Anambra poll a mockery of democracy, says Ngige

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Senator Chris Ngige, the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress has indicated that his party will challenge the outcome of the Anambra State governorship elections at the election petition tribunal.

He described the election yesterday as a mockery of democracy.

Ngige who spoke to newsmen at the Old English hotel in Awka said his followers were told to boycott the rescheduled elections in Idemili North.

Ngige accused the leadership of the Independent National Electoral Commission of systematically rigging the elections in favour of the All Progressives Grand Alliance.

Chris Ngige at a voting centre Saturday: says poll a mockery of democracy
Chris Ngige at a voting centre Saturday: says poll a mockery of democracy

Ngige who represents Anambra Central in the senate was bitter that voters in his stronghold were not allowed to cast their vote.

“The events of yesterday suggest that INEC has taken three steps backward. We don’t know if Iwu’s INEC is better. We are asking the commission to conduct elections in the 346 polling units and the election should not be held today,” he said.

Ngige was also vexed that the rescheduled election was held a day after the failed election. “If they go ahead to conduct the elections today we are not participating because today is Sunday. And holding the elections today is an affront on Christianity. They are conducting it today because they have a premeditated plan to announce the governor elect today.”

Ngige said that although he and his party had perceived that there would be rigging, they never imagined it would be meted out in such magnitude.

“We are not disappointed because we are used to it. But I weep for Nigeria considering that 2015 is fast approaching. All the fears we raised at the stakeholders forum, happened yesterday. In my strongholds and other parts of the state, there was manipulation of voters register, deleting of names, late arrival of materials among others,” he explained.

Ngige said he will go to tribunal as that is the only option.

“According to the electoral act the only option in the face of this charade is to go to the tribunal. And my party will know what to do in that direction.”

Before the election Ngige had called for the removal of the resident electoral commission, Prof Onukaogu whom he accused of inconsistencies and partiality.


  1. Dandy

    while I will agree to the fact that there was Rigging during the Election as claimed by the Loosing Parties, not only APC, it is imperative to remind ourselves also that, many of these losers, who so call themselves contestant of Anambra Governorship, are at one time or the other, Benefitiaries of INEC rigging, which saw them in the positions they found themselves today. whatever u sow, u reap. let all of us learn Nnigerians!!!!

  2. Chigo

    APC, LP & PDP accept ur defeat. Long live APGA, Long live IGBOs! We must protect wat’s ours!!!

    1. ralu

      Dats baloney,apga is not ours is a one man’s party,who’s name happens to be Peter Obi…..I’m sorry

  3. Chigo

    Even though I kw there’re irregularities, bt d same happen in Lagos. All parties are used 2 manipulating INEC 2 their favour. LABOUR did it in Ondo state 2013, defunct CPC did it in 2011 Kastina election, defunct ACN did it 2007 Lagos election, PDP did it in 2007 Anambra election

  4. J.T.I.

    Thank God, I’m not from Anambra State!

  5. okobia michael

    how can any reasonable person think that the great igbo people of Anambra state will allow APGA, the legacy Ojukwu left for them be swallowed up by the ALHAJIS PEOPLE CONGRESS (APC) just because Ngige, the okija shrine guy has chosen to become a slave to the hausa/fulani and muslim reactionary party?. The yoruba muslims of the south west can decide to be slaves to the hausa north, but the south east and south south are no go areas for such madness!

  6. rabbi

    APC with their warped world view at it yet again. Could it truly be that these people actually underestimated the level of political sophistication of the Anambra man. Well, how wrong they were. Quite apart from the fact that APC has no footing in the East (don’t be fooled by Rochas, he was never elected in Imo on the platform of the APC) Ngige stood no chance, given the vindictive, irrational, crude propagandist, policy neutral (except power grab by all means necessary), tribal and Islamic tendencies of the party whose banner he flew in the elections. APC as a serious alternative platform or proposition died the moment its overlords embarked on a program of wooing/assimilation with PDP rebels (rejects!).

  7. DAT

    Stupid argument. If Mr President wants to rig as claimed, wont he rigged for PDP rather than APGA. At times people talk first before thinking rather the other way round. When has Ngige suddenly become a Christian? I thought he was worshiping at Okija Shrine.

  8. Johnp

    People advising APC to endorse an illegitimate election are very myopic in nature. there are a lot of irregularities in anambra election. we should try to be civilized in order to strengthen our democracy. can’t u see that apga is a sisterly party to PDP and President Jonathan in Anambra is not supporting PDP, instead he is backing APGA because of strong support he received from Governor Obi. Let me tell you, if election is conducted free and fair, APC under Ngige must win. Let’s see what happens in Supreme Court.Despite the fact that Nigerian judges are being controlled by the president, there are still men of principle there

  9. Dan

    APC please accept your defeat from APGA and stop accusing Mr. President who belongs to a different party, Ngige and co, you have not seen anything yet, this is politics for you whether you like it or not


    APC Ranting of shameful losers!!…. NOISE.BETTER ACCEPT YOUR DEFEAT….This is common wit APC. Always complaining whenever they experience defeat in an election. Anambra is not your Territory, rather, start making preparation on how to hold on to the states in your grip in the comming elections….
    ….APC are a bunch of bad losers,election is credible and fair only when your Party Wins,but rigged when you lose,by the way are you people seriously thinking you will win election in anabra state..?..

    1. Segun Toki

      Wale, Let’s stop living a life of mediocrazy. Let’s begin to think clearly as people and/or Nigerians. Nigeria is for all but not for a particular people. The APC is complaining some fouls in the operation of INEC. These are the evidence or impression they have that made them to think that the election is not fair enough. Things should have been done normally to avoid antagonizing or fault from others. We are all human beings and a reasonable one indeed. Life has been matured that it’s hard to call white a black for a kid. So you guys have to be careful and start thinking as normal human being.

  11. kay

    We need to build institutions not individuals.The president has not addressed this issue at all.He should be told to reverse this urgly trend because of minorities of which he belong.Alternatively,he should use this “National Conference to return this conutry to regional structure,else he would live to regret it as Baba Obasanjo is doing now

  12. Father o

    Jega is a satanic worse than lucifer, d outcome of election must be challeng in d tribunal wit enough of evident.

  13. Emeka John

    We all were aware of the happenings in this Country. GEJ does not want APC to have two States in South East so that APGA can continue to support PDP. He believe that with few contracts and projects in the hands of our Igbo leaders, he can continuously manipulate us. So, INEC has a standing order to systematically rig the election. How can Prof. Jega convince me that there is improvement in electoral system because this same manipulation happened in 2011 in the same State. It’s a shame on our collective image that we can’t get anything called election right in this nation. Presidential election, NANS, TUC, Ijaw Youth Council, National Youth Council and others, were all embrolled in chaos. In what country does a candidate violates the electoral law and he is still allowed to participate? Chief Willie Obiano registered twice, one in Lagos and another in Onitsha but he still contested despite INEC’s regulations. This is a ridicule of Nigerian laws. What legacy are we passing to the next generation? If an election is void of manipulations,peoples’ wshes will prevail. I know some elements will say this election is free and fair but in their closet,when no one is with them,they know the truth. Instead of we growing,we are steps backward. It’s a shame. Sen Ngige might not get justice in the court because the judiciary is in the President’s pocket. But time will tell.

    1. ralu

      Absolutely Emeka well said,its sad dt most pple here Dnt no wht is goin on,its been planned n sealed who come out victorious,Obiano is he d messiah we r waiting for?nope,he ll be working for peter obi like always,I’m sorry for my pple.back to square 1

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