Court bars Nigerian Police, SSS from arresting Sanusi

Akin Kuponiyi

A Nigerian Federal High Court in Lagos has barred the agents of the Nigerian police and State Security Services from arresting the suspended governor of the Central Bank Of Nigeria, Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

The motion exparte was granted by Justice Ibrahim Buba today, after Sanusi’s lawyers filed an affidavit of urgency, deposed to by Malam Sanusi Lamido, in which he expressed grave fears about his freedom and personal liberty.

Sanusi himself arrived at the Federal court to swear to the affidavit at about 3.34 pm. He left instantly afterwards.

Lawyers from the chambers of former Lagos state attorney-general, Professor Yemi Osibajo were seen in Justice Ibrahim Buba’s court, where they held a closed session with the judge to argue their case, that Sanusi deserved the shield of the court from feared violations by agents of the state against his personal liberty.

The lawyers were: Mrs V.O.M. Longe, Ikem Isiekwena, Bashiru Ramini, Benjamin Omoruyi and Loretta Ossai.

•Sanusi: gets court order against arrest
•Sanusi: gets court order against arrest

Justice Buba in his ruling urged the defendants, who include the Inspector General of Police, the DG of the SSS and the attorney-general of the Federation, to maintain the status quo until “hearing and determination of the motion on notice”.

The matter was adjourned for further hearing 28 February.

Sanusi has dismissed the allegations of misconduct against him and said he believed he was removed because of his attacks on the powerful state Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Yesterday, on arrival from Niamey, Niger Republic, Sanusi was delayed at the Lagos airport and his Nigerian travelling passport seized by the SSS.

“His passport is still with them,” said Malam Nasir El-Rufai, a former minister and Sanusi’s friend.

Sanusi was suspended yesterday by President Goodluck Jonathan, few months to the end of his five-year tenure, amidst the allegations made by Sanusi that the state-owned oil corporation, the NNPC was owing the national treasury $20billion, being unremitted proceeds from oil sales from January 2012 to June 2013.

Federal Government responded by excavating an older issue of financial allegations against Sanusi as governor of the bank and shove him out of office.

Sanusi in several interviews, has promised to challenge the suspension in court of law.

His first step today, however, was to safeguard his personal liberty.


  1. Percy

    GEJ clear your house.

  2. Percy

    I am deeply worried about the castigations on Sanusi. For me,it is in the best interest of the common men that corruption the bane of our collective poverty be exposed. Much as this Sanusi I know well will continue to expose the rots in NNPC, the government too. Should expose Sanusi’s financial recklessness. At the end, hopefully, two of our corruption endemic institutions will know it for good. My advice: Sanusi fight on, GEJ cl

  3. HERO

    Sanusi cannot hide for long.He who fights and runs postpones his fate to another day.The long arm of the law must catch up with this bigot from Kano.You cannot fritter our money away while portraying yourself as a patriot.Only the gullible are deceived.This Mallam has questions to answer.

  4. ok

    Wike declared it in Rivers that Amechi will be arrested when GEJ wins the 2015 election, for God sake is nigerians are heaps of illitrates? The man need be caution his too loud and he supposed not to be a minister of the federal republic. But eventually mr president refused to contest the election? What happens? As for me GEJ cabinate is full of amateurs minds, he should call them to order.

  5. ok

    I was thinking that Nigerians will celebrate for the exposion of the long standing audit of the NNPC not knowing that the man who stick his neck in exposing the mess will turn to be hang. Even if Sanusi is hang to day most nigerians are gracious for courage and his creator will never forsake him. Also let those in south or west should not think that nothing good will ever come from the north again. The north is in the trying moment and I am not praying for the other part of the country to equally have the same misfortune like that of the north. By the grace of God everything will be over and we shall one celebrate as one country.

  6. ok

    GEJ is a shame to the country. If his the one that sent the name of cbn gov for screening at the sanate then is unfortunate. Why is it that odua not arrested by the DG sss? Our God is alive every being MUST account for his deed.

