Atiku visits Lagos Assembly Wednesday

Eromosele Ebhomele

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar
Alhaji Atiku Abubakar

Nigeria’s former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has written to the Lagos State House of Assembly, western Nigeria informing the lawmakers that he would be their guest on Wednesday.

Though the House adjourned till 3 October, the lawmakers are to convene to receive him possibly at a parliamentary session.

Atiku is one of the aspirants for the presidential election in 2015 under the All Progressives Congress, APC.

The letter, read by the Clerk of the House, but which did not state the time, said his visit to the House was in continuation of his nationwide tour to rally support for his ambition which he said he was interested in.

In the letter which was personally signed by Abubakar, the ex-VP said the support of members of the House was needed for him to actualise his dream.

Atiku, who declared his intention to run on 23 September, said because of the importance of the lawmakers in the political scheme of the country, the visit would serve as an interactive session.

In his response to Abubakar’s letter, Speaker Adeyemi Ikuforiji who presided at the sitting, said he did not have the details of the visit but that he would inform his colleagues once the details of the visit are clear to him.


  1. Mr.Abdin

    Atiku is always sincere and committed towards the development of this country and that is why he can go any level to see that things are done the right way so that every one will be seen as a Nigerian not foreigner. Political consultation is the best for the country.

  2. Esther

    campaign is not about mobilising crowed, have not seen how the crowed has fetch Buhari the presidency office over the years. The earlier we put sentiments aside and face reality, the better for us as a nation.
    Atiku truely has ideas on how to deal with the present situation in this country, his campaign policy completely proves it. he is the best candidate for the job

  3. Zirem

    @DAT,Tracy &Kes, how will Nigeria get better with your line of thoughts @willieooo, APC is not Buhari’s Party, several people came together to make the party what it is today, including Atiku. There is no denying that Atiku has all ideas and is capable of carrying them out . For the sake of APC Buhari should support Atiku

  4. sirOscie

    Buhari doesn’t have such amount, so does the people around him as he “claims” why didn’t he take the bank loan and use it the transform his live and that of the people around him including DAT that is indirectly begging Atiku for money. Presidency is for men not for boys or poor men so make buhari park well or better go for state assembly in his state I believe that one will come cheap.

  5. Zee

    Carry go Atiku na u we want. Atiku2015

  6. Musty

    @willieooo, it should not always be about Buhari and buhari alone, Atiku is not trying to evict anybody he just declared his ambition and buhari is shaking because he is afraid of the poll. Buhari is not a saint as he claims, so let him support Atiku because his time is far past. Long live Apc.

  7. sirOscie

    Buhari should be the one to do the honourable thing and support Atiku because as it’s now buhari lacks ideas and funds as he claims for the race, so why not support Atiku for the greater good of the party.

  8. Sunny Akhigbe

    From Lagos Assembly, he should proceed to Edo state Houe of Assembly and let us see if he would not carry multiple bandages or confined to the wheel chair during APC presidential primaries. Confusion galore! Very slaphappy story! I can’t stop laughing!

  9. kes


  10. Willieooo

    This man should do the honourable thing and support Buhari. Just because he has the money, he probably think he can buy the party mandate? How can you join a party and want to evict the party organiser.

    1. Mr.Abdin

      My brother is not about the money but the battle over idealism and realism.

  11. Tracy

    @DAT you like money oooo…
    As for me, the nomination fee is enough. I will use that N27.5 million to transform many lives too.

  12. DAT

    Someone should please tell Atiku that APC has already given the ticket to Buhari. Is it difficult for people to read between the lines? I know N27.5million nomination form and another N100million for all these tours are nothing to him but let him give me the money and see how many lives I will transform by the special grace of God.

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