Nigerian student murdered in Ghana

Simon Ateba/Yaounde

Godwin Ayogu, a Nigerian citizen, and a 300-level student at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, has been murdered in the West African country, and his body was dumped by the roadside.

Ayogu was studying social sciences in the institution and was last seen on Tuesday afternoon, sources at the university said.

Several sources said the deceased had planned to be in Nigeria on Wednesday to see his parents who live in Ketu area of Lagos, western Nigeria, but his body was found by the roadside where it was dumped.

Godwin Ayogu: murdered
Godwin Ayogu: murdered

Although police in Ghana are saying they are investigating the matter, but many Nigerian students fear the case might be swept under the carpet.

A source quoted a Nigerian student as saying, “We need the Nigerian authorities to interfere and we need security for Nigerian students here.”

The source quoted another student as adding: “It’s sad dat a Nigerian is murdered and no one is doing anything about it. With all these things happening, this place isn’t safe.”

The deceased was the first child of his parents.

Friends say he played the drum very well and liked to referred to himself as “the drummer boy”


  1. Nsehe Onoitem

    Really Godwin it is sad.. my snr in sec school is no more it is really sad i pray you rest in perfect peace #sobs# šŸ™

  2. adebimpe

    First I want every1 criticizing dis poor innocent soul let’s all look back to year 2013 educationally was it any thing 2 praise I remember d students of our tertiary institution spent about six months at their respective homes some doing nothing others improving on their skills. I will use my case as an example I finished secondary school 2001 I did my first jamb in 2003 but I was not given admission then there was nothing like UTME d following year was d same till 2006 i kept on trying yet i didnt get what i wanted my results were well over 200 eventually i gained admission late 2006 as a part-time student in lagos my course of study was 2 last 5years but i spent 8yrs i av just finishd my last exams which means am battling wit my project now n am not sure of which year i will av all my result n yet we say we av good education in nig. I blv those criticizing this guy n other nig std abroad must av finished frm private universities in nig do we all think its every parents dat can afford dat much in private universities?/ i gained admission into a private school but cldnt afford it pls enof of all this rubbish abt going out of d country n lets all wish d innocent soul rest in perfect peace its a slap on d nigerian education face that our stds will even think of going to places like ghana 2 study i blv this guy must av gotten d admission on a platter of gold he was my junior in high school n i believe he is of good character like most if his mates said. I pray d almighty grant d parents d fortitude 2 bear d loss. OUR ECONOMY IS EQUALLY SICK

  3. Pius Madu

    I don’t no why Nigerian parents living in Nigeria would send their children to school in Ghana. How long shall we continue to make mockery of ourselves?There are better and safer schools in Europe. Our leaders need to wake up and fix our dilapidating educational system. Doing so will provide qualitative education to our children.

    May the soul of the departed rest in peace!

  4. Bash

    Well i see no problems studying in ghana, the killing of 4 nigerian students in a jungle justice took place un the nigeria soil. I pray for the families of the deceased man to be strenghtened

  5. stevie

    Godwin was my very good friend; its so sad he had to go so soon and in this way. May his soul rest in the peace of the Lord. Amen

  6. Onoja Henry Chukwuemeka

    Crying all day since I got sudden death of my little cousin Godwin and those who have hand in it will never find rest in dia life.

  7. Mide

    Godwin is sum1 I knw….he his cool n gentle n he do tins only on his own he his also frndly as well…, moreover schooling outside country is no big deal cos we all av our choice cos wen u tlk abt schooling outside Nigeria den u guys shld strt frm d pple dat hold d power of Nigeria where re dre children can u see any of dem here in Nigeria…See to b real pple re so mean…,ow can sum1 dat breath kill Chukwuma like dat…..

  8. raynold

    @PAUL:datz crazy.any1 can die anywia nd u won’t sound dis way if he was ur family.evry country has its challenges nd Nigeria is no exception.tell me why I wud let my younga ones sch here in isn’t abt jamb bt d sys,for instance I spent 8yrs in sch 4 a six year programme.wah do u av 2 say abt dat?

  9. Zairoise, B.

    It is certainly most tragic that this incident happened. I am a Ghanaian, who is trying to read this tale with the most impartial pair of glasses on. As I said before, it is very tragic that this incident happened on Ghanaian soil; it would have been sad had it happened on any other soil as well, including Nigerian soil. As such, when I read some of the above comments attacking the Ghanaian system and saying that Ghana is not much, I want to ask: What is your priority in this situation? Are you truly worried about the deceased person, or are you worried about the politics of this situation (i.e, Ghana vs. Nigeria)?

