Fresh Crisis Rocks LASU

Kazeem Ugbodaga

Fresh crisis is currently brewing at the Lagos State University, LASU, with the Vice Chancellor of the school, Prof. John Obafunwa withdrawing the Ph.D certificates of 14 lecturers opposed to his administration in the troubled institution.

The lecturers have also passed a vote of no confidence on the VC, calling for his removal from office for the school to move forward.

Speaking after the meeting of the Lagos Zone of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, held at the Ojo Campus of LASU on Wednesday, the lecturers alleged that the authorities of LASU are calling for the withdrawal of the certificates of 14 lecturers with Ph.D bagged in the school and duly signed by the VC.

According to Dr. Sola Nasir, Coordinator of ASUU, Lagos Zone, the school management decided to withdraw the Ph.D certificates of the lecturers for calling for the reversal of students fees to the old rate of N25,000.

He said this was the plan put in place by the VC to victimise the lecturers for standing up against the management of the ailing institution for demanding for a just right.

Prof. John Obafunwa

The LASU Chairman of ASUU, Dr. Idris Adekunle said he was among the 14 lecturers whose certificates were withdrawn, saying that this was one way to victimise the lecturers who stood for justice in the school.

“Now they claim that it should have been Ph.D Business Administration not Ph.D Business Administration (Marketing). They said that I should return the certificate. The management is asking me to return my certificate without stating the time for the certificate re-issuance.

“They claim that they intended to look into some matters.

They claimed that there was an error on the certificate. But the certificate was signed by the current Vice Chancellor, Professor John Obafunwa. Rather than apologise to me and others for the error, they demanded for my Ph.D certificate,” he said.

He added that “the management claimed that they intended to investigate and without concluding their investigation, they withdrew someone’s certificate. For instance, Professor Tunde Fatunde was interdicted by the institution’s management for being rude to a registrar.”

According to Adekunle, “ASUU-LASU has passed a vote of no confidence on the VC. We are calling for a visitation panel. After exhaustive deliberations on various abuses of due process and acts of impunity on the part of the university administration, we have passed a vote of no confidence on the VC of LASU, Prof. John Obafunwa. The union is also calling for a visitation panel to be sent by the visitor.”

But LASU VC, Obafunwa, rejected all allegations against him by the lecturers, saying they were only trying to cast aspersion on his integrity and engage in cheap blackmail.

According to him, the lecturers had contributed immensely to the rot in LASU, as he was prepared to purge the school and position it in the right direction.

He added that the certificates claimed to have been withdrawn by the university were actually issued in error, and that the matter could not be swept under the carpet as being advocated by ASUU of LASU.

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  • I am not suprised when impunity goes unpunished at the top. It percolates down to the base.Its a big shame that for differences in opinion holder of Powers in Nigeria would go to any extent to show they are in control rather than engaging the opposing view using their intelligence to convince them over. May God help our country.

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  • This what you see in LASU. So what they are doing to students that graduated from the institution has now extended to lecturers, what is bad for the Ph.d lecturers to ask for the reversal of the tuition fees to N25,000. Prof Obafunwa thread with caution because the politicians you are doing there biddings now will reject after there tenure in office but a your fellow academicians will never forget you,in fact will give you high regards than the politicians. So be careful.

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  • I am really sorry for Nigeria Universities, how can a competent VC said that 14 PHD certificate was issued in error,down to Nigeria University with unreasonable leaders

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  • Shame on you Mr VC, how do you manage to get to that level when you can signed off 12 certificates in error for your lecturers? May I ask you how many professors did your school LASU produced in a year? This is too unfortunate and I hope the Lagos state Government should take the matter very serious and that VC must be properly investigated most especially on his own certificates; fake!! Your family should be ashamed of you Mr useless VC at your level for having the boldness that you were sleeping when the certificates were signed.

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  • Dapo Obafunwa, you are saying 12 PhD certificates were issued in error? And you are bold and confident to come before the public and expose your stupidity and ridiculousness, after putting your signature on those certificate? You should be purged.Unbelievable, only in Nigeria! And by the way, how long ago were the 12 certificates issued? LASU, should be sued by those professors, if the VC does not withdraw his demand, ASAP.

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