  7. Kelechi, A

    If he were a poor man, the court would probably have ignored is plea. The judge might have received his own share. Money speaks and justice is often for the rich and to those who can afford it in Nigeria. What a country!



  9. femi joseph

    Sentiment and tribalism as an epidemic is what powerful and corrupt nigeria emplyed most time to cover their wrong doings. Shamelessly presidency employs same tactis over and over. Sanusi dared the monster called NNPC only to be consumed like Farouk Lawan. One day God who is greater than all will deliver nigeria from the hands of NNPC and the cabals. GEJ watch your path, pls dont crash the ship. Nigeria is greater than any personality including our seemingly innocent GEJ. Sanusi is not a saint but he has done a sainty job here, issues of Ibru and akingbola should not be confused with rescueing the soul of Nigeria nation NNPC. If govt has a decent way of nailing sanusi, let them not waste time about it, if not let abati and his boss stop this insult on out collective intelligence.

  10. Chinedu

    Dat is it, how can say 2 ur brother there is a pin in ur eyes let m remove it when there is a wood in ur own eyes 1st remove the wood in ur own eyes so then u can see clear 2 remove ur brother’s own. Sanusi learn 2 remove d wood in ur eyes 1st

  11. plural

    Sanusi was more of a philanthropist,politician,whistle blower, gangster & a radical than a cbn have become a norm for the Rich & powerful in nigeria to always approach the courts to stop their arrest & prosecution. And this must stop. whereas the normal nigerian can be arrested & tried without any protection from the courts. sanusi pls hear me very well arrest & prosecution doesn’t kill, rather it will only prove ur innocence or guilt.or is cecilia ibru, akinbola, el rufai,tafa balogun, bode George, Ibori & co dead. I have not heard of anybody killed by This govt or the past govt while he or she is under trial for financial crimes. So u can’t be an outlaw.

  12. Bird man

    What goes around will come around, wait and see, he ran to APC court, if i may ask what party do u belong to?

  13. Ceo Noneto

    Preco that is Nigerians for u,white man wil say in Nigeria anytin can happen in her so called democrazy!

  14. marc

    The question that really concerns me is this—-
    Does the president have the power to unilaterally suspend the CBN chief ?
    If he does then there is a problem. Nigerians have a natural proclivity for dictatorship and autocracy.That’s why the human right of gays are currently being viotated in that country. The senate should be involved in such an omportant decision.

  15. celestine segun

    We all shd know that nigeria has been corrupt ever since,and it takes time to rebuild ,especially a nation with high density people with different tribal,ethnic groups and languages.,however, a civilian president can not wake up one morning to stop corrupt nation like nigeria with a lot Generals and blood suckers.,for me I think his treasury is leaking and he needs to do some thing about it.,am glad he has shown up with a step,we all know how sanusi is doing both outside and inside the country,donation of money to different parties and gangs.Goodluck,well done job.

  16. Ade

    Well, l know that God Almighty in it’s infinite mercy will liberate us from problem of ethnicity and religion sentiment one day.

    The day we see ourselves as one is the end of Nigeria problems,this people in government are lavishing our money to the detriment of 99% of Nigerian and we are still supporting their gross misconduct after we see one brave individual that has used his position to call a spade a spade.

    Pls let’s shun ethnicity and religion sentiment to move this country forward .

  17. mtok

    Thunder go fire any one who fires Sanusi come 2015.

  18. Anonymous

    Well, l know that God Almighty in it’s infinite mercy will liberate us from problem of ethnicity and religion sentiment one day.

    The day we see ourselves as one is the end of Nigeria problems,this people in government are lavishing our money to the detriment of 99% of Nigerian and we are still supporting their gross misconduct after we see one brave individual that has used his position to call a spade a spade.

    Pls let’s shun ethnicity and religion sentiment to move this country forward .