    There is an above comment that says “I knows Ghanians more than they knows their salves, they are nobody.” Ignoring the grammatical errors in that sentence, is this the kind of statement we should be passing? How does this rectify anything about the situation? On what grounds is that statement justified, to the extent that it was motivated by the young man’s death? This is not in any way a biased defensive mechanism, but this is just to point out that the approach of dealing should not be this distasteful. So to the person that passed that comment, kindly take a seat while others who truly care about the death itself agonize/come up with solutions. Thanks.

    I truly understand the pain that it causes for another person to die on another country’s soil, but it is justified to take that bitterness/worry, and turn it into an unnecessary political comparison? Would this have been the same reaction had a Ghanaian person died on Nigerian soil? Or even if a Nigerian had died on Nigerian soil? This is in no way belittling the situation; the safety of another person in a foreign land definitely is a priority, and to a great extent, Ghanaian authorities would have to be held accountable for this tragedy. All I am saying is that instead of taking the approach of blame, look instead at bettering safety in educational institutions in each respective country because no matter what, education is a good that is traded among countries. People will come to Ghana for education, and people will go to Nigeria for education. It doesn’t take away the prestige of either countries.

    So stop the nursery games.

    That being said, I charge Ghanaian authorities to take active investigation in this death case, because as Jesus Christ charged us to do, we have to be accountable for one another, including those that are not state related. That shouldn’t even matter in this situation, because before he is Nigerian, he is HUMAN. That alone should spur on the desire to want to get to the bottom of this investigation.

    Once again, my deepest condolences to the deceased young man, and may you rest in perfect peace.

  10. Anonymous

    common Ghana

  11. wllms

    It is a pity he died, may his soul rest in peace. Amen. But the Ghana government and Nigerian government should come together and fish out the people that are responsible for the murder of Ayogu

  12. Kilode

    A Nigerian student killed in Cyprus a few months back, with this one another Nigerian student killed in Ghana again this week. Some Nigerian student are even in Cotonou studying in Private Institutions as well. Pls what are we looking for in 3 world countries for Education when we have UI, OAU, UNN, ABU with more foreign student in the 70s. but we ve turned these institutions to shadows of their former self. Militants are even setting up Universities as well and buying private jets. are we going to continue like this? A land flowing with milk and honey but can misappropriate $49b. The solutions to our problems are ourselves till we are ready to stand up.

  13. Omepulu

    I want to comment to put the records straight,firstly Nigeria Government should be blamed for poor educational standard in Nigeria, apart from several industrial actions which always prolong duration of courses by 100% for instance if you reading 4 yrs course,you will graduate in between 7-8years and by d time you graduate companies will be asking for applicant under 25years,your ability the job now depends on your ability to swear affidavit of age declaration.

    Secondly as for living condition according to Barr. Albert, I wonder what you are still doing there if the environment is as bad as you make it seem, may be you are living in Teifa, there so many good areas/estate in Ghana, maybe Accra where I have be visiting since 2005.

    May the soul of the young man RIP and my prayers goes to the family, as for those blaming the family especially Paul, I understand his problem,lunatic

  14. jones Lamptey

    chill out guys and stop the emotional overreaction. do you know how many people are murdered in Nigeria every month? do you know how many foreigners are murdered in Nigeria every year? Ghanaians are murdered in Ghana too. and Ghanaians are murdered in Nigeria as well. don’t turn a tragic incident into a Ghana vs Nigeria confrontation. crime is getting out of hand in the west African region and that should be a concern to all. but let’s get real, more murders and killings take place in Nigeria than Ghana.

  15. Vinnie

    Guys guys this murder z stupid infact all murders are stupid i am in Ghana am jx 13 ll b 14 on 27th Feb i stay in the capecoast ik this murder happnd in capecoast where.d body was dumped is jx a little distance where.i live this is really sad am disappointed and am lyk y ll a human kill a fellow smh RIP

  16. tessy

    so sad please i advice dat others be careful and never to b victim of secomstances

  17. Anonymous

    When things are bound to happen, it definitely does, cos no body can run faster than his/her shadow. Allegations, accusations,blames cant bring him back. whats best now is to Pray he Has the Eternal Rest after Death. May His Soul Rest in perfect Peace.

  18. Dupe

    Barrister, if Ghana is so bad as u said, why are u there for 4yrs?

  19. Layo

    He was my friend… Please what is the university saying? The police? Anybody!
    P.M News, please don’t let the story die… Please follow it
    up.. He was a good friend, a great guy too..

  20. toni

    I’ve been to Ghana. I didn’t see that paradise.

  21. Tareeq

    May his soul rest in peace!!…this is a sad story,i am a ghanaian and i dont think he was a victim to any stereotyping,there are bad people in every country.he just wasnt lucky to have met his death at the hands of cruel people…im sure the killers didnt even knw his nationality

  22. Emeka

    Let’s not say we don’t really know why people look out side for education because we do.. Saying the Nigerian educational system is among the 100 best is just hypocritical… Let’s not go into Problems in Nigeria cos it’s massive.. The boy is dead(sad fact).. And someone has to be held responsible or details of events has to be known cos we Nigerian don’t like it when we see our future generations murdered..

