu in your post. How does she come into the subject matter here? How can you compare compare Onyeka with Oby? If you are too young to know, can’t you read history or ask your parents the contributions and antecedents of Onyeka Onwenu? You use vulgar language on a woman who as a journalist/presenter more than 30 years ago braved all odds to produce a world acclaimed documentary that ran on BBC and NTA in the second republic when Oby was still in her diapers and even the bravest men in the land could say or do nothing about the sqandermannia of the then government. This woman has paid her dues in this country. I won’t tell you the name of the Documentary. Go find out if you are not inellectually lazy. Note that this is the first time I am reacting in this manner to comment by any contributor in this forum, no matter how idiotic. You really got me angry. Stick to the content of the story and don’t ever test the brook with both feet like you have done here. Best wishes!

  5. Oby, Mbu did not say police should kill civilians bcus a policeman is killed. He said police should kill 20 of such people that kill a policeman. Or do you cherish dead of policemen. Thousands of police were killed in Nasarawa state but you did not ask for the heads of the killers and you are here attacking Mbu for ordinary warning. Vampire

  6. Oby is not a must for a particular person or group will keep on benefiting in every government. I think oby your has gone. Please leave GEJ and his group to enjoy their time as you enjoyed your time with your grand father OBJ. I advise you oby to go back to class room and get your proforsorship. Thank you

  7. Ezekweli, why is it that when a particular government does not favoured your type, meaning that such government should not be exist? Can you tell the Nigerian and the world that where in the Nigerian constitution that a police man/men which you are being paid with your father money should be allowed to be killed? How did Dora ended her life? This are the questions you need to ask yourself.Mbu as the Leader in the police should be preaching that his subordinates be killed So that Mbu can be good and responsible police coz the police men does not have family. God will Punish you Ezekwelli.

  8. Please dont disrespect madam Obie, i dont much about her,but i love her boldness to stage BringBackourgirls .
    I like her boldess when she bluff Bull dog Doyin Okupe at UK Air port.
    She a woman that speeks the truth and i hope more women in Nigeria should emulate her. What about the old cargo Onyeka Owuenu parading her self and singing praises of corruption.
    Obie keep it up,you a woman that knows what is going on in the world,you have right to abandon your husband or live with him.
    Most Nigerians are in tradional and religeous bundage ,many lack awearness and out dated state …..

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  10. When Jonathan and his cohorts get thrown in jail either in Kirikiri or at Den Hague, Mbu the fool will be in their midst. His days are numbered. Sai Buhari!!

  11. yes if AIG mbu think he is at the top of the ladder and no one can do anything to him he has forgotten that there are people down there that can pull the ladder off him.
    mbu as an AIG of the police doesn’t mean he is above the law or he can do what ever he likes and get away with it NO, with his statement alone that has shown an abuse of position and power vested in him as the AIG of nigeria police force.
    he should learn how to address the world because that his statement went around the world. there is no professional statement in what he had said at all .

  12. Madam thank you for coming out to tell this man the truth. people like you we need in this country Nigeria. I read his statement on news papers and pity we civilians.only God can stand as our security. I also miss the Gani because I know what he can do is he is a life and hear this statement.

  13. Oby why can you not be a Gani?

    He never behaved like you, Soyinka or Falana. That is the reason our democracy continue to be nascent.

    Mbu belong to your class, so stop being a good Nigerian which you are not.

    Give account of all monies you have received from local and foreign donors to your courses since you returned back from the world bank, if you are good – That is transperency


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    • “his idiot oby should be told that the younger boys has stopped sleeping with her type so she should go and reconcile with her mumu husband”

      @Paul, your posting above is immature and his forum is for serious people. I will advice you to desist from posting this kind of immoral and useless posting should not be allowed in this forum. I have noticed that Paul has never posted any intelligent comment. If we get more of this kind of comment many of us will no longer read the readers comments area again.

    • You are very stupid for that statement on her. If you have her type in your family you will not ever open your useless mouth and insult her. She is recognised Nationally & Internationally. In which any of your generation may not attain in century. This is the same person fighting hard to make sure Jonathan was allowed to succeed Yaradua when he died. And when all of us discovered he is anti common man with his policy, we need to remove him to pave way for man of integrity.

  14. please tell JSH MBU lagos is not Porthacourt or Ogoja his place , Do anybody welcome him to lagos ? take advice from your predecessors otherwise you may not know may be you are once a police ,…….. won nje yon le ko …….. Eko tia …… Eko Tinubu …… Eko ti ti fash …. omo fashola ……. I beg Jagaban na your baby brother born troway Bola Tinu – MBU …… A I G …ODE” KO ….. OOOOO MEYOO

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