APC wants Anambra poll cancelled, says it’s new low for INEC

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) has demanded a total cancellation of Saturday’s governorship election in Anambra State based on the massive disenfranchisement of people across the state, caused by the blatant incompetent and/or deliberate sabotage by the electoral commission itself.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Sunday by its Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed,the party said the call for total cancellation supersedes its early call for a rerun in four local government areas,and is based on the report it received from its agents as well as from local and foreign observers during the poll.

It said that INEC, which was saddled with organizing the election, inexplicably used a voters’ register that is totally different from what it gave to political parties ahead of the election, with the result that the new register did not contain the names of most of the registered voters in the state.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed: APC wants Anambra poll cancelled
Alhaji Lai Mohammed: APC wants Anambra poll cancelled

Worse still, APC said, delivery of materials to the stongholds of the APC candidate, Senator Chris Ngige, was either done very late or not at all, a development that further robbed over 300,000 of his supporters in three key local governments of Idemili North, Idemili South and Awka South of their franchise.

”After consultations with our agents as well as with local and foreign observers, we have discovered that what we earlier complained about was a child’s play, compared to the widespread disenfranchisement that was orchestrated by the same body given the responsibility of ensuring a free, fair and creditable election on Saturday.

”We discovered that INEC has set up a multi-layer arrangement to ensure that most voters in the state were disenfranchised, apparently acting out a script to manipulate the result of the election in favour of a certain candidate. Where voting materials were supplied, the commission provided wrong voters’ register.

”Coming after the charade in Delta, this is a serious development that raises questions about the ability of INEC to conduct a free, fair and transparent elections anywhere in Nigeria. It is particularly serious because if people who registered to vote are not able to do so, and even the votes of those who managed to cast them do not count, then anarchy is looming,” the party said.

It called for a probe of INEC to determine why it has taken it upon itself to sabotage its own elections, even when people are determined to endure the orchestrated inconveniences and shun all acts of violence, as was witnessed in Anambra on Saturday when people waited patiently and peacefully, only to go home in total disappointment.

”This is a new low for INEC, and unless something is done urgently, the electoral commission may plunge Nigeria into a crisis from which it may not recover,” APC warned.


  1. Nath

    Sentiment! What does it profit you to lie and eat up your tomorrow today,when you can invest it? I am not in support of anybody,let us all support one man one vote. I mean free,fair and credible election. Let us all remember that injustice to someone today is a threat to your justice tomorrow. I stand for d truth. Let Inec conduct a standard election and not a crooked one.

  2. Great Man

    Up APC, up Ngige. About 200,000 votes await APC/Ngige to reclaim in Idemili. APGA/Obi/Umeh and their gubernatorial stooge will certainly commit suicide. Ngige or nobody. The voice of the people must surely prevail, no matter the obsolete rigging strategies of INEC and APGA/Obi. Darkness and light can never co-habit. In God we trust, UP APC in the land of Ndigbo.

  3. Suny Lulu

    It is generally accepted that there can be no smoke without fire. That being so, there would not have been people clamouring for a cancellation if the electoral processes had been free and fair to all parties.

    Sadly and rather unfortunately, the electoral problem had started sooner than expected with the police arresting some delegates on trumped up charges of illegally possessing arms and ammunitions! And I am asking the police to tell us if it is possible to carry an arms cache all the way from osogbo to owerri undetected by law enforcement agents. If it is possible, then the country is no longer save for habitation.

    Next, the police proceeded to unjustly harass the deputy national secretary of the main opposition party, who as a citizen of this country and every one will agree, has every right to be anywhere at any material time doing whatever appeals to his sensibilities unmolested. I am expecting the APC to litigate this issue in order to drum some sense into the SSS men who carried out this illegality, except apologies are given by the leadership of that body.

    Then followed the usual inadequacies for which INEC is well known.

    If the country is serious about stamping out these irregularities, GEJ will take immediate action (I hear someone saying surgical operation) with regards to INEC. That organ is rather too important to the survival of our nascent democracy than to be ignored until it might be too late to do anything.

    No one must be surprised come the general elections in 2014, if INEC fails the nation as the portentous signs are there for all to see.

  4. Judgement Day

    The stage is now set, the coast is now clear, it is glaring, this nation is tending towards anarchy and the explosion will surely come with maximum casualties among the so called top politicians!!!

  5. DAT

    Whatever shortcomings from INEC affect all the candidates. You guys should stop crying wolves and support whoever wins and move your State forward. Tinubu may not be able to turn the judgement in favour of APC at the tribunal or Supreme Court. He may try if he wants to waste money, at least they are looted from our treasury.

  6. Jasper Matt

    What the INEC is doing in this countrys election is not good at all. Just in one state alone, that they cannot be able to conduct a free and fair election. Why did INEC have this bad mind against APC in anambra state?. Everybody knows fully well that if they conduct good election in anambra, APC must surely win. Please, i call on the federal govt to help matter and INEC chairman also to look into that situation in Anambra state.

  7. nurudeen akinyode

    It is sad that our people are still bent on paddy paddy stuff at the detriment of our general well being.From all indications,we all saw hicups at most venues.I was so busy following the election proceedings via AIT$TVC in which I knew something good couid not come out due to the gathered information from the media.Quite unfortunate almost every candidate complained bitterly, why?I pity we at the lower part of governance.GOD BLESS NIGERIA!That change will come…

  8. John John

    How I so wish that INEC would also get its acts together, so that nobody will point fingers at it again. I’m not saying APC is right but going by the typical Nigerian way, they won’t be ranting if there wasn’t an iota of messup from INEC. I just wonder what makes it so difficult to organise elections in one state alone. More importantly, I wonder what will happen at the General Elections!


    APC Ranting of shameful losers!!…. NOISE.BETTER ACCEPT YOUR DEFEAT….This is common wit APC. Always complaining whenever they experience defeat in an election. Anambra is not your Territory, rather, start making preparation on how to hold on to the states in your grip in the comming elections….
    ….APC are a bunch of bad losers,election is credible and fair only when your Party Wins,but rigged when you lose,by the way are you people seriously thinking you will win election in anabra state..?..

    1. paul

      God has punished TINUBU again and again.


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