Banker Slices Hubby’s Penis With Knife

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•Mr and Mrs. Daniju when the going was good
•Mr and Mrs. Daniju when the going was good

The popular saying that hell has no fury than a woman scorned came to pass on Monday at the Surulere residence of a banker, Bimbo Ajetumobi Daniju and her gospel singer husband Olalekan Idowu Daniju when the woman allegedly took a knife and sliced her husband’s penis during a fight.

Bimbo, staff of a new generation bank in Lagos was said to have accused her husband of not taking care of her and their only child, Opeoluwa. The husband disagreed and while fighting, Bimbo allegedly seized her husband’s penis and sliced it with a knife. Bimbo denied using a knife but her fingernails to teach her husband a lesson on how not to treat a woman.

The ugly incident happened on Monday at their 99, Falolu Street, Surulere, Lagos, western Nigeria residence.

The matter was reported to the police at Surulere station and the woman was arrested.

In her statement to the police, Bimbo denied using a knife on her husband’s penis but her fingernails.

She was later released on bail when her husband insisted that he was not interested in pressing charges against her.

Trouble started on 16 December when the banker who is a staff of the Agege Motor Road branch of the bank, accused her husband who has just returned from the church, of failing to provide for the needs of the family and leaving her to do everything. She also accused him of being selfish and uncaring.

She reportedly shouted at Olalekan who was eating and when he didn’t answer, poured his plate of food on his head. She took a bucket found in the room and smashed it on his head. This resulted in fighting.

Their neighbours separated them and Olalekan went to his sister’s shop to seek refuge but not done yet Bimbo allegedly followed him there and threatened to stab him with a broken bottle.

Relatives and neighbours, it was gathered, intervened and pleaded with the couple to give peace a chance but the couple continued to live like a cat and mouse.

Madam Kehinde Daniju, sister of Olalekan told P.M.NEWS that when her brother ran to her for help, she had to call their mother and other relatives to settle the matter for them in the family house they lived.

She explained that Bimbo’s mother who also lived around the area came and told her daughter not to accept reconciliation until Olalekan got a job. She blamed the couple’s constant disagreement on Olalekan’s refusal to get a job.

When she was leaving she took along the couple’s only son, Opeoluwa Daniju.

This did not go down well with Olalekan who ordered his wife to go to her mother’s house and bring his son before 8 p.m. or there would be trouble.

It was said that Bimbo left the house before 8 p.m and returned 30 minutes later without Opeoluwa.

This resulted in another round of fighting during which neighbours and relatives intervened again to separate them.

Narrating his story, Olalekan said he woke her up on Sunday to ask what she would be wearing to the church so that he could iron it but she didn’t reply.

“ I picked up my son’s cloth, ironed it, bathed him, had my bath and left both of them at home and went to church. In between the service, I came home to check on them and I met her cooking, I even joked that thank God there’s something for them to eat.

sliced pennis
sliced pennis

“I went back to church and after the service I was I hungry I bought bread and beans to eat and as I got inside, my boy told me he also wanted to eat bread and I gave it to him.

When she learnt that I gave the boy bread, she said I didn’t bother to ask her where she got money to prepare the rice that she ate and she started calling me several unprintable names.

“I responded again and this time it was a huge mistake. She just came near me, carried the plate of beans and pour the food on my head. She held my tie shouting and cursing me at the same time. I managed to extricate myself from her grip and ran out. She nearly suffocated me with the tie. She pursued me and broke a plastic bucket on my head but I continued to run. She picked up a bottle, broke it and threatened to stab me with it. This is a woman that is about five month pregnant.

“I ran to my sister’s shop and tried to involve her but she stayed out of the matter because they all know that she is rude, stubborn and violent. There was a day she and her brothers came here with thugs from Ojuelegba they wanted to beat up everybody here. She has chased me on the street with all sort of dangerous things. I don’t really know what she wants to achieve with all this but that day, her mum came, my mum’s sister came also and they tried to resolve the whole thing.

“I saw my mum’s sister off and before I came back, my mother-in-law had taken my son away and I was like we are trying to solve one issue and you are trying to cause another problem. I told her that if by 8p.m. that evening my child is not back home, she would not find it funny.

