Police arrest son for killing father at RCCG Camp

Tolani Ajayi: murdered his father on RCCG Camp

The Ogun State Police Command has arrested Tolani Ajayi, a 21-year old student of the Department of History and International Relations, Redeemer University, RCCG Camp Ogun State for killing his father on Tuesday 3 July.

The shattered body of Barrister Charles Ajayi, 60, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, was recovered in a box at a nearby bush at Canaanland Street at the Redeemed Christian Church of God Camp, Km 46 Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

The suspect who is a biological son of the slain lawyer was arrested same day in his fathers residence, at the scene of the incident, at about 5:30 p.m. after the discovery of the corpse and Police preliminary findings.

Redemption Camp DPO, Olaiya Martins who led a team of detectives and some members of the community traced ground marks of the box from where it was dumped to the house of the suspect. The corpse was traced to the house of late Barr. Ajayi,where they met the suspect in a relaxed mood in the house.

Tolani Ajayi: murdered his father on RCCG Camp
Tolani Ajayi: murdered his father on RCCG Camp

Upon interrogation, the suspect who had earlier lied that his dad had gone on evangelism, however, confessed to the crime when he was taken to the Redemption Camp Divisional Headquarters.

He stated problem arose when his father confronted him for not responding to all the prayer points he raised, forcing his father to slap him. He said he went mad and went straight to the kitchen to pick up a knife to stab him and later a cutlass to cut his throat.

The exhibits including the knife and cutlass he used in killing his father had been recovered by the Police and the corpse of the SAN had been deposited at a morgue in Sagamu.

Ikemefuna Okoye, Commissioner of Police Ogun state has since sent a team of detectives led by the officer in charge of Homicide section of the Department of Criminal Investigation, Eleweran, Abeokuta to further investigate the murder.

Okoye sympathised with the family of the deceased, particularly his wife, who is also a legal practitioner and other children to take solace in the Lord. He admonished other members of the community in RCCG to be watchful, adding that, such incident will not occur again as the Command will improve on the synergy between the police and the Internal Security Operatives of the RCCG.


  1. Bible said when d end term shall come many things will be happening,so sad,but rest in peace.Pastor Ajayi,Region 2 FCT will definitely miss u. i was so worried & sad that your end on earth came like this but am fully sure you are resting in the bossom of your maker.sleep on beloved,sleep & take thy rest.we love u but my daddy(GOD) loves u most.may your gentle Soul rest in the Peace.Pastor Ajayi .

    • All of the comments left thus far address their life experience yet I have to think that raising children in this day and age is so much more difficult. Parents that pay attention : to the real details that they want their children to recognize growing up. It’s a life long lesson that can not be preached but instead modeled by behavior and relationships. It requires a lot of time and energy to pass on values and morals . . . I think many parents, grandparents etc. forget how much influence they have! Yet also it may be that there just is not enough time and energy set aside for this purpose?

  2. Of course the 21 yr. old MAN was wrong in battering his father in anyway (even without using any object) rather than GETTING AWAY FROM HIS FATHER’S SATANIC ROOF.

    FOUNDATIONAL to this whole rubbish is this: How can a “CHRISTIAN” father commit battery against his 21 yr. old ADULT-son because he isn’t responding to prayers? The fault is in the un-scriptural teachings of most churches in Nigeria. BASIC CHRISTIAN TEACHING DOESN’T MOVE ANY CHRISTIAN TO PHYSICALLY ATTACK ANYONE FOR NOT GOING-ALONG WITH FALSE-CHRISTIANITY.

    • In the end, one has to choose the course of action one believes is the most morally compelling in the case at hand as well as the one that will best advance the well-being of ones family and oneself and the NATION. Fortunately those three are aligned in this case and who is willing to bear the burden of condemnation and disappointment from those who think the chose wrongly.