  19. celestine segun

    ?every day for the thief one day for the owner..The law of karma is real,what a shameful acts and on ur brother el-rufai ,he shd know that he will soon be brought to book for the demolition made by him during obj regime,very soon and soonest fools,I wish am in a position to pass jail sentence,I could have sentences sanusi for looting,as he did to others yrs ago,may almighty God bless GEJ.well done job.

  20. Preco01

    “from the foregoing, it is evident Nigerians are generally not intelligent people, it is evident our people are ignorantly living in darkness. No citizen of a civilised and functional society would support the stupidity inherent in Sanusi’s removal. The worst of our problems is that Nigerians including most of the people commenting here are not aware of their mental emptiness. Pity.” – Okey Ugwuada Ezirigwe.

  21. Prince Iboads

    I thing is the fundamental right of Sanusi to fight for its right since he has not be guity of the allegation. Lets here him out and forget about story and i believ that all NIGERIANS are thief including our Oga at the Top.

  22. Kemi

    Let us look before we leap.we re shifting the whole blame on sanusi.what about the so called nnpc who has no record that is up to date.let me tell you that sanusi is a man worthy of emullation.his being able to keep record that is up to date is something.why cant NNPC be called for questioning why sanusi alone.why?

  23. Truesage Idowu

    I have long canvassed for this mad man from Kano to be removed from office and I give God the glory that he was finally dumped yesterday. My next prayer which the Federal Government must propagate is that;
    (i) The law court should declare null and void all the banks that Sanusi sold off at give away price to his cronies.
    (ii) AMCON should be scrapped.
    (iii) All debtors whose debts were written off unduly “most of whom are cronies to Sanusi like Senator Bukola Saraki” should be made to pay back those debts. All the erstwhile sacked CEO’s of Oceanic Bank, Intercontinental Bank, BankPHB, AfriBank, Union Bank, FinBank etc must come and tender reports of the state they left those banks. Likewise all the CEO’s that Sanusi appointed to ruin the assets of these banks and by a way doing the bidding of Sanusi to takeover the banks should be arrested and probed.
    (iv) All the monies misappropriated, stolen by Sanusi when he was Governor of Central bank must be recovered otherwise Sanusi should be put in prison for a very long time. I would even have preferred if he was executed by hanging for financial crimes.
    Lastly NNPC, NPDC, PPPRA and the ministry of Petroleum must be probed and the necessary change and restructuring made.

    1. Anonymous

      Good talk Idowu

  24. Ade

    Sanusi is another Nollywood cast. he should not be taken serious. he that leaves in a glaas house must not thrown stones. he has suceeded in turning himself to a tin god instead of focussing on CBN MATTERS. possibly he thought to be a CBN gov is the same as a state gov. he must answer his query. you will go where you sent your colleagues, the akingbolas an d ibrus. lousy man…

  25. Ojiugo

    D problem we’re truly having is dat our president is tall 4 nothing. He should’ve removed Sanusi a long time ago.

  26. Lord Mo

    From the circumstances surrounding his ouster, if he did not seek the protection of the court, the cabals would hunt him down like animal. He exposed them and they are so bitter about it. He is always smarter than them. However, that doesn’t prevent them from investigating him and if the need be, charge him to court. If U aren’t an exremist, Nig. Is the best country to live on earth cos, everyday, there’s an interesting drama to watch.

  27. Ahmed

    Hahahahaaaaa Jonathan and his supporters don buy market! He not even solve his budget problem with national assembly now he is creating a new litigation. PDP lawyers should get ready for restless litigation. Jonthern may be impeached before 2015

  28. I.A

    Stop chatering, our ex-CBN gov.must be innocent and go to free inspite of his responding to the oil sector and their indecency of money mongering. sanusi was the man of incorruptible character n chaming that his endearvor is well conducted in-and-outside the bank’s sector. God bless him abundantly again n again, ameen.

