Anambra: INEC disappoints voters in rescheduled election

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Seun Bisuga, Simon Ateba, Folarin Ademosu, Oluwasanmi Joseph/In Awka

Registered voters in Obosi, North Idemili Local Government Area have gotten increasingly frustrated by INECs inconsistencies and inadequacies, after the electoral body failed to bring election materials to several polling units.

As at 10:30 a.m. accreditation was yet to begin. At Umuota Primary School, Obosi, voters threatened to boycott the election after only two booths of the four polling units were brought to the station.

Ifeanyi Okafor, a registered voter at Obosi said the delay tactics was a ploy by INEC to rig the election. “INEC does not want us to vote because they want to rig this election and for this reason we want to boycott the election,” he said.

Linda Njirinze, a presiding officer at Obosi Central School said they have been given directive by INEC not to commence election until all polling booths and election materials arrive.

waiting for voting to start at Obosi on Sunday
waiting for voting to start at Obosi on Sunday

“I preside over unit 015 but I cannot begin accreditation until polling booths 014 and 039 arrive because that is the directive,” she said.

At Obosi Town Hall where ballot boxes were carted away yesterday accreditation has begun amidst heavy security presence.

But the voters are not happy with the influx of security men at the polling unit. “They are scaring us and chasing voters away. All the guns and armoured tanks should be deployed to the North because this election is not a war,” Mrs Grace said.

Election hiccups were experienced in other parts of Idemili North as well.

Victoria Obinwa, Party Agent for APGA believes the election has been free and fair despite the glitches.

She reckons that people should not be apprehensive of the army and policemen because they are trying to ensure peace and order.

Glibe Iweka, All Progressives Congress, party agent told P.M. News that APC voters are fed up with INEC tactics. “They are trying to frustrate us by delaying election materials and it is getting to our voters who want to boycott the election,” he said.

He noted that the election was not free and fair but peaceful. “Yesterday ballot boxes did not arrive on time and it’s repeating itself today. This cannot be a free and fair election.”


  1. Suny Lulu

    To say that Nigeria is not ripe for democracy is very wrong. If the military had not nipped our democracy in the bud before it took firm root, today it would almost certainly have ripen through persistent trial and error process. We would have paid our due, but we certainly would have emerged triumphant.

    The problem here lies squarely with the INEC staff members at all levels and their corrupt tendencies.

    Most recently, I replied in this forum to a piece contributed by another commentator in which he had opined that there is hardly any differences between those retiring from the private sector and those from the public service.

    In my response, I tried to debunk this fallacy. Having myself traversed both spheres at various times, I can most sincerely enunciate that the two are living in different worlds.

    The one is striving to maximize its profits using various means within legally acceptable limits while the other relies solely on government allocations for survival. This is why only people who are carefully selected using scientific methods are employed in the private sector and moreover they are carefully groomed for higher responsibilities. Discipline is emphasized and draconian measures are routinely applied, where necessary. On the other hand, most public service employees are there not on merit but solely on the basis of tribal affiliations, godfatherism, etc.

    Again, in the private sector you are assessed periodically and on continuous basis throughout the duration of your employment and remunerations are based on performance. Hence, when I was employed in a multinational, my appointment was confirmed after serving for just two months with salary increases whilst the appointment of some of my colleagues were not confirmed until after two years.

    The Nigerian public service is not doing well because most of its employees are not employed on merit and that is the bane of INEC and other civil and public services.

    Unless there is change at the entry point level we can hardly expect anything better.

  2. Chibueze

    Rhema Okhaso,

    Thank you. Your statement should be set in diamond for posterity to judge us because it is the indisputable truth: “Nigeria is not yet ripe for democracy.”

    God bless your heart.

  3. Rhema Okhaso

    Nigeria is not yet ripe for democracy.

  4. Suny Lulu

    INEC did not disappoint the voters, it has disappointed Nigeria as a nation.

    This is a recurrent problem and we ought to know that the eyes of all Nigerians at home and abroad as well as other well-wishers are tensely focussed on the country, particularly on our electoral processes.

    There had been strindent calls on GEJ by many opinion leaders in the country to do something about the moribund organisation by carrying out a thorough cleansing so that our electoral processes can be rejuvenated and atuned in readiness for next year’s general elections, but till date we are still waiting while INEC continues to mess up in everything it does, every time.

    If the other arms of government are under-performing like INEC, then the country will never get anywhere, the nation’s growth will just be retarded.

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