Senator Anyanwu dumps APGA for PDP

Senator Chris Anyanwu was among the penitent politicians who returned to the Peoples Democratic Party weekend.

Anyanwu was elected a senator on the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA in the 2011 election, to represent eastern district of the Nigerian state of Imo.

Sen. Chris Anyanwu
Sen. Chris Anyanwu

A former governor of the state, Achike Udenwa also returned to the fold, just like Mr Mike Ahamba (SAN), who has been APC’s chief, Gen Muhammadu Buhari’s lawyer. Others are Chief Ifeanyi Ararume and Chief Cosmos Iwu.

They were received into the PDP family by President Goodluck Jonathan at a ‘unity rally’ in Owerri, capital of Imo state.

Jonathan told the rally that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is being governed by rule of law, democratic principles and politics of inclusion and should be embraced by all.

According to him, PDP is a party known for its ideology, stability and democratic principles and the only party with a solid foundation in the country, which has not changed over the years.

The President called on all aspirants who “want to play decent politics” to identify with the party, describing it as the only credible political party in the state.

“Since we started existing our foundation has remained firm; we have not changed a single thing about the party, our ideologies, principles and slogans have remained the same.

“PDP is the only stabilising factor in Nigeria’s democracy; we’ve continued to promote democracy and to bring its dividends to all Nigerians.PDP is the party that promotes democratic principles, beliefs and obeys the rule of law and has a sense of inclusiveness,” he said.

Several party big wigs, including Chief Tony Anenih, chairman Board of Trustees, Vice President Namadi Sambo and Senate President David Mark also spoke at the rally, to welcome the now contrite politicians, who returned to the PDP family.

Vice President Namadi Sambo, said their return to the party was a “clear testimony of the success of the transformation agenda of the President”.

Sambo commended the people of the state for their support to the president in the 2011 elections and urged them to double their efforts to ensure the PDP regained power in the state.

David Mark said the PDP would intensify its efforts to ensure democracy dividends were brought to the Imo people. He commended the Imo people for the turnout at the rally which he said was an indication of their readiness to accept the PDP in 2015.


  1. Saint

    By dis action,d PDP dos not hv any legal,moral or political justification 2 declear d seats of d 11 pdp senators who crosd 2 APC VACANT

  2. Gabby

    I lost my cool + head after seeing what happened at Owerri and use the Word Ashawo, I apologise to the Lady & everybody that the language hurts. I take it back, I’m SORRY. My BAD

  3. Gabby

    I lost my cool + head after seeing what happened at Owerri and use the Word Ashawo, I apologise to the Lady & everybody that language hurts. I take it back, I’m SORRY. My BAD

  4. Usmad

    Era of political harlotry . The same people , shameless group. What are your reasons for going back to same party,you told us, that are : thieves, killers, that do not have internal democracy, impunity rains supreme etc.
    As you shamelessly gather, so shall you disperse by December 2014. KIV

  5. Usmad

    Era of political harlotry . The same people , shameless group. What are your reasons for going back to same party,you told us, that are : thieves, killers, that do not have internal democracy, impunity rains supreme etc.
    As you shamelessly gather, so shall you disperse by December 2014. KIV

  6. ade obayemi

    So the hypocrite was there to welcome anyawu’s defection from APGA to PDP, I mean David Mark. How would that defection go now. Was there any letter written to the Senate? Is she going to loose her seat? What about the court order? Imagine politics of little mind.

  7. olayinka

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  8. Nathan Eee

    I watched with amusement the political rally in Imo State presided over by Mr President which was erroneously tagged ” President’s Visit to Imo State’ All that transpired at the gathering was nothing but politics, politicking and campaign. Well if the whistle has not been blown for campaigns to commence, why is the President jumping the gun with his Party the PDP?. Well what that gathering failed to realise is that the incumbent Governor won the election in Imo State because of his personality and not APGA or PDP. If there was provision for independent candidacy, Rochas would have still won. Unfortunately the man would be completing his tenure soon, and if any thing he will hand over to a worthy successor who will continue from where he stops. Once PDP looses a State, it becomes practically impossible to regain same especially when the incumbent has a domineering and towering pedigree. Mr President boasted that Edo State will return to PDP, but Osho Baba, showed them; he said the same in Lagos, BRF, swept them off the ‘BRT lane’, they tried Obi in Anambra State, the man has succeeded in enthroning a stooge as his successor. Haba, can’t the PDP interprete the political game in the air? Wait until Rochas holds his own rally, and the PDP will know how bright its chances are to regain Government House, Imo State.

  9. xtone

    PDP is d party to reckon with, d country is wrecked already that it will take time to revive, lets give them a chance, Apc is filled of rude and heartless people concerned only of power and disrupting d present govt they have shown that they dont care for our wellbeing

  10. Anonymous

    The whole issue started with Rochas defecting to APC; it made APGA weak. Chris Anyanwu can not win an election remaining in APGA.I thought Rochas and the APC would have made this move PDP made, it would have been a plus.well, Imolites, the future is still unfolding and we are yet to see what comes out of it. politicians will always prostitute,anywhere in the world, It’s no different but what makes the ones in developed countries different from ours is the value they place on the electorates. God bless Nigeria and continue to bless Imo state.

  11. Adesanya Toyin

    Why ar people suprised about people defecting to PDP?What comment can u people pass on those defecting to APC, is APC diffrent from PDP as a political party?

