Ayorinde Oluokun/Abuja

Nigeria unveiled its own drone on Tuesday, appropriately named “GULMA,” (Hausa word for gossip).

The unveiling was done by President Goodluck Jonathan at Nigeria Air Force base in Kaduna, North central Nigeria

The unmanned aerial vessel was designed and constructed by the Nigeria Air Force (NAF) in collaboration with other local institutions. The President described the launch of the UAV as a ”landmark moment” in Nigeria’s history.

He also supervised the winging of 11 locally trained UAV pilots at the occasion.

Jonathan unveils Nigeria's own drone

Jonathan unveils Nigeria’s own drone

”Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, with a deep sense of pride and accomplishment, I now unveil the Nigerian-made Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, also known as GULMA,” President Jonathan said at the occasion.

”Considering the potential impact of its benefit and versatility, I cannot but say, how proud I am of the men and women of our Armed Forces.

“Apart from their commitment to the protection of our sovereignty, they are helping to keep our nation ahead in military science and technology and to keep their civilian counterparts, on their toes,” the President said.

”In the year past, we have launched the first indigenous combat vessel, developed by our Navy, and various Armoured and operational vehicles developed by the Nigerian Army.

To all of you, I say thank you. Your collective efforts have opened a new vista of innovation and opportunity for our nation,” he added.

Analysts believe the UAV would be deployed to monitor the activities militant Islamic sect, Boko Haram, which has been operating in the rugged mountains and forests of Nigeria’s North east.