5 docked over gay clubs and receiving US fund

Five men have appeared in court in the northern Nigerian state of Bauchi for allegedly forming a gay club, a court official said on Wednesday.

Abdul Mohammed, a clerk at the Bauchi state Upper Sharia (Islamic law) Court, said four of the men had pleaded guilty at a hearing on January 6, while the fifth denied the charge.

“They were arraigned by the Bauchi state Sharia Commission… following an allegation that they had formed a gay club and received $150,000 from the United States,” he said.

“The offence contravenes Section 133 of the Bauchi state Sharia penal code.”

Mohammed said the four men who pleaded guilty were aged 22, 24, 25 and 28 while the fifth, who denied the allegation, was a 47-year-old school principal.

All five were remanded in custody until the next hearing on January 23, he added.

The men were charged under Sharia law — which runs parallel to state and federal justice systems in the north — banning sodomy.

The offence carries the death penalty, although it is rarely, if ever, enforced.

Bauchi Sharia Commission chief Mustapha Baba Ilela said at least 12 people have been arrested on suspicion of breaking the law since the start of the year.

“All the accused were apprehended by the community, which is averse to homosexuality, and handed over to us,” he added.

“The suspects confessed to committing the act they are accused of without threat or inducement and we have the audio and written confessions.”

The case emerged after it was announced this week that Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan had signed a bill into law against gay marriage and civil partnerships.

The Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill 2013 imposes penalties of up to 14 years’ imprisonment for anyone found to have entered into such a union.

Anyone who founds or supports gay groups or clubs also runs the risk of a maximum 10-year jail term.

The legislation, which effectively reinforces existing laws banning homosexuality in Nigeria, has been widely condemned abroad as draconian and against a raft of human rights conventions.


