ASUU gives LASU management another seven-day ultimatum

LASU gate

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Lagos State University (LASU) chapter, on Thursday said it had given the institution’s a seven-day ultimatum to address its demands.

The Chairman of the union, Dr Adekunle Idris, who made this known to NAN in Lagos, said the ultimatum became effective on Wednesday.

The ultimatum is the third since March 24 when the union issued a 14-day deadline for the university’s authorities to reverse the increase in school fees charged the students.

The union had contended that the hike in fee had accounted for drop in student enrolment in the institution.

The lecturers also expressed dissatisfaction over the “no vacancy, no promotion” policy of the university and the non-implementation of the 2009 University Miscellaneous Provision Act, already operational in other universities.

At the expiration of the first ultimatum on April 7, a 21-day deadline was given to the authorities and it elapsed on April 30 without the university’s management addressing the issues.

In the fresh deadline, Idris told NAN that the lecturers would embark on a comprehensive and indefinite strike if management continued to ignore the union.

When the first deadline was given by the union, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Obafunwa, had appealed to the lecturers not to down tools.

Obafunwa promised that efforts were ongoing to meet their demands, adding that only three out of the 20 demands by the union were yet to be met.

The vice chancellor urged the union to embrace dialogue.

The ASUU chairman said that the fresh ultimatum was another opportunity for the university to meet the union’s demands, and decried the management’s nonchalance toward the issues.

He said the institution’s governing council, which was their employer, had not invited the union for dialogue since the initial trade dispute was declared.

“It was only the Chancellor, Sir Okoya Thomas, that invited us for a meeting towards the end of the initial 21-day ultimatum issued and he promised to bring the issue to a logical conclusion, we are yet to hear from him.

“The parents’ forum also met the union on April 29 and promised to discuss with the government not to allow the issue result into a strike,” he said.

Idris said the union had been considerate enough to narrow down its 20 demands into three, “yet the management finds it impossible to meet them”.

He said that the union declared the trade dispute to fulfil all the regulations of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) by giving the grace for dialogue before opting for strike.

According to him, it is almost certain that the union will embark on strike, judging by the levity with which the management, governing council and state government are handling the issue.

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  • Fashola, is a big disappointment an all his actions are antidemocratic.The Lagos Ibadan press and the Yoruba hypocrisy will not expose who he is and the Janjaweed party he represent . Undoubtedly, he will come calling for mass protest against president Jonathan and the PDP, while instigating the removal of subsidy.

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  • @Omo-Eko. I will advise you visit LASU and see things for yourself, if that is the kind of University that would serve as a model in the 21st century then Lagos State govt should have a rethink and stop justifying a mere glorified secondary school of a sort. One wonders why the VC, the Governor and LAHA have continued to turn deaf ears to the general call to bring down LASU fees. In the next two academic sessions LASU will not enroll 500 - 700 students, what a shame! If lecturers and ASUU have no business with hiked school fees, is it justified for a lecturer to be paid salary for teaching 1 or 2 students instead of 120_150 in the class? Go and find out many lecturers now take their students in their offices and not lecture rooms because the highest they get to teach are too few to be put in a class. Those concerned should swallow their pride and review the fees downward for peace to reign. It is a mark of good leadership. If they are proud of LASU why are their children taken abroad for schooling aren't they suppose to lead by example?

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  • @Don MIke,
    There is always something I gain from your posts even when I disagree with you. First, your posts are always lengthy which shows that you a very knowledgeable person. People who know much hardly post one sentence as comment because there is so much to be said. Second, if I ignore your point I do not ignore your grammar and effusive vocabulary. Your opening remarks here added another dimension to modern commentary; the invocation of deities on Editors who provocatively delete some comments they disagree with. There is nothing more annoying than spending your time and money to post a comment and the editors delete it. They behave as though they do you a favour by retaining your comments. They forget that we are doing them a lot of favour by our comments. Some people read PMNEWS because they want to know what you, other "forumites" and I have to say about their so-called stories and news. We could as well carry our wares to another Market if they push us to the wall. Next time I would not hesitate to invoke this your deity on them. Once again welcome back my brother!

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  • @Don Tiger please leave Fashola alone. He has tried his best where your Mallam brother have all failed. APC Government is better than other states held hostage by PDP. Stop smoking weeds.

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  • PM News; I know that this my comment will also be deleted like earlier ones I posted against APC bad outings... But the Irunmales ( deities ) will delete whoever deletes this comment;

    Why is APC finding it so difficult to come out as usual to condemn insensitivity of Lagos State Government to the plight of LASU Students??? Is this how APC plans to run Federal Government of Nigeria if voted into Power?

    A feeble execution is another phrase for a bad execution; and a government ill executed, of whatever may be its theory, must, in practice, be a bad government.... APC led Lagos State Government is a total failure.

    Where there is little or no respect for public opinion like in APC Control States Government, there is likely to be bad government, which sooner or later becomes autocratic government...

    While these rogues continue to accuse Federal Government of what their Party is also liable, they keep causing Disaffection among the citizenry... The malfunctioning of tertiary Educational policy in Lagos State is as a result of an unjust order that engenders corruption of ideas in the oppressors, which in turn dehumanizes the oppressed students..

    In fact. What's gotten in the way of tertiary education in Lagos State is a theory of bad Government policy accompanied by Political favoritism, loyalty to ROGUISH GOD FATHER and social engineering that says there is ONE CORRUPT WAY to proceed.. Which in turn is biting hard on hardworking students of LASU.

    Surprisingly, some APC States Legislative Arm or Government appointees are People who cannot put strings of sentences together in good order... how then can they think or formulate an effective educational policy??? Most of those touts at the states assembly were selected from Motor parks to contest election, some were barbers or Yahoo guys before they were rigged into the Assembly. How can these set of nincompoop understand a good policy for Education ??

    Good work, like good talk or any other form of worthwhile human characters, depends upon honesty and sincerity of purpose. Fashola and his party are very insensitive gangsters.

    Best wishes !

    Don Mike ( De Tiger )

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  • ASUU has no business with tuition fees. Staff contract is teach the students presented in front of you by the university and get your salary at month's end. Qualitative education is preferable to quantitative.

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