“I said that to make her know that I was serious but she said that there’s nothing I can do. She left the house before 8p.m. and came back 30 minutes later without my son. She took her bath and went to sleep I went to my sister and told her I am going to my mother-in-law’s house to get my child but my family ask me not to go there. At that time, I was tired, confused and hungry. I picked up my laptop but while I was trying to watch a movie I fell asleep in the sitting room.

sliced pennis
sliced pennis

“She woke me up at about 2a.m.. I was in a pair of boxer shorts. She told me that it is either I kill her or she kills me and within seconds she had torn my shorts. This was not surprising anyway as she had torn many of my clothes in the past. She said ‘I am going to kill you this morning. You think I am joking’. The whole thing happened so fast I just felt her hand in holding my penis, and the next thing was blood flowing. I started shouting and crying for her to take me to the hospital.

“She said ‘hospital ke, that’s where you are going to die today’ and that was the last time I saw her. I don’t know how she left the house at that time of the night. She changed her clothes, took a big bag and left, only for us to see her two days later at the police station.

There and then, I decided I cannot continue living with her, she could just decide to put poison in my food and kill me one day.

“It’s only a person that’s alive that can explain anything. She could just poison me and cook up a story just like she did at the police station where she told the police officers that I woke her up at 2a.m. and started hitting her, almost beating her to death and the officers clapped for her for a lovely story. The officers asked how come I did all that and she had the strength to run away and she didn’t run to the hospital, that is, someone that was almost being beaten to death should go to the hospital and there was no doctor’s report. The person you injured brought his own medical report, we could see that the injury was bandaged.

“The officers told her that there’s no mark on her to signify being beaten, she replied that she didn’t go to any hospital because there was no mark on her she also claimed that she didn’t use any knife but that she used her fingernails to scratch my penis,” he said.

Efforts to speak with Bimbo at her mother’s home proved abortive as our reporter was prevented from talking to her.

—Jamiu Yisa


  1. moore

    Evil bimbo. She attends redeem church on her street at Falolu there. Ecobank worker

  2. femi

    The most painful and disgraceful part of it is BOTH are members of REDEEMED XTIAN CHURCH OF GOD and WORKER.and the DEVIL herself is a staff of the new generation bank…..Secondly, the mother of the devil should be blamed for all these……eh,devil,you are a disgrace to womanhood,your organisation should terminate your appointment with immediate effect…..

  3. idiahoke

    Even though I am a lady still let’s call a spade a spade and have a close examination on this matter.on a scale of 1-100.The woman is 70 percent at fault cos she acted each time on her temper and not on thought BUT also d man is 2 be blamed .Every man should know that he is d head and as such know the duty invested upon him 2 be called a HUSBANDand a FATHER ffor that matter .ahhhhhhh ah biko guys

  4. solo

    Mr husband, always wear ten boxers to bed if not, one day your madam go give you roasted-penis sandwich and its when you chop finish you will see say you don chop your own abunna!

  5. much talk

    If the she goat doesn’t want the penis to produce again, she should first use the knife and remove the work in progress inside her womb.

  6. Kaye Abanikonda

    Just imagine this woman is laid off at the bank where she works, what next step could she possibly take to compensate her firing; @Anonymous is right, this woman should not be granted any visa to travel abroad, she must be confined in “ARO_Mental _Home ” at Abeokuta for emergency rehabilitation. Were is always were.

  7. ademide

    Divorce her sharp sharp no story, u jus came out of a lions den.

  8. 247 nigeria News update


  9. yackz

    consult ur pastor nd pray harder.thanGod for ur life.

  10. Anonymous

    Either she cooked rice or not, how can you eat at home without providing for your family? Even if it was two grains, you should have share id. She was cooking rice, you went to buy beans and bread; starving a woman under your own pregnancy? You never mentioned inviting and she declining.youajppearl to say the least irresponsible men. But no excuse was good enough for larcerating you. What was your motive inbuying beans and excluding her? How long had she been bearing the burden of your slothfulness. If your Church does not change you, change your church.

  11. muyis

    This generation no longer produce real parents, so sorry to say cos am part of the generation. No tolerance. Marriage is the sweetest institution of learning if handle properly and most difficult if not look into. Its a game of 2 unknown trying to study one another. A game i will call Wallnut.

  12. Anonymous

    If any embassy gets this name, she would be denied a visa for ever; except for wild-life purpose, where they need a rare specie of untamed beasts. She would also be most unfit for ANY good job. Some doctors at home may hire her to perform various cut-offs and cut-into surgeries;if they are ready to pay dire consequences and compensations. But tell me, who gave birth to this animal called woman? May God heve mercy on her. For a balance, we need her own version of this story, to avoid the pit-fall of a one-sided story.

