118 Hoodlums Arrested In Early Morning Raid

•Some of the suspected hoodlums at Alausa this morning

Kazeem Ugbodaga

At least 118 suspected hoodlums have been arrested in Oshodi area of Lagos, southwest Nigeria. They were picked up early Wednesday.

Officials of the Lagos State Taskforce on Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit, armed with guns and a Black Maria stormed Oshodi around 1.00 a.m. today and arrested the hoodlums, suspected to be involved in crminal activities in the area.

Those arrested include 106 male and 12 female. Over 160 were initially arrested but after screening at the taskforce office at Alausa, 118 of them were found wanting.

•Some of the suspected hoodlums at Alausa this morning
•Some of the suspected hoodlums at Alausa this morning

Taskforce Chairman, Bayo Sulaiman, a Chief Superintendent of Police, said the raid at Oshodi began around 1.00 am and that the exercise lasted for one hour.

He said the suspects were arrested in various dark spots in Oshodi, including under the bridge, abandoned properties, among others.

According to him, the taskforce decided to raid Oshodi after a long time due to complaints about the upsurge in petty criminal activities in the area.

“We have been receiving text messages and people calling us that they are being harrassed by hoodlums at Oshodi. We realised that we have to go after them again,” he said.

Sulaiman lamented that due to incessant raiding of hoodlums in Oshodi in the past, activities of hoodlums abated, adding as a result of a little break, they came back to the area thinking that the taskforce was no longer watching.

“We got information of where they were staying to smoke marijuana and we swooped on them and arrested them,” he added.

Sulaiman stated that the under age children among them would be taken to the Lagos State Correctional Centres for rehabilitation.

He said that the men and women among the hoodlums would be arraigned at the Special Offences Court and punished according to the laws of the state.

He disclosed that one of the suspected women hoodlums was found to be pregnant, warning that the taskforce would not fold its arm and allow hoodlums to take over Oshodi completely.

Sulaiman warned other hoodlums to stay away from Lagos as the taskforce would go after them.


  1. Very good, but you have such a huge task in Agege as most of the place is so full of resident miscreants, that the young children actually have no choice but to see them as heroes and role models. This is now very very urgent. Developmental governance is not about today, but about building a tomorrow that will give today the balm of hope… Real hope.

  2. A good job by the Governor but dis so called taskforce are not doing the right thing bcos Agbero boys/touts (Union) are harassing motorists and commuters at Bus-Stops, they are not arrested instead arresting motorists for minor offences. The Governor should please direct the Task force Chairman to arrest all dis Agbero or so called Union/miscreants collecting money from Bus-Stop to Bus-Stop and allow only the ones at the Parks with tickets indicating them to know who pay their daily dues. Meanwhile, some of these Motorists/drivers don’t even make ends means bcos of all dis touts collecting money by force from one point to another.

    I must confess that the Taskforce is doing a very wonderful job in Lagos,Lagos Island especially, it should be understood that some of your men are in the habit of breaking into the homes of innocent Nigerians, Epetedo community in Lagos Island can be cited as a reference point, there was a time your men came to raid the boys causing problems within the community but it may interest you that most of these boys were called by some saboteurs in ur network to run for their lives,and so wen u people arrived,they were bursting into the homes of people, broke down doors of so many compounds, entered so many houses,woke up people,picked husbands on bed with their wives, children infront of their parents,IS THAT WHAT THE LAW SAYS?…Please, u really need to check the excesses of some of ur men. It may interest you that ur men from Adeniji Adele Police Station are fond of collecting money from the INDIAN HEMP vendors in the community,they come every evening especially on Fridays and Mondays, even those in the Lion Building are not left out,Despite the efforts of the DPOs to rid the station of such bad eggs, they kept waxing stronger, God knows if they don’t have godfathers…PLEASE,ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,CHECK THEIR EXCESSES, LET THEM PICK THE REAL CRIMINALS AND NOT INNOCENT CITIZENS…THANK U!!!

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