NGF urges Nigerians eschew docility, sycophancy

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The Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) led by Governor Rotimi Amaechi has appealed to Nigerians to eschew docility by participating more actively in politics and demanding better accountability and responsibility from their leaders.

The forum gave the advice in a communique issued at the end of a retreat in Sokoto on Saturday.

The NGF also emphasised the need to develop a National Security Framework for the country.

The communiqué said framework should include trans-national security cooperation, human security and environmental security.

Amaechi, centre, with some members of the NGF
Amaechi, centre, with some members of the NGF

It also seeks the evolution of a roadmap for pursuing the Nigerian dream and promoting and sustaining a people-centred approach to deepening democracy and federalism in the country.

“In view of the opaque nature of NNPC operations, we continue to insist on transparency in all facets of the petroleum value chain,’’ the communiqué said.

It reiterated the demand for State Police as a requirement of a federal system of government and a multi-level policing to improve on the security of citizens.

The communiqué also encouraged the promotion and protection of rights of marginalised groups, such as the physically challenged, through legislation by the National Assembly.

It emphasised good governance anchored on a framework of ethics, values and political morality to drive development with a view to leaving a durable legacy of democratic governance,

The document encouraged the involvement and participation of citizens, especially youths in governance as part of the legacy of democratic rule.

It stressed that governors would persist in efforts to ensure more effective devolution of powers to safeguard democracy and promote rapid development in the country.

It said this would be achieved through; “ amending ordinary legislation such as the FRSC Act, NIWA Act, Value Added Tax Act, Police Act and Federal Housing Authority ( FHA) Act, among others.’’

It further stressed the pursuit of diversification of the country`s economy to reduce dependency on oil.

It also emphasised the need to reinforce efforts at enhancing internally generated revenues to lessen states’ dependency on the centre as a way to strengthen federalism in the county.

The Communique was signed by Gov. Amaechi on behalf of other governors who form the forum`s membership.

The Sokoto retreat was attended by Governors of Sokoto, Rivers, Osun, Lagos, Ekiti, Nasarawa, Adamawa and Zamfara states.

Kwara, Kano, Oyo, Niger and Jigawa states were however represented at the retreat by their Deputy Governors.

Governors of Yobe, Borno, Edo, and Ogun states were not at the retreat.

Also at the retreat, were the Speaker House of Representatives Senator Aminu Tambuwal, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Sen Bukola Saraki, former EFCC boss Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and a former Chief Justice of the Federation Justice Mohammed Uwais.

In an opening remark at the retreat, Amaechi urged Nigerian leaders to make conscious efforts to address the myriad challenges facing the country.

“Nigeria is faced with lots of challenges which can only be overcome if her leaders make conscious efforts to do the right thing.This retreat is coming at the right time in our national life when we, as leaders, must live up to the expectations of the electorate,’’ he said.

He, however, condemned the level of sycophancy in the country, saying that the governors were aware that the development was inimical to efforts to ensure good governance and development in states.

He said that a situation where sycophants lauded non-performing leaders was not encouraging, adding that the development was somewhat responsible for the bad service delivery of some leaders.

The governor stressed the need to put in place some indices to evaluate the service delivery of those in government, adding that this would spur development across the country.

Amaechi, who thanked Gov. Aliyu Wamakko of Sokoto State for hosting the retreat, also commended him for the laudable development projects in the state.

“Peer learning is our major hallmark in the Forum and there is no doubt that we would learn a lot from Sokoto State,’’ he said.

Wamakko, in his welcome address, said that it was the responsibility of all the citizens to propel the country to a greater height.

“However, at this material time, those of us, who have the mandate of our people, should bear the full brunt of the country’s challenges and sacrifices,’’ he said.


  1. jamesons

    Question in my mind :
    What was the speaker of nigeria’s house of representative doing in the governors’ forum?
    Has he also become a governor?…
    With such scenario it can be seen that amaechi’s NGF is just one of several shadowy political splints being ‘set up’ by those who wrongly believe it is their birth- right to rule, with every possible and impossible attempts to make the country ungovernable if they dont…. amaechi is only a fry in the pan

    1. DAT

      Are you just knowing that Tanbuwal is an APC apologist? This is APC Governors Forum rather than Nigeria Governors Forum. Why would this been done in a day when Governorship election is being conducted in a State? Is the Anambra State Governor expected to abandon election in his state for a jamboree? Quite disappointed in the likes of Raji Fashola. He is losing support by the day. What were the likes of Baraje and Soyinka doing at such a jamboree? He should be an elder statesman but rather he is being political especiually when he is moving closer to his grave. What did he do with FRSC when he was there?

  2. jamesons

    Question in my mind :
    What was the speaker of nigeria’s house of representative doing in the governors’ forum?
    Has he also become a governor?…
    With such scenario it can be seen that amaechi’s NGF is just one of several shadowy political splints being ‘set up’ by those who wrongly believe it is their birth- right to rule, with every possible and impossible attempts to make the country ungovernable if they dont…. he is only a fry in the pan

  3. Sunny Akhigbe

    I agree with some of the resolutions from this retreat particularly those that touch on political docility, diversification of the economy, rights of physically challenged people etc. The poor attendance at the retreat shows that all is still not well with the NGF. Even if all the listed states in this report had their governors in attendance, they would have been 17 in all. If you ask me, this retreat was organised by and for Amaechi-led faction of NGF, no apologies!

    What was the revered professor, a noble laureate doing there; as a resource person or to help draft the communique? These days when Amaechi is distributing exercise books to school children in Port Harcourt Prof. Wole Soyinka is there. I am sure the professor is not broke and he would not want to be a private secretary to a governor. He should remember that many of us hold him in high esteem and would not want his reputation tarnished by Nigerian politicians.

  4. Suny Lulu

    The NGF’s advice to the nation should be taken very seriously.

    One, the governors there present are among those seen to be doing their level best in the interest of their respective states.

    Two, all the invitees are those that had variously served their fatherland positively at one time or another and totally devoid of any blemish. Take Uwais, jsc, as an example. In his days on the bench, he was one of the very few that brought lasting glory to the bench along side the likes of Kayode Eso, jsc and Oputa, jsc.

    We only wish the governors would continue to use it as an opinion generating and opinion sharing forum.

    Long life NGF!

  5. Tony Booth

    @ Paul, these men are really miserable. Thy are senior Boko haram… The First man from left just like one gorilla from Imo, while the first from Right looks like a kwashiorkor infected fool from Oshogbo in Osun. We only read all these from leaders. But they fail to put all these polished statements into practice. Looters they are in their respective states. What sycophancy are these feeble minded men talking about? Sycophancy was invented by Nigerian politicians as a tool to identify their loyalist or detractors… The kings, Pastors, and imam are the first in that category. They should stop what they can’t put into practical use.

  6. paul

    Miserable looking men they shall account for all the funds wasted on this self centre journeying.

    1. pmnews

      Mr. Paul, why do you relish bringing low the tone of discussion and commentary here. Your response here is grossly irrelevant to the serious issues that the NGF has raised: the culture of sycophancy and docility on the part of Nigerians. We can even add now the indecorous culture by Nigeria’s netizens, such as you.

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