  1. Mathias Hassan

    Friends, let us look at this matter a
    little bit beyond the parochial, narrow
    and restricted gay issue debate. Let’s
    widen the scope of the discussion. The
    in thing today is to excuse ourselves
    from taking responsibility for our
    wicked attitudes, actions and
    behaviours. It is always very
    convenient to blame others or some
    ‘unfortunate’ circumstance for the evil,
    warped and distorted humanity
    behaviours we have consciously
    chosen to do. Someone out there is
    blaming friends, parents, the ‘wicked’
    society or even GOD for making,
    encouraging or ‘pressuring’ him/her to
    engage in such sins as homosexual
    acts, premarital sex, addiction to drugs
    and other anti social behaviours that
    God in the Bible clearly condemns as
    sins. Read Romans 1:18-32. Many who
    commit such sins are vainly busy
    soliciting for sympathy from the public,
    the state and the law, claiming they
    are merely victims of circumstances
    beyond their control; that it is not their
    fault. They advance such familiar
    excuses as: if only God had not made
    me gay……, if only my father was not
    such an irresponsible man……., if only
    my mother had not abandoned me at a
    tender age which caused me to fall a
    helpless victim of the manipulations of
    wicked people.., if only my brother or
    uncle had send me to school after my
    father died…, if only I didn’t have such
    godless fellows as friends who pushed
    me into indulging in sex, drugs and
    every imaginable evil…., if only that
    unfortunate accident did not occur that
    has now left me in this pitiable
    condition…, if only…, etc, etc.
    Now circumstances like these, if they
    are indeed true, cannot be dismissed
    with a mere wave of the hands as
    situations that do not matter. Victims
    of such circumstances deserve the
    sympathy of everyone with a living
    conscience. However such situations,
    even in cases where they have
    occurred, are not strong enough for
    the God, the state and the law to
    absolve their victims from the demand
    of accepting responsibility for any evil
    action or behaviour they choose to do
    under such a guise. For anyone to
    engage in sinful acts that threaten not
    only the personal welbeing of the
    actor, but also the general society and
    the entirety of God’s order of creation
    under the guise of being a victim of an
    unfortunate circumstance, real or
    imagined, such acts must not only be
    condemned but should be totally
    rejected by any sane society that is
    guided by laws and order. The gospel
    truth is that excuses for indulging in
    wrong doings such as these, while they
    may appear, on the surface,
    reasonable and even convincing, in
    reality they are nothing but smoke
    screens for indulging the cravings of
    our reprobates hearts and minds.
    The truth is, no matter what your
    background or past experiences may
    have been like, IF YOU CAN STILL HAVE
    YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE whatsoever to
    indulge in any sinful or criminal
    Friends, it’s high time we all stop
    playing the shifting blame game and
    begin to accept responsibility for our
    sins of fornication, adultery, lying,
    stealing, cheating, demonic affections
    as lesbianisms, homosexuality, greed
    and corruption etc, because, believe it
    or not, ultimately God will judge us all.
    You that is doing these things and
    excusing yourself on the basis of some
    so called unfortunate background
    circumstance, real or imagined, you
    alone will be
    the one that will suffer the eternal
    consequences for your sins in Hell fire
    as God has already determined. So, my
    friend, wake up from your drunken
    stupor, there is fire on the mountain!
    You can be sure of this: on the day of
    judgement God WILL NEVER accept
    your excuses no matter how
    ‘reasonable’ or ‘philosophically
    sensible’ they may sound in your ears
    today. Because on that day the TRUE
    MOTIVES behind our present actions
    and lifestyles will all be exposed by the
    All Knowing God in his infinite power;
    yes, motives that we have become
    experts at hiding very deep within the
    inner recesses of our hearts from the
    public glare knowing that no one can
    read our minds. Well, on that day the
    Almighty Mind Reader will not only
    read them but shall also expose and
    punish you severely for them. And
    there will be NO hiding place for
    anyone irrespective of his sex and
    societal status – male or female, saint
    or sinner, president, king, or
    commoner, including the deceived and
    the hypocrites. We shall all stand one
    by one before the Judgement Throne
    of Christ that each of us might receive
    his reward for the deeds we are doing
    in this present life whether they be
    good or evil. The thoughts of all men
    will be revealed in their true colour
    that day. No one shall be able to
    escape the blazing, prying eyes of
    Jesus Christ as He pries into the inner
    recess of our hearts in search of the
    real motives that are driving us into
    doing the things we are doing in this
    present life. And He will NOT entertain
    any excuse from anybody either.
    Friends, beware!!!
    The only time and chance you have to
    amend your ways is TODAY AND NOW!
    So confess your sins now, repent and
    turn your life over to Christ today.
    Don’t let Satan or any evil philosopher
    deceive you with their evil
    philosophies. If you die in this state of
    sin the door of repentance will be shut
    against you FOREVER!
    Scaring, you say? Perhaps it is. But if
    that is what it will take to bring you
    back to your senses and make you
    repent and escape the fierce
    judgement of God, so be it. Friend,
    Hell Fire is no joke! It’s a real place,
    believe or not.
    If you are truly tired of your life of sin
    and desire God to forgive your sins and
    change you into a new person in
    Christ, I invite you to please pray this
    prayer of repentance with me and
    mean it with all your heart.
    Say: My God I agree with you that I am
    sinner and have not walked in the way
    that is pleasing to you. I have paid no
    attention to your commandments,
    ignored your instructions and lived
    very selfishly. But now I desire to turn
    my life over to Your Son, Jesus Christ. I
    believe that Jesus has paid the penalty
    for my sins through His suffering and
    death on the cross at Calvary. I believe
    that He rose from the death after
    three days as a demonstration of His
    victory over the power of sin, Satan
    and death. My God, I ask you to please
    forgive all my sins and cleanse me with
    the blood of Jesus. Today I receive
    Jesus Christ into my life to be my Lord
    and Saviour. I receive the presence of
    the Holy Spirit into my life. Now I
    declare by faith that I am born again
    and have now crossed from death to
    Life. Thank you, My Father, for saving
    me, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.
    God bless you

  2. PrinceOfGod

    What an irony? We speak out to prevent depravity & they say it’s infringement on human rights. They abuse humanity & call it pleasure. It is a profound exercise of human right when a segment of humans go mad & a sound segment restrain them. That’s why we have courts: humans judging humans. The gay community give humanity a bad name.
    When humans do what animals don’t do, then you know we have a big problem on our hands. My main problem is the Nigerian government itself. Whoever started the discourse on gay marriages at the Senate should be suspected. No such thing ever thrives in Nigeria without the backing of someone in power.

  3. J.T.I.

    SR, please provide the names of these gay imbeciles. However, I don’t believe in them received $150,000 from the US. Most confusing is generalizing the said US; whether it is the government of the US or an individual in the US or a group in the US that gave the alleged money is still strange.

    The Sharia court should not waste time, their manhoods should be chopped off instantly, if found guilty.

  4. Bashir

    It is good that this gay issue should not be allowed to thrive in a society like that of Nigeria.

  5. Wale Omo Oba

    One begins to wonder if
    United States of America
    funds gay clubs in their country.USA should let us
    be; if man-to-man or woman
    -to-woman association suit
    USA government and its citizens good for them and their human right status

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