  13. tobah

    I have gone through some comment here and observed that personalty was placed first. Marriage is understanding, you can’t place money,beauty,sex as a yardstick for marriage pple should understand different between marriage and friendship. I can say this woman need deliverance including her mother. How can a woman raise her hand against her home,just because of money it is shameful. They need to sit them down and ask them if they want to be together. Marriage is not a do or die affair. It is only the living who can ask for forgiveness and change.I want ask a question, how much is the salary of a banker? If u can be working in a bank and behave like this, what if you are working in oil company, then ur hubby should be a kidnapper, poltician or oil bunker, that will be the only pple that can pay your bill. Woman think. A lot of ladies with good earning are outside their looking for husband. The man should examine himself money has time. The man should think ” bi emi ba wa, ireti n be” if the woman is not ready then, I may recomend a leave for her so that she can have time ti think, and for the boy, if she want to go with him let it be,when time comes every will be in order.

    1. ayo

      Tobah,be together ke? Yoruba say, “iku tosini fila,kaama dupe”.There is no going back in this kind of situation.She has just slept in her bed as she laid it.Opari!

  14. Anonymous

    She should be caged and sent to any Zoo of her choice to meet her peers, without delay. She earned it; she deserves it. That is the right habitat for her specie.She is wild enough and far beyond taming. I suggest she goes to the Tiggresses to populate the depleting stock.A great mistake she had been harbored among human beings for so long. She did not even display the trait of a human being, except for dressing probably forced on the beast.

  15. Kaye Abanikonda

    The Lagos State District attorney should arrest this woman unconditionally for “MANSLAUGHTER”; the intention for this woman to harm, and possibly killing have been established; she is a cold blooded murderer.

  16. Anonymous

    Her employers and peers had better beware. This lady should just be joined to that guy deposed in Akure Dare Adepoju. Ashes and knives/ nails and fisticuffs will flow freely

  17. lekan skills

    Laziness is not d word here bcos I was doing vry well b4 I married her ok, even as I dnt have a job now I still take her to wrk with my car every morning n give her money but its jst dat wen u married a woman dat hardly appreciate any thing u do its hard to satisfy. LEKAN SKILLS

  18. mike

    You can show your manhood to the whole universe, to me you are a lazy idiot who does not deserve to be pity at all. If i were the police i will arrest you to be a lazy idiot who married for the wife to be providing for him in the name of Jesus.

  19. mike

    Why would a man get married when he knows he does not have a job or means of providing for a wife or kids. This man deserves what he got from this woman.

    1. Agnes

      @Mike, don’t forget that the woman knows he has no job before consented to marrying him. So why did she not insist on him getting job before marriage?The woman has a job and after marriage the two shall become one, while it is not an ideal thing for her to take up the responsibility entirely they can still work thing out and live peaceably. while he looks for job.The man has not done badly, since he cannot provide he decided not to eat from what she cooked instead get what to eat on his own.This is wickedness as wicked as your comment. I thank God for my marriage.

  20. oluolamide

    What it takes to build a home or Marriage is not love,Money or Sex…is understanding,the both couple lack my opinion they should seek help from a marrige conselor,you man,you need to man up get some thing doing remember if u can provide for ur home u worst than an infidle,Women total submission is required of you,thank God you now a mother how will you feel if this is happening to your son…both Husband & wife please go for retrite God can mend the broken home If He can make a way where there seems no way…just belief(lay your hands on books like Power of a praying woman,Dignity of a Manhood,what every man want in a woman etc)

  21. muna

    The mother inlaw should distance herself from this marrige to work out, and the couple should go for deliverance for their marriage to succeed and be peaceful.

  22. ojay

    Haba PM news! what have u turned journalism into?

  23. Oloye Fadipe Olowolayemo

    that’s the reason why I don’t date Yoruba women, they are so full of evil thought like doing juju or being a witch. I am a Yoruba man, that just prove me right all along that Yoruba women are diabolical as hell…

    1. Helen Samuel

      There is nothing wrong in dating Nigerian woman, you cannot categorized everyone because of one person suffering from Schizophrenia. She is suffering from a mental disorder that makes it hard to tell the difference between what is real and unreal, think clearly, and manage emotions. She need to seek help without delay. Early symptoms of this disease is often seem eccentric,unfortunately their loved one , just didn’t know.

    2. ayo

      Stupid conclusion! Human is human.We can be good or bad.

  24. Ozzy

    Getting a decent job in this country is quite a challenge. I very well agree with BANKY’S take on this issue. Most female bankers are morally bankrupt. They have no respect or regard for divine mandate. She is definitely a product of her mother and the one eyed woman in a blind family.