  3. Mr. Charles Ajayi (SAN) you were a good client of mine. Why on earth would Tolani do this? Its incredible! What a life. Life events do not always come with happy ending. shocking to me

  4. So sad,rest in peace pastor Ajayi. Region2 FCT will definitely miss u. So sad your end on earth came like this but am fully sure you are resting in the bossom of your maker for you lived for Him on earth. Sleep on beloved,sleep and take thy rest!


    • How about the ferocious “CHRISTIAN” ANIMAL that was BITING Tolani before he protected himself? STOP BITING YOUR CHILDREN BECAUSE THEY REJECT YOUR FALSE-CHRISTIANITY.

  6. @bedbug As for you bedbug….It is also written that those who plot evil shall be consumed in their evil…So shall you be destroyed by your own religion extremist.
    It is obvious that you opened your mouth to talk profanity against your maker, Jesus Christ.. you are one of the sons of perdition; you are doomed. Ask for mercy now

  7. @Paul….It is written “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” For insulting the Man of God..Pastor E.A Adeboye, you and your household everyone related to you shall be DESOLATE. As the Amalekites were wiped off from the surface of the earth so shall you, your family and generations be wiped off from the earth this very year.

  8. Paul and Bedbug have the same retard sense of reasoning. so why worry about them my peeps??? Lolz

  9. We are at the end time, We Christian we need to be wishful because bible tells me that devil is roaring looking for whom to defeat, this what happened is not an ordinary thing, respond to prayer not respond to prayer is not suppose to reach this level that a son can kill his father, is only God that sees every hiding man no see. let us pray and wish

  10. Oh yeah…@BedBug I forgot to say…if u feel so bout christians den don’t feel scared to give ur name, address and fone number. Be brave afterall allah commends bravery in his followers innit. Don’t be a coward to our muslim brethrens…n besides am sure u were dere wen jesus was doing is deed abi?

  11. I doubt u’r aware of d curse affiliated with speaking ill of the man of God…the Lord dosnt need to curse u…u have cursed urslf with ur utterance. I pity ur outcome @Paul n @BedBuG. I ask dat God grant mercy to d slain Barrister. If u have nuffin better to update pls it’s not by force o. May God have mercy on us all.

  12. I don’t understand why people over-react on issues that don’t make sense. Anyway, we need to learn, re-learn and unlearn else we remain the illiterate of this century.

  13. Please stop publishing all the mess I read in the website. This is not press freedom. Investigate paul and bedbug

  14. @paul,I can see people like you, are the one creating ethnic crisis, all what you claimed yoruba are doing, are the igbo and hausa’s, not doing the same ? Is this about tribe or religious ? @ Bedbug, I really hope the bug will survive and eat up your brain soon, is jesus not in your quran ? All the stories in the bible, are they not in quran ? You have are both ignorant, I wish the pm news can give your ip address to the nigeria army to strace you guys, maybe you are both fellow and supporters of the boko haram, stupid fellows.

  15. Is it not possible to screen comments of people that are noted for using this medium to insult others before posting? Please don’t forget that some religions are so intolerant, and any insult on their leader can attract religious war.

  16. Wonderful, I believe this boy must be a member of rig and roast club of his high chief thief tinubu, his behaviour was like that of bokoharam fighters who have no respect to human life,APC una well done

  17. I wonder when you little minded people will wake up and act like humans. 1) crime has nothing to do with any tribe or race. Its a choice by the individual. All the clowns promoting ibi, hausa or yoruba, ask your yourself did you choose your tribe? NO so no tribe or race is superior or better than the other. Its this kind of moronic and animalstic attiude that makes Nigeria what it is today. Wise up and be tolerant to people because you did not choose to be ibo, hausa, yoriba or whatever tribe your from. Were all NIGERIANS!

  18. While I detest all the rubbish that occasionally come from @ Paul, I wish to also state my dissatisfaction with our Yoruba brothers, Most of these our Yoruba brothers condemning Paul’s comments are the same people that Never miss opportunity to abuse the entire Igbos for a crime committed by one Igbo man. Reality check, Please.

