200 die as Fulani herdsmen storm Kaduna villages

Close to 200 people have been killed in fresh attacks on three villages in Kaduna State by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

Houses in the villages in Kaura Local Government Area of Kaduna State were also razed.

The attacks came in the wake of yet another in Tse Ortom – Adorogo in Guma Local Government Area of Benue State, home town of Dr Samuel Ortom, the Minister of State for Trade and Investment and Supervising Minister of Aviation.

The Kaduna villages in which about 200 were reportedly killed were identified as Sankwai, Tekum and Unguwarr Gata inhabited by native Moroa people in Manchok chiefdom, about 250km south of Kaduna metropolis, the capital of Kaduna State.

Kaduna State police spokesman, DSP Aminu Lawan, who confirmed the attack, said he could not ascertain the casualty figure, saying detectives had been sent to the affected villages to verify the situation of things.

According to Gideon Bughu, 45, from Sankwai village, some gunmen first came on Friday night and attacked the village. He said the gunmen numbered over 50. Some gunmen, he stated, later came, Saturday, around 4am, and attacked the other villages.

“They fired into homes. As women and children scampered to escape, they were shot and later cut with machetes. They they set our homes on fire. If you stayed inside, you were burnt. If you run out, they shot at you. The men stayed inside, so most of those burnt were men. But the villagers managed to kill some of the Fulani men, some of whom wore army uniform”, he said.

“I escaped but I have bullet wounds as I speak. I am at an hospital somewhere in Jos.

“I am told that about 45 people in my village were burnt. And 30 shot and cut with machetes.”

Similar attacks were reported in Tekum and Unguwar Gata. In Unguwar Gata, sources put death toll at between 75 and 80 while, in Tekum, those who died were said to be between 60 and 70 with scores injured.

“There is not one house standing in Tekum and Ungwan Gata now”, a source said. It was gathered that corpses littered the bush in the villages while smoke could be seen billowing into the air there at the time of this report.

Kaduna State police spokesman, Lawan, in a telephone chat, said: “I have been briefed by the District Police Officer in Manchok that three villages in that axis were attacked with a number of casualtiy and some homes burnt. But I cannot tell you the number of casualty now. We have sent detectives to the place to ascertain what happenned. We have also sent troops who are now combing the surrounding hills for the murderers. We also gathered that the villagers were able to kill some of the invaders.”

.Reported by Vanguard Online


  1. sharpman

    We promise with our last drop of blood,this fulanis,b.haram will never have peace in their entire life,it’s a promise

  2. de LION_MAN

    Wild humans (fulanis) just know it that a. day of vegeance is coming very soon either by man or by GOD either SOONER or LATER

  3. Angela Plummer

    Perhaps it’s time to think about partition of Nigeria, mr Goodluck. Another wall to go with the others on this sad planet!

  4. sesan

    May God have mercy

  5. jungle man

    pls instead of throwing banter to ourselves let us think straight. Now listen boko killing yesterday fulani killing now immigration killing through recruiting nw where are we going in this country just for 4000 vacant lives was lost and you started posting comments of ethnicity pls be wise let come together and stop dis leaders from using the lives of our future leaders as sacrifice for there own ambition in the name of employment. Please ask them where is their own children u will never see them at recruitment center they are vips so please think straight.

  6. JI

    An end to cattle grazing in Nigeria is the solution.

    I do not see how a Chadian, Malian or Nigerien cattle rearer have more value in Nigeria than Nigerian Citizens who are mauled down daily.

    What is wrong with David Mark? What kind of politics are they playing with this issue.

    People should own Ranches where they cater for their cattles.

    Should i fear foreigner in my own country?

  7. fire starter

    On Friday 207 Boko Haram terrorists were killed. yet you are shamelessly calling the hard working president weak and ogogoro? Sorry, ok? I guess you are suggesting he wipe out everybody, both civilians and innocents. The president is not diabolic.

  8. Miffed Nigeria

    Everyone knows it’s a weak and daft president on charge and they are doing whatever they like knowing the govt of Ogogoro Jonathan is irresponsible. He’s busy stealing money to care about anything else.

  9. fathydizzy

    Some people comment out of their senses. plz whether u are old or young, think before u post a comment. plz can anybody tell me the achievement of your so called president? 5 years still thinking

    1. fire starter

      @FATHYDIZZY. Your name shows you are dizzy, Apparently in a state of stupor and melancholy. You are questioning the president’s achievement in 5yrs. Well, He has done much, for keeping and pushing Boko Haram back, if not they might have eaten you and your ilk alive. If you need more achievements, urge your brothers to lay down their arms. Do you know what it costs government monthly to fight and combat terrorism. No country thrives and prospers during war time.

    2. Anonymous

      As for me,i will say that,we only have an unsenseble person as a head of states

    3. Anonymous

      As for me,i will say that,we only have an unsenseble person as a head of states

  10. Anonymous

    colonial rule challenges in Nigeria

  11. Dickson

    Is high time these fulani’s will ve to go to there home town to graze with their cattle.

  12. dada olowo eyo

    Buhari & Atiku swore to make Jonathan’s admin unmanageable – these posh animals still walk free. why?!

  13. JOSHUA

    Please stop all these killings.

  14. Nwiwiri Michael

    Who are these Fulani Herdsmen? when they are not killing in Plateau, its Benue and now Kaduna, Who is watching over these poor villagers.

  15. Agu Ojo Audu

    @Abba, you want to know why other zones are calm? Its because Northern leaders like Buharri swore to make the North ungovernable for GEJ. They can only do that in there zone as other zones are not carnibals like fulanis jihadist.

  16. Abba Othman

    Boko Haram in north east, cattle rustlers/Fulani in north central and unknown gunmen in north west while nothing is happening at other zones? Somebody should tell us why?

    1. Anonymous

      Who knows if it is turn by turn?Cos b4 it was niger delta militancy, unknown gunmen,kidnapping plus more all these incidents took place in south-south, south-east and west. however the northern zones were docile. now it’s boko haram,unknown gunmen cum Fulanis in the north. may be That’s how God wants it to happen.

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