ASUU strike: Senator Bagudu condemns ultimatum to lecturers

Senator Bagudu


As the ultimatum given to university lecturers in the country by the federal government to resume work or get fired expires on Monday, a member of the Senate Committee on Education, Senator Abubakar Bagudu, has said that issuing threat and deadline to the lecturers was not the best way to resolve the lingering ASUU strike.

Bagudu who spoke to journalists on Saturday during the burial of former ASUU President, Prof. Festus Iyayi at Ugbegun, Edo State, condemned the threat to sack the lecturers.

He also disagreed with those peddling conspiracy theories in the ASUU face-off with the federal government.

“I condemn all provocative statements from whomsoever. We are all Nigerians, ASUU members are Nigerians committed to the development of the Nigerian state. We have interacted with them, and they are committed to the upliftment of the education sector along with others who are also committed to the sector. So, issuing threat by whosoever is condemnable.”

Senator Bagudu
Senator Bagudu

He explained that the Senate Committee on education had been at the forefront in the last five months in the negotiation between ASUU and the federal government, adding that what the Senate had said at all times was that all Nigerians are all stakeholders in the education sector, whether as sons, parents, daughters or teachers.

Bagudu recalled that the Senate in a motion on the floor of the House, had addressed the issue and called for great show of maturity and statesmanship in dealing with the issues.

According to him, the Senate was now required to do more and will continue to do more, but the unfortunate death of Prof. Iyayi whom he described as a great Nigerian, slowed down the resolution of the ASUU crisis.

“But I can assure that the Senate and the Committee on Education will do their best to get this issue resolved,” Senator Bagudu, a former university lecturer said.


  1. ASUU please let reason prevail, if not for anything but for the sake of the values and the educational system ASUU is trying to protect, for the sake of our children, please let us suspend this strike. ASUU may not realize that it is joining others to destroy the educational system its trying to protect. Enough is enough and a word is enough for the wise.

  2. All they want is to see us (future leaders) down. They can keep knocking, but they can’t knock us down. G.T.H both of them

  3. Both Asuu and FG are walking. They don’t know were they are heading to, but they think they are on a right way.
    All they want is to see us (future leaders) down. They can keep knocking, but they can’t knock us down. G.T.H both of them

  4. Am so so fadup of all dis asuu shits , all am sayin is. Fuk asuu fuk fg and fukkkkkk eny pig in support of asuu or fg,cos de ar all de same or dnt u think so abeg make una chill dem nw wetin dem dey plan,and e never work so problem don bust out between dem And de don dey kill dem self 1 by1.dont wory una go still hear scores.


  6. Rubbish am a student and I am the one feeling the pain. Not asuu not FG a professor died nd so what do they know how many student have died at home. I keep saying if you are not part of the solution you re part of the problem both asuu nd FG are just behaving like kids

  7. if federal government fulfill all Assume demand, will lecturers stop extorting money from students, will the schools not increase their fees, will they stop selling marks to students, will the bribery during admission will end. these are the things we need to consider before blaming fg for his non implementation of Asuu demands. fg government is aware of all these things because someone of them were lecturers before they enter politics.

  8. Are we going to wait till eternity before this ASUU stuff go back to their paid duty? What is all these prejudiced support to the strike? Check it, all those spare heading the continuation of the strike have their wards either in the private universities or abroad. I fear how Nigerian politicize everything to the detriment of the average. Why is th staffs stiffing the necks of the future leaders. How was the situation of the school when they were students? Hypocrisy is leading here. Let us tell ourselves the truth.

  9. asuu or no asuu,I believe d best hands in d country r nt all lecturing,some of dis lecturers r jst fortunate b in d academics bt d fg too did nt do well bt asuu has taken it too far bt sacking dem is never a gud option

  10. Is professors bigger than the president and d nation? I suuported ASUU before but they are becoming too political wit dis. Fg has shifted ground what else do they want. D only tin stopping d suspension is egoism. Expecting a letter frm d fg dat d money has been paid when u can write to cbn and confirm. Let is b diplomatic and reason. Student are the 1 suffering and can’t b compensated for a whole 5 month getting to six month. Enough is enough and also must suspend d strike tomorrow. FG is ur employer and has met ur demand which is d goal of d strike. Negotiation can continue during academic sessions. Pls apply wisdom b4 it is too late!

    • As u a an edctd u have to cntnue sptng Asuu not d gvt, whats remne is sign by Antny Genar of d Fedratn, cf Justice n NLC Leader as witnes just ask d gvt to order them to sign

  11. Well said but U are one of people that causes asuu to be striking. Reduce your allowees and salaries and see what will happen to ASUU strike

  12. I wanna see what wud happen tmao cus i suspect d fg wud cum out very late today and say something regarding d strike,whether positive o negative its yet 2b seen.Nice work by d senate but keep pushing for an amicable conclusion.

  13. Thank you for your advise to the FG, Bagudu. Although that is one of the bad traits left behind by the military in Nigeria, must a civilian govt adopt such high-handedness? Where else have you heard politicians giving ultimatum to university professors to go back to classrooms, even in Africa? We have to get this clear, it doesnt belong to any civilized society.
    It will only lead to endless litigations and the total condemnation of the FG by all stakeholders for its overzealousness and authoritarianism.

  14. You are speaking as an educated responsible leader with high sense of responsibility and not like the sycophant touts in govt clothing.The likes of you will move Nigeria forward.

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