  19. GOD’ something is wrong somewhere this is too gruesome, may his soul rest in perfect peace hmmmmm, amen. Unfortunately some muppets on this forum like @paul, @Bed bug and so on diverted the attention of good people to turn it to ethnic issue, common man’ this type of crime happen all over the world and the issue here suppose to be about the mental state of this prodigal son. So sad

  20. Really I don’t know why people are still insulting and cursing Paul after denying the earler comment on baba Adeboye. He claimed bedbug used his name in making the comment. It’s either he’s a coward to have denied posting that comment or he’s simply saying the truth. I condemn the insult to baba Adeboye in a very strong term but I also think we need to give Paul a break here. As for bedbug, it’s sad someone who is learned can post a comment encouraging the killing of people. It’s so sad that we still have people like this in our society. I fear for the future of this country with people like bedbug propagating evils to the society.

  21. It is noteworthy how people are incensed at the insult on Adeboye yet feel cool at the insult on Jesus Christ. These men of God has become God to their followers

  22. @paul @bedbug …….you are both confused sets of senseless babbons and your relatives need to take you to the phychiatric hospital b4 u kill them ..to make such comments u must have a faulty brains .

  23. We all need to wake up. Non of your comments is perfectly OK. its seems the gos is seriously angry with our nation. wake up Nigerians. I am a Muslim and i pledge to everly be no passage in the holy Quran has supported killing of a man. Even bible cos i went to a missionary school and nothing like that was preached to us. Nigeria Wake Up.

  24. Paul, Jesus is highly respected, honored and is hold with high esteem and integrity in Islam. Insulting him attract strict punishment under sharia law. I am sure you are not a Muslim, nor are you a Christian, as I pray to believe in God, I hope guys in this should stop thinking that any insult to their religion most come from the opposite religion. No good person will insult anybody not even an ant more so to people with undisputed quality and charisma like Jesus Christ (Isah A.S).

  25. @paul,u re talking out of sense, hw re my sure u re mature, just vomiting robish 4rm ur mouth, stop dis trabalizlim, dis is wat is killn we nigerian

  26. OK, Paul, the position of Jesus Christ (Isah) son of Mary and a messiah in Islam is that of high degree of honor, respect and dignity. Is part Muslim’s faith to mandatory believes in all the prophets of God, Isaac, David,Jacob, Solomon, Joseph, Ezekiel, Noah, Jesus, Jeremiah etc all the prophets mentioned in the old and new statements. These prophets, especially four of them have highest level of honor because they are what we refer to as messengers and prophets, in other words they where giving a book and send to their people while all the other prophets where only send to their people to guide them but no book was given to them. They are David (psalm) Moses (Old Testament ) Isah ( New Testament ) and Muhammed s.a.w (Alquran). Just for point not necessarily for you to believe.
    It is a great sin to insult Jesus in Islam, which attract strict punishment. For some of us in this forum, should not insult Islam because of “Paul statements” while he has a Christian name. Paul I am sure you not a Muslim by the name and not a Christian from your statements. We should be careful in thinking that every insult directed at us most be from opposite religion. Paul is making us to accuse one another and commits more sin.
    I ask God to guide Paul to have a religion first, then I am sure you will repents your former deeds.

  27. certainly there should be someTHING we all can rally around as nigerians…religion? politics? *sigh*

    Fofpenngo on all social media

  28. @Bed Bug, “Jesus Christ had a girl friend in Mary Magdalene and they fucked regularly……. The Islamic brother should rise up against any insult against Islam. kill where necessary and make the Christians to pay dearly with their blood.
    Allah is the Almighty One…”

    If you make these comments before a Christian, he/she will ONLY pray for your forgiveness (due to ignorance).

    If a Christian should make similar comment about your muhammed, you will KILL the person. Imagine directive to KILL even on the blog.
    It begs a question. Which of the 2 scenarios fit into a Religion (Acceptance and God-fearing).

    I want to believe that your are a Yoruba (cos Western Education is Evil to Hausas). Xtianity is open to forgive and receive you brother. NEVA 2 LATE.