  25. Excobal

    PM News, you are not doing well in showing the man manhood to the public. you need to be professional in what you are written and pictured to the public. the man should sue you for this unprofessional publication

  26. Rashidi

    what a good man u r n may the lord who gave you
    that mind set not to place charges against her give you quick recovery. to me I think the enemy want to destroy that family n all they need now is prayers from all of us.

  27. kukunma

    divorce her

  28. Banky

    If u take statistics, u will find that few female bankers make good wives. Most of them are arrogant and do not submit to their husband because of what they earn.Woe betides such a husband who earns less than his wife. Some of them are no better than prostitutes in their desperate bid to meet targets. They have no time to tend to their domestic duties and their poor spouses are at the receiving of their arrogance, frustration and tension. Can u imagine that a woman who is supposed to belong to the fairer sex will be so bestial and demonised as to want to cut off her hubby’s penis. She is not fit to be called a woman. She is a mad vixen. She deserves to put away from decent society.

  29. omo

    oga dey chop beans, madam toto too wan chop you for give the toto chop first, b4 u start to chop your bread and beans.

  30. omo

    oga dey chop beans, madam toto too wan chop you for give the toto chop first, b4 u start to chop your bread and beans.

  31. omo

    oga dey chop beans, madam toto too wan chop you for give the toto chop first, b4 u start to chop

  32. opc

    This guy should divorce the woman asap otherwise, she is going to slit his throat one day while sleeping.

  33. Arise O Compatriot!

    I think the woman or both of them need deliverance.

  34. udoetok

    I wish him speedy recovery. It’s quite unfortunate it happen. please keep distance for now, you may not be lucky next time. get well soon. cheers.

  35. Arise O Compatriot!

    Why has your pastor or leaders in the church never been involved except your family members?

  36. ola

    Where are the women now? i know none of them will say anything or probably they will say all men are the same. Here is a thug called herself banker, probably she got the job through back door.With her profession she supposed to be emulated by the people around her but the case is otherwise.
    No wonder Yoruba adage says ‘ Ka ni aya re ko dabi kani ana rere,(having a good inlaw is better than having a good wife) The wife family background should be looked into, if her father is alive is he living with the mother, if he is dead how does is died should be investigated.

  37. john

    PM news please kindly confirm if the thing can still function and report your findings back to us

  38. ennysmart

    @pm news who ever edict this news lack morality,how dare you display the victim’s private part? He or she should be dancing cause its Nigeria nobody is ready to sue anybody

  39. king

    Ugo, U are disgraced to human kind for U saying that kind of rubbiish to the man that his manhood Is almost cut off because Is jobless and what happened to him will surely happen to you one day

  40. Erin

    ….Oga oooo!!! Her virgina and breast should be sliced into pieces too.

  41. adeyeri oladeni

    Thank God, the woman did not cut his manhood, what a wicked woman?.

  42. Rational

    Violence from any side in a relationship is condemnable. Marriage is for better for worse. Was the guy employed before wedlock or did he lose the job afterwards? Lack of money usually brings a lot of tension to marriages and I appeal to the man to pls seek paid employment while he pursue his passion for music. It seems music currently brings nothing to the table. Meanwhile the wife should go for counselling, spiritual and professional to curb the violence in her. This is a young couple and everything possible should be done by all to avoid the collapse of the marriage. Sorry man. Forgive your wife, pull her to yourself, seek employment and re ignite the passion that initially brought you together. Thank God the instrument can still deliver. Love conquers all.

  43. revolutinary answer

    I don’t understand this kind of love, if you guys can’t. live together in peace, then you shouldn’t be together. my take on this is that if you guys can’t prove you are meant to complement each other and be of great assistance and friend then you should go your separate ways before someone loose his or her life .ok. adults behaving like school kids . make up and break up affairs is unhealthy for your child and it wont help you both . I wonder where you both met each other I suppose is club or on bus or bukka . marriage shouldn’t be do or die

  44. Ugo

    Thank your God that you are still alive is very difficult for a woman of her kind to provide the major contributions at home and still be respectful to her husband. just do your best to get a job and feed your family, carry the major responsibility of your family and always do your best in resolving your family challenges with your wife and avoid taking them to family relatives

  45. Godwin

    PM News, you need not show the picture of that man’s ‘thing’. Haba! Are you presenting an exhibit to the public? The man should sue you people for ridiculing him in the public domain like this.


    I dont know what stupid love you have for this animal called SHE. being an applicant is not a sin God’s time will surely come but you need to be alive to work. Send that devil away pls

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