  23. Val

    You guys are disappointment to Nigeria. a Nigerian citizen was killed in a foreign land and all you could do or say is blame it upon the deceased instead of widening our scope to know who the culprit is, or trying to know why. must all Nigerian’s citizens school in Nigeria? Please let’s stop acting as if life is not important in this part of the world for christ’s sake; Ghanians have found pleasure in killing Nigerians in their country and instead of us asking questions or looking into it critically to know the nitty gritty we are all here blabbing. Please stop, and think.

  24. James

    God will punish all the representative of three arms of government in this nigeria.

  25. francis

    May his soul rest in peace

  26. hunk

    Godwin Ayogu is a guy who i know personally and we both attended the same secondary school he’s such a luvly,down to earth,humble nd respectful dude and above all we’ve both performed together on the same platform. His death brings so my tears from my eyes and the family of ‘Good shepherd comprehensive High school Merian’Alumni orchestra members and the school in general sympathizes with his family and siblings on their loss and i pray his Soul Rest in Peace. We love you Brother Godwin Ayogu aka Drummer Boi.

  27. Nelson

    This is so sad to know. Godwin was a friend, my senior in high school and I just can’t believe this has happened to him. As much as I know Godwin, he is a very nice person, who plays the drums. Gentle and always cheerful and I’m wondering how come he got into the hands of murderers. I pray those who have committed this evil are found and prosecuted. May his soul rest in peace.

  28. Tosin

    He was a classmate in secondary skul. Godwin RIP. U can’t blame pple 4 takin deir kids outside nig 2 study,cos Nig edu is even worthless,wot do u say of a skul where students pay lecturer’s 2 get deir result or is it d 6 months strike or d lecturers harassment or d trouble u go thru to gain admission into all d skuls u are talkin abt. RIP Godwin

  29. Ebuka Ezigbo

    RIP GODWIN…..we’ve indeed lost a great talent in dis world

  30. Agatha

    May this Innocent boy soul rest in peace.

  31. Barrister Albert

    As many of these Nigerians coming to Ghana for Education are all deceiving themselves with their parents also, there is no good Education here in Ghana, i am living here in Accra Ghana even the capital city, there is nothing to write home about., but you will hear Nigerian Actors and Actress including comedians praising Ghana because they come here to teach them. and they pay them.

    You can imagine Ghana as a country that dose not put toilet in their houses, you rent a house here, for example, in Oshodi, then you go to mile 2 or Ojota to go to toilet, and you see these Actors and Actress from Nigeria praising Ghana, for what?

    All Nigerian schooling here, you are making a very great mistake, go home to Nigeria and study more better, Ghana is not an English speaking country, they speak their QUE language more than any other language,

    I knows Ghanians more than they knows their salves, they are nobody,

    Ghanians, dose not what is called house, they do not know what is called food, and they do not even know the worth of money, they behaive like animals, sincerely speaking, i have been living here in Accra for 4years now, i know them well.

    Nigerians stop deceiving yourself that you are schooling in Ghana, there is nothing in Ghana..

  32. Anonymous

    this is making the fourth student killed in Ghana since last year and nothing has been done to get the killers of these students, the Ambassador of Nigeria to Ghanaa is not working like the former one Obanikoro who i still see as the best ambassador that protected nigerian citizens here in Ghana.

  33. emmanuel

    A boy I know who school in Ghana is heavy on drugs and India Hemp and has become a sore to his family. I also recall in December 2013 how one was arreated inward Lagos with Indian Hemp.

    I have a feeling that some of these guys have exported their cult thing into Ghana and is catching up with them.

  34. oyindamola

    y’all talking abt leaving his country to another are jst shallow minded u shld really think outside d box.he was a friend, a brother no1 shld blame him for leaving.guess u outta skool or didnt even go dats y u talking like dat..

  35. Dr Felix Eze

    Lets not blame anyone because choice of school or country for university Education depends on individuals. Nigerian Authorities (the three Arms of Govt) especially the Executive arm should look into the matter as they did in the case of the young man that was murdered in India last year. I trust His Excellency Mr President for that, he cares for his own both @home and abroad. But you people at Ghana please be your brother’s keepers and uphold our national integrity there. May his soul R.I.P

  36. Livin Joe

    U see one thing is 2 know d guys involvement,nd track his friends,both school nd out school his last call last visit his girl friend more especially if d boy is a gamer into women into gambling into cultist nd lot more u ll fish out d event,even his fellow Nigerians that ar their as in students suppose carry outthis project,not only police that investigate issues u can start urs by that if d authorities disagree u go on rioting after u people life is at stake afterall we have some of them in our universities here we can make a statement 2.!