  29. Thunder strike nd fire those who talk against adeboye like that, i bet u all will die miserable habaa! Do u have a father or parential care @all? If u can talk like that to a man of God then u can do worse more than the guy! May God forgive nd let u know nd see the truth of live so dat u won’t persih 4 earth to hell! Pls change nd watch what u say, u neva can tell who’s reading all dis message, don’t kill ur sef@ tender age!God bless u all!

  30. really? really? @bedbug I am you are hiding somewhere here in lagos running your mouth, if you were in the north where you come from, your fello islam cannibals would have destroyed you, anyway! its a matter of time! really? really?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. People like Paul and others that don’t think before they talk don’t seem to suprise me. We can’t all be smart. Paul, if u know u wanna say smfin or run ur mouth just to show that u’re here or just to prove ur existence, u can actually press random buttons on ur keyboard instead of tlkin abt tinz uon knw of which might land u in hell. I’ll b very happy to hear u and the others are there tho. Stupid fellows…you’ll

  32. Pls u pple shuld stp publish paul comment,for so many reason.paul u wil neva knw peace in ur life for insult daddy G.O,secondly ur whole family shall neva knw peace too.it show hw in mature u re by insulting d yorubas all d time.thunder fire u

  33. @Preston
    That doesn’t mean that I support Paulin irra comments. The lesson is that we shouldn’t castigate and abuse a tribe due to the activities of few deviants from their. If you have been abroad, for any offence committed by a Nigerian the dent abd shame is on Nigeria as a country and not the tribr ad nobody knows that outside.

  34. @Paul and Bed bug,watch what you post on socialnetwork media.Devil doesn’t have a house and crime is not limited to a tribe.There is no reason why a right thinking person should compare terrorist with an individual that commited murder.Respect is a reciprocal,you cannot dwell in the west or transact business with Yorubas that you hate.Beware,social media can drag you to prison.

  35. @Preston
    Why are you annoyed with Paul. Yesterday you joined hands with him to abuse Ibo race for the crime of scamming committed by two Ibos who live in South Africa. You are despicable to say the least.

  36. Parents should please study their childrens behaviour notice how they react to reproach and please dont force your religion on any child. Have good relationship with ur children so that u will notice immediately any change in their behaviour.

  37. I advise the administrator of this PMnews debate forum to stop publishing Pauls write up henceforth!.

  38. @Paul, your comments on the entire Yoruba race shows that you need to be tested whether you’re Human. Even, the animals that escaped the flood during Noah’s time are even better than you in reasoning. Any messenger of God must be respected whether Christian or Muslim. Nebuchadnezzar will never forget in his life his experience when God sent him to the jungle to learn how other less human behave.

  39. @paul n co,may GOD forgive u b’cos u dnt knw wat u ar saying n u shall knw d truth n dis truth wil set u free in JESUS name, as a christian i’m not taught to insult my elders talkless of anointed men of GOD

  40. @paul may God forgive you of all the aspersions you cast on the whole tribe just because only one among the millions committed a crime. It shows your beleaguered and primitive background and your insulting the man of God shows your accursed and satanic inclination. Repent and turn to the Lord, maybe you will obtain mercy of Him

  41. @Paul, may u nevr knw happiness in ur entire life!! U hv automatically inflicted a life “injury” to u n ur family. U are an educated mad fellow.

  42. This Paul.You are truly sick.please seek help.You & Abubakar Shekau can compete with each other on sadistic throes.

  43. @bed bug_ really? Islams should wipe away? Really? The whole nothern land have been soaked with bloods of your own brothers. Was that justice or your way of being righteous? Really? Destroying your own land? Really? Blindness is really a deadly sickness more than aids.

  44. @Paul, God will never forgive you for this foolish comment you posted here. What impact did your father make in Christianity or even in your immediate community. There must always be a bad egg among the gathering of people. This boy is just a devil incarnate and his evil act can’t be blamed upon the entire Christian fold. You should watch your tongue and examine your brain before you comment here next time. Your regular display of idiocy is becoming so disgusting on this forum. Please check your life.