  29. Joseph becky

    All of u shld go to hell… Sanusi was suspended because he opened the ass of the petroleum minister so what is the fuse all abt. I urge him to go to court to challenge his suspension and Jonathan shld br ashamed of himself for not having d will to suspend Odua and many others in his cabinet. Am ashamed to have come from same state with this subservient and weak president

  30. DAT

    Sanusi is more of a politician than CBN Governor. He has capitalized on the enormous power and a nearly immunity in CBN Act which has made the CBN Governor as almost as powerful as the President. Let him challenge his suspension in court with the lawyers and APC that are deceiving him. I agree with Abati that suspension is not the same as removal. He is still an employee of CBN until his tenure expires but he can not go back to the office. Soludo became a politician after leaving office, some of us were surprised because he did not show any iota of someone who is interested in politics while in office. He did not allow his personal interest to conflict with his responsibility as CBN Governor unlike Mr arrogant loud-mouthed religious and ethnic bigotry Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

  31. DAT

    When Sanusi ordered the arrest of Mrs Ibru and Akingbola and seized their travelling documents, their human right is not been trampled upon then, now nemesis is catching up with him and now he is making noise. The judge and the lawyers are APC members that is why he stayed in Lagos. Let the Government also go to Abuja and vacate the order as suggested by Preston Laye.

  32. DAT

    When Sanusi ordered the arrest of Mrs Ibru and Akingbola and seized their travelling documents, their human right is not been trampled upon then, now nemesis is catching up with him and now he is making noise. The judge and the lawyers are APC members that is why he stayed in Lagos. Let the Government also go to Abuja and vacate the order as suggested by Preston Laye.

  33. Anonymous

    Comfirmed Boko Haram in government!

  34. Maduabuchi

    is his conscience not clean? y fear of arrest

  35. Timothy Omo

    Sanusi exposed a secret, he is suspended na wa ooo. Anyway, let the secret that will restore intercontinetal Bank be revealed

  36. i pledge nigeria

    I wonder who we prefer between a whistle blower and a financial virus regardless of the personality.The message or the personality?

  37. Preston Laye

    The government should vacate the order, it’s a black market order gotten from pliant judge.

  38. siny

    Too much 4 an administration too much blood and corruption

  39. Preston Laye

    There is no court on this land, that will stop the security agency from doing their work.This APC court can play politics with the serious allegations of corruption agsinst this malam.The government should move in an vacate the order.

    1. Rancho

      Yes. Buba is APC and northern Judge.Expect nothing from himthan anti govt. judgment.

  40. jerry ofure

    Why should Sanusi in a glass house be throwing stone

  41. Anonymous

    Coward!!!!!! Why do you run to court for “safeguard”? You should be shooting from both sides of your mouth, IDIOT. The noise and heat-up you generated in the polity is just of recent because your time was up to make yourself relevant in the mind of the minions. It is all politics and to be relevance.
    Was EEL rufal making so much of this noise when he was demolishing peoples’ hard-earned empire as Minister of FCT? No. I blame the masses that could not read between the lines.

  42. Kayode Micheal

    Oh! Oh!!
    He was glad to send others to jail at inception.Why should he be afraid to face the same.
    Useless man.

  43. kcee

    How come Stella hasn’t been arrested.

  44. James Obiora

    Why is he scared if his hands are clean. These guys are worst than GEJ.

  45. Michael Jolayemi

    I do not think we need to add this noise to already jam-packed noisy society. Sanusi does not need to be arrested. If the government has any charge against him, they should take him to court. We cannot afford to increase the noises of the politicians. What we have is more than enough.

    1. paul

      Same useless SANUSI who said yesterday he is not afraid to go prison that all he asked for is the prison address now the prison address is about to announce he is already afraid and the bastard mallam useless muslim judge granted his request.

      The judge must be suspend very soon like coward salimi ayo tinubu recruited monkey judge.

      1. ade

        Useles paul every1 knows dat jona is takin comand from fomer drug baron who turns to pastor & bcome CAN president. Muslim wil never apoint such person as a their leader.

  46. New Nigeria

    Please this man sponsor BH. Please visit:

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