22 Chinese arrested for illegal fishing in Nigeria’s waters

Chinese nationals held in Nigeria for illegal fishing

03/18/2014 16:09 GMT – NIGERIA-CHINA-IMMIGRATION-ARREST – World News (EAA) – AFP

PORT HARCOURT, March 18, 2014 (AFP) – The Nigerian navy said on Tuesday that it had arrested 22 Chinese nationals for fishing in its territorial waters without permits and travel passports.

Four foreign vessels and their crew were held in the operation, Commodore Godwin Ochai told reporters in Onne, outside the southern oil city of Port Harcourt.

“When our troops went on board… they discovered that the four vessels had no immigration documents, neither did its 22 crew members have international passports,” he added.

“We discovered that the suspects did not have any form of permit to engage in fishing activities in the nation’s territorial waters.”

The suspects, who were arrested last Friday, were later handed over to Nigeria’s immigration service for further investigation, Ochai said.

The impounded vessels were carrying several tons of fish. Television footage showed images of the Chinese nationals being paraded before reporters.

Ochai alleged that the Chinese had breached international maritime laws and procedure by fishing in Nigerian waters without authorisation.

“The Nigerian navy… will continue to go after both foreign and domestic threats capable of undermining the nation’s security and economy,” he said.

“We will go after them, arrest them and put them forward for prosecution.”

A Nigerian immigration officer, Briggs Dawaye, said that a thorough probe would be conducted.


  1. kenke

    All these activities are always going on in nigeria because the nigerian government are so weak and clumsy to take active decisions. that is why the indians,chinese are always maltreating us in our country because the nigerian government doesn’t care,why can’t the lebanese,chinese or indians go to AMERICA to try this mess they always perform in our country because American law and the government can’t allow their citizens to be molested and harrassed because the government is active in decision making. that is why America is regarded as God’s own country. it is a blessed country every one dreams to go.

  2. kenke

    They should be killed based on the laws of international boundaries,cause it is illegal entering into our country,it could be terrorism and spy which is great offence many nigerians are killed in china on daily bases which many of are not aware of they should be killed without mercy.

  3. Omo be wise

    Take them to court, sentence them to death by burning them alive with fire, put their smelly ashes in bottle for remembrance for trespassing. I want any Europeans, Americans or Asian including South Africans that commits a crime in NIgeria to be dealt with decisively without mercy, infact send them all to the gallows. I hate them with the way they treat Nigerian in their countries which we read about daily in the newspapers.

  4. bello idowu


  5. chachi

    sentence dem to life in prison, useless people.

  6. fire starter

    China poses the greatest security risk to Nigeria. They have taken over our trade and commerce, they denigrate, abuse and molests Nigerians working for them in their numerous companies across Nigeria. They ship into Nigerian markets all kinds of substandard goods and medicines. They engage in all kinds of fraudulent activities in Nigeria even 419. They are very active in oil bunkering in Nigeria. Chinese are so treacherous, I would suggest, they are properly investigated and their vessels thoroughly checked, I doubt, china would leave all the seas, rivers and oceans within and around their shore to come and just fish in our territorial waters. If the vessel is scientifically and holistically examined, it could be established that it’s exactly being used for oil bunkering. You never know with china. Finally. at the end of the investigations, they should and must be prosecuted and severely jailed as a deterrent.

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