  12. Anonymous

    you are rigth sunny,,take caution n mind your words while commenting @gabby

  13. nasidi

    My Ibo brethen, tribe who God blessed with knowlegde, but do not pray for wisdom. please tell what do really want from Nigeria. I can believe a sensible Ibo son or daughter can defect from APGA to PDP. Where is the honour to Ikemba. Please think very well before is to late. Make my word, IBO NATION CANNOT GAIN ANYTHING FROM PDP, they will only use you and dump you as usaul. A word is enough for the wise

  14. Jay

    The recent defection of Udenwa & co in Imo State shows how desperate people are in belongingn simply because they have become politically irrelevant and financially depleted. People of Imo vote for individual and not party per se. Vote those that will deliver and not mouth watering politicians that think of what to achieve for themselves only. Number two & three to oga at the very top have nothing to show in their various states for being in power. All politicians are growing fatter and masses suffering. My Imo people (am not an igbo) please vote right people henceforth. Defectors will bite their fingers very soon.

  15. Sunny Akhigbe

    @Gabby, try to be civil and gentlemanly when you make comment regarding women. You could still have made your point without using denigratory and gutter word like “Ashawo” to describe a woman who has grown up kids. This is an unsolicited advice and I hope you do not take offence or reject it. Best wishes!

  16. trudy

    must morons use the word ashawo when making their point. ediat!

  17. Lord Mo

    Poeple in Nig are almost the same. From west to the east, North and south. Imagine useless oldmen like sekaru following these money bags whose only way of transforming Nig is to buy ten presidential Jets. I wonder why Igbos cannot understand. Where is the second Niger bridge that PDP promised u? Another round of lies?

  18. ader

    my fear is igbo people,they always go for highest bidder. they don’t screen candidate on a real sense. what they known is to vote for dubious people. i’m still dreaming, how on earth chris ngige lost election in the last anambra guber with his huge success within short stay in power. this can never happen in south west. we are the best electorates in the country.

    1. Benny

      And the same south west prroduced Theifnunbu,the great certificate forger who pocketed lagos and thre the keys into the Lagoon.Same with Ayo Fayose,Adedibu etc.all hail great South west.Apc,thiefnubu

  19. monday

    I see a lot of anger and sheer frustration from Angry People’s Congress. There is fear and trembling in the camp Okorocha already. It is yet to be seen how this affect the fortune of APC in Imo. What this means is that Owerri, Okigwe and Orlu axis are back in PDP and that is huge. We are left with Mbaise, Oguta, Ikeduru, Arodinzogwu. Greg Mbadiwe and Iwanyanwu factors in Arondinnzogwu and Ikeduru respectively makes things really dicey for APC now. This is just the beginning as more money flows there will be more defections.

    1. Wähala

      My friend, the Governor is from Orlu zone and his Deputy, from Owerri zone. Expired Achike Udenwa is loathed in Orlu while Anyanwu has zero electoral value in Owerri, so silly to insinuate an incumbent and performing Administration would lose to failed politicians. Imolites are the most sophisticated Ibo voters because of their high level of education. They’re no traders like those Peter Obi crowd in APGA. In 2015, they’ll take stock and ask the defecting clowns to show us federal presence in Imo… because talk is free!

    2. Sunday

      @Monday. At least you should have displayed honesty today Monday. PDP IMPORTED and paid supportters from Anambra APGA, Delta, Akwa-Ibom. Bayelsa, Ebonyi and Enugu states to fill up Dan Anyiam stadium

  20. Ochendo

    The current generation of politicians in Nigeria are nothing but pigs in character.what bothers them at all times is ‘how do I remain there’ whether the means to remaining there is animalistic or even below what an animal can contemplate. I blame the electorates who themselves have remained foolish and therefore deceived at all times. Let us vote persons based on their credentials and not the party.this would be a swift way of taming defections since the party one belongs cannot guarantee them victory. I advocate we all rise above party bandwagon and see these political brigands through our own prisms.i am appalled by the current wave. It is a confirmation that parties neither have idealogies nor manifestos hence no philosophical bond.

  21. Ibeh Ignatius

    PDP rally in Imo state, what a disgusting rally. Its a shame our politicians in the likes of chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, senator Chris Anyanwu, chief Emeka Ihedioha, chief Achike Udenwa and co could not boast of one single federal project in the state yet they are proud to woo the good people of Imo state to support PDP for own selfish interests. What federal project did Jonathan and his team commission in the state as a testimony of his good governance to the people of Imo state?

  22. Gabby

    I don’t know how long it will take my Ibo brothers &b sisters to get smart. This is the same Ashawo who used APGA (ojukwu’s name) to win election is now joining the same people she told us are criminals. Jonathan for your information Imo people can not be deceived, ask Ohakim and Co. All these idiots your fratanizing with don’t have electoral values in the State. We are waiting to vote and reward you and your gang for the no single federal project in the State.

  23. Suny Lulu

    Nigerian politicians are among the most unpredictable beings on this planet. They are core materialists and can do just anything in pursuit of bread and butter.
    If the PDP is still promising the arrival of democratic dividends (as it promised in 1999) then it will never arrive as there is no visible evidence of that except a few greedy and selfish individuals buying private jets and choice properties here and there.
    Chris Anyanwu has now joined the bandwagon so as to have a bite of the pie!

    1. Akubuo

      U dont want to say that, senator chris anyanwu is credible leader who eager to pilot the affairs of imo lite come may 2015

  24. Sunny Akhigbe

    So my Amazon is involved in this political nomadism too? The stage is set for direct political pugilism between her and Rochas Okorocha!

  25. austine

    PDP is dead already; morons

    1. cg

      my man check your colo

    2. paul

      @ austine your father is dead.

      Up PDP down down APC

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