Road block dismantling slashes police corruption, says IG

Abubakar, left, with his men

The Inspector General of Nigerian Police, Mr Mohammed Abubakar, said the dismantling of roadblocks has reduced corruption in the police by 80 per cent. He did not say how he arrived at the figure, but justified it by the sacking of ‘thousand of policemen’ for corruption offences.

Abubakar, spoke when he presented the Nigerian Police Force Scorecard in Asaba on Saturday.

In his view, corruption thrives in the country because the people want to cut corners and are desperate.

He said obeying the law helps to reduce bribery and corruption, adding that the force was making efforts to transforming the Nigerian Police for the better.

The inspector general of police called for partnership with other agencies and the general public, while condemning those who applaud criminals for committing crime.

Abubakar, left, with his men
Abubakar, left, with his men

“The essence of roadblocks is for a temporary arrest of crime and as soon as this is done it is dismantled, this is the situation in other countries of the world. Removing roadblocks in Nigeria has reduced corruption in the police by 80 per cent. The police is a member of our society, therefore, we need the people’s support for the police to succeed in the task of crime fighting,’’ he said.

The IGP said the police was partnering with sister agencies to achieve the organisational goal of providing security for Nigerians.

He said the police had purchased no fewer than 2000 vehicles and some helicopters for crime fighting.

He also said arrangement was on to procuring at least two helicopters for each of the six geopolitical zones to help police fight crimes.

Abubakar said the partnership was yielding result, adding that despite the challenges of Boko Haram in the North, kidnapping, armed robbery and other related-crime had reduced.

He commended the officers and men for providing adequate security during elections in Delta, Edo and Anambra.

He also spoke on housing programme for policemen.

He said the police would complete 2,250 housing units for officers and men by the end of December.

“We believe that the officers and men of the Police Force should have their own houses. By the end of this year, we will have completed a total of 2,250 housing units in Abuja for the officer and men of the force.’’

Abubakar said the force had secured a mandate to pull out of the general pension fund administration as it could now administer and operate its own pension funds.

The inspector general of police also said the force has secured the sum of five billion naira to operate its own mortgage bank.

“We also ensure that our officers and men are insured because of the challenging job they do. When we assumed office, 100,000 were not promoted to next levels, but as we speak, 75,000 of them have been promoted.
We are currently working toward promoting the remaining 35,000 to their new ranks,’’ he said.

He urged the officers and men to be obedient, respect the right of the people and the law.

Abubakar said the challenge of unemployment, poverty and the widening gap between the rich and the poor were some the factors contributing to the rising crime wave in the country.

“These factors make it difficult for people to see what the Nigerian Police is doing to check crimes in the country,’’ he said.


  1. U dismantle oficers 4rom collecting bribes bt u deduct five thousand 4rm their salary. besides u removed road block and u pave way 4 ilegal movement arms 2 oda state

  2. Abubakar is perhaps the best thing to have happened to our police force in recent times. This is not difficult for anyone to see. More grease to your elbows and we pray that God will continue to guide you in your efforts to cleanse and stabilize the nation’s internal security machinery.
    On the Akobo, Ibadan station referred to above, of course those involved are simply blacklegs (or, whitelegs) accountable to no one! Let’s hope that the southwest zonal AIG will look into it and bring those involved to book

  3. Why take is that ig hv tried by doing so if to say other ig done such things by now we would hv a crimefree police. And sir pls makinde police in oshodi are always mounth road block just at under bridge airport road

    Sir is akobo police station in lagelu local government of Oyo state not under your control? Roadblock usually starts from 5am to 10am in the morning and 4pm to 10pm in the evening every day. They operate two check points, one at General Gas while the second one in front of the police station.
    Please sir kindly do something about the station that is tarnishing the good image of our police force


  5. Abubakar,
    People give bribes to policemen out of fear for their lives; policemen have been known to shoot and kill motorists who refuse to give bribes. What do you say to that?

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