  45. @Paul,We can take all the unwise things you commented as a mere display of foolishness. But to call Daddy Adeboye my General Overseer as native doctor, it shows your gross ignorance and how well you are brought up to insult elders, and a Man of God for that matter. I won’t insult rather pray for mercy for you in the Name of Jesus.
    But for the record, my Daddy is a high respected genuine man of God.
    Thank you

  46. Unfortunately, no Christian sees him/herself as a slave of time. Jesus Christ was sentenced to death by hanging and died a condemned criminal about 2014 years ago. I wonder why and how billions of his followers became so blind that they have been a lineage of a criminal. Jesus Christ had a girl friend in Mary Magdalene and they fucked regularly, yet these liars called Christians would come out and prevaricate the fact that Jesus never married. Jesus Christ kept spreading rumours and false teachings until he was arrested for treasonable felony for which he was tried and convicted. If such criminals have now bees modified to be hero of group of some idiots, then the world is in trouble.

    The Islamic brother should rise up against any insult against Islam. kill where necessary and make the Christians to pay dearly with their blood. Allah is the Almighty One…

  47. You’re a stupid racist, I wonder where u actually come from. You’re nothing but an animal, you could talk like that to a revered man of God and also a tribe that is major in Nigeria. D best educated and porpular tribe. God will purnish u for all d herresis

  48. Is that Boko haram????? Where are those followers of Condemned criminal who was sentenced to death by hanging 2014 years ago???

    Christians are really hypocrites. Where are they who keep associating every killings of this nature to only Islam? One Fool even abused Allah in a previous post as if Crime or terrorism is only akin to Islam.

    Is this Tolani Ajayi a member of Boko Haram? Or do we say the General Overseer of RCCG is a coordinator of terrorist organisation in that useless and satanic camp?

    Where are those dirty Yorubas who always castigate the Northerners over mere unbalanced report from kulikuli journalist in dirty street of Lagos?

    Thanks to almighty Allah that this boy was caught, they frustrated members of Reedem would have attach the crime to Boko haram.

    That boy must be a cult member, and one finds it so disheartening that cult ring is existing within such a religious university.

    Christianity; A religion for the hypocrites.

    • Bed bug or what..i never expected to get any reasonable comment frn u regarding the manner of name u chose to answer. Thank God i have lived to see the most stupid man of 2014.

  49. Yorubas are always like that. If it is not killing their father, the father will fuck the daughter-in-law, or even fuck the daughter. In ekiti sometimes ago, a boy raped his mother. That is yoruba people for you.

    As for this occurrence taking place right at the backyard of the Jesus of Nigeria, Native Doctor Enoch Adeboye, do we say Their religion is fake or God does not dwell among them in the Camp as we read in the time of Isrealites.

    Adeboye has succeeded in breeding another dimension of terrorism which will soon cut across the enclave called southwest. Where is the effectiveness of their teachings? Instead of installing strict discipline in their children, they are busy meddling into Politics and ammassing stupendous wealth.

    Good for them.. Yorubas are vultures. I hate them all.

    • You must be very stupid to have said that, is your own tribe better, when will you wake up to the reality of life. whichever tribe you hail from pretty sure your fathers are VULTURE. I am either yoruba, but watch your mouth.

    • This man called Bed-bug who is using others people name is a bastard from the North and I pray all the curses here be upon him and his generations born and unborn.

      I can never called a pastor babalawo or called my own christian fellows elders names.

      May the death of the man killed by his son be better than the person who used my name to insult Adeboye, Amen.

    • you are a bigoted prejudiced fool. There are horrific incidents taken place in all parts of the country and this is what you come up with.
      the likes of you ought to be placed on a track for a train to run you over.

    • God wil forgive you,i wonder why your name is paul,are you really a christain? Well my candid advise is you ask for forgiveness bfor its too late.

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