comes under brutal attack

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The management of wishes to inform loggers to our site that the difficulties they have been experiencing in accessing the site the past two weeks were caused by hackers who launched some “Brute Force” attacks against us.

We do not know for sure why these cyber-crazy heads chose the popular Nigerian site.

But what we found suddenly was the deleterious effect of the attack: that they made it difficult for us to even do the simplest of tasks: upload stories and photographs. They were also responsible for the near crash of the site.

“Unlike some attacks that focus on software vulnerabilities, brute-force points directly to the simplest method to access a site by using usernames and passwords, repeatedly, until it gets inside the security of the website. Such attacks are actually directed, towards the weakest link of the site by attacking admin login repeatedly until they can enter or cause the server to crash,”, explained our technical team, based in Germany

“Due to the nature of these attacks, the server would often have high memory consumption thereby causing performance problems. This is because the amount of http requests (the number of times someone visits your site) is so high that the server would exhaust memory.”pmnewslogo

“This sort of attack is not endemic to our site, it happens with every web app out there, but our site is is popular and thus a frequent target”, he added.

The technical team have been able so far to exorcise the demons the hackers implanted on the site and taken several security measures to avoid a repeat.

We hope that the worst is over as we make efforts to offer our loggers breaking and useful news.

We thank you all for your endurance and patience.



  1. friday88

    welcome back PM News I missed you

  2. Uche


  3. ashabe p ashabe

    I’m one one of biggest victim of this wick and heartless criminals.they have invaded my newspaper and my inmail adress since april 2o13,deleted all my contents,making it difficult for me to do anything about the site

  4. Anonym

    @Suny Lulu
    “….OBJ’s harsh regime!”. This man is evil to humanity. From his family, farm, village, clan, .., to heaven. He is so admired in Hell.

  5. Suny Lulu

    Kudos and thanks to the PM News management for this update. It is timely as I had been wondering why some important news items had not been published till now, e.g Segun Okeowo’s sad demise, the latest news on our national confab, etc. Okeowo remains an icon and a giant even in death. He contributed much to the emancipation of the country’s students unionism and should be immortalized by NANS, e.g, erecting his bust at Unilag and inaugration of annual commemorations! He led NUNS during OBJ’s harsh regime!

  6. Kid Liquid

    @Yamatos Did PM not say they have addressed the issue? Answer my question and stop dis your YamaYama talk, as your name suggests.

  7. Yamatos

    @Kid. System hacking is a serious cyber attack that should not be handle with “kid glove” or “kid liquid” as your name suggests. If not checked,hackers can even implicate the the real publishers by posting increminating articles or news as if it were actually coming from web owners

  8. Kid Liquid

    @Yamatos…. Ethical ko, ethical ni. Shebi PM already mentioned that they have a technical team who have adress the hacking issue.

  9. Yamatos

    I think there are professionals called ethical hackers responsible for the protection of such important website such as pm news severs. Why not try engaging their services

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