  37. rufus

    Mr Akhigbe, I always admire your mature and right analyses of subject matters.
    The so-called “leaders” should be ashamed of the reverse history. They fail to realize that what goes around, comes around.
    May the soul of the young man rest in peace!

  38. Simple Truth

    Paul, when I read some of your comments, there are so many grammatical errors. This shows you can’t even write correct English. The only thing you know how to do is to be tribalistic. You are just a wasted product. Please, go back to primary school and begin you education again. You moron.

  39. alade

    Blame the clueless government and the overpaid legislators for frustrating parents, leaving them no other option than taking their children to Benin and Ghana Universities. Sad isn’t? All our resources are spent in the political circles and others sectors left to die.

  40. alade

    Blame the clueless government and the overpaid legislators for frustrating parents, leaving them no other option than taking their children to Benin and Ghana Universities. Sad isn’t? All our resources are spent in the political circles and others sectors left to die.

  41. Anonymous

    that is it tel me wat ghana hav in their educational system dat nig dnt hav x3 wen nigeria z amng the 100 best educational country0wich ghana z nt amng tel me wel sory may ur soul R.I.P ATLEST DIS WIll TEACH ODAS WHO DNT VALUE WAT THEY HAV

    1. Joyce

      ….and where did you go to school. You are a disgrace to that institution and your family for posting this rubbish as English Language

  42. Sunny Akhigbe

    Sad story indeed! May his soul rest in peace. Suddenly Ghana has become like America, Europe and South Africa to Nigerians. When people travel by bus to Ghana and are back, they regale others with stories of “paradise on earth” in terms of social amenities. True, Ghana may have found her democratic and ecmomic footing, i don’t think the craze to rush there is worth it especially in the pursuit of higher education. Many parents push their wards who could not gain admission into Nigerian public universities through competition into universities in Ghana without background checks. And when the children get there, many don’t lie low and face their studies but flaunt Nigerian wealth. I hear they ride fast cars, attend wild parties and even join cults.

    When I recall picture of Ghanians packing their sparse belongings into what is now known as ” Ghana Must Go” during Shagari regime to leave Nigeria and juxtapose it with Nigerians mad rush to go to Ghana today, I shake my head. What a role reversal and where did we go wrong?

    1. TheNigeriaFutureProject

      NIgerians should embrace the hard work required to develop their own country. It is indeed a shame that Nigerians look outside first instead of simply saying to themselves: Why not hear? Why should we have a public education crisis in the largest country in Africa? Why are we not capable of building our own infrastructure?

      Our heartfelt compassion goes to the parents who have lost a child. Not an experience we wish on any one.

      Such incidents should stir upon a nation a call to action, not a further articulation of helplessness.

    2. eve

      people like you Paul and Ama need to take a sit really you need to. that talk about people not getting admission into Nigerian Universities and going abroad is crap. I got admissions into 2 schools in Nigeria of which one gave me Biology science when I applied for medicine for no just reason. I had higher scores in my UME than some of the people who were admitted for medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. I’d rather stay where I am (which is one of the most racist Countries in the world), get a respectable degree, under suitable conditions (like stable electricity, clean water, good roads and transport system), and most of all without ASU STRIKE!!! than stay in Nigeria and study. plus this guy lost his life unfortunately, and I happen to know him, we attended the same high school. If you guys don’t have any reasonable words of condolence to give stay your wrinkled asses out of this page, and quit talking incoherent nonsense. as if things like this and even worse don’t happen in Nigeria.

      1. Erimona Daniel

        Many Nigerians do not get the course they wish to study in Ghana. Are you aware? Besides the Ghanaian standard is not better than Nigeria’s; it is just a hype. I lived in a community close to KNUST, kumasi for three and half years. It is the same ‘handout’ education.
        I am a UNIBEN History graduate, but I taught English in that country within the period.
        It is a pity, but the truth is many of those Nigerian students do not act decently in Ghana.

  43. AMA

    when they finish killing all of you, you will come back home

    1. FIYZUL

      You must b a daft person,is it dat they dont kill students here in nigeria too or wha do u want them to come and do at home?think before u talk

  44. paul

    This is what happen when people rejected their country and started praises worthless country like Ghana.

    Ghana is best Ghana is best when they cannot even provide water for their own citizens yet we Nigerians praise them to high heaven for just nothing.

    1. Datti

      For once Paul, I agree with your post. Ghana has so many challenges and i wonder why our youngsters have to run there. They need to work hard on their JAMB and post JAMB examinations to be able to compete within the Nigeria system. So many candidates sit for these exams year in year out and fail woefully. The Nigerian university capacity has expanded in the past few years to be able to cater for most of the ones that meet the cut off points. Those that fail rush to Ghana.

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