The lady in white hat and Jonathan’s Jerusalem pilgrimage

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All Nigerians know that the aviation minister, Princess Stella Oduah is among the ministers, governors, parliamentarians on the entourage of President Goodluck Jonathan to Israel.

But she has been a rarity in the various photgraphs relayed home by the presidency.

We have been trying to solve the riddle about her whereabouts and we can now report that she visited the various religious sites that the President visited, except that she chose to stay far away from the camera.

But she can’t really hide too well.

In the photos below, we make bold to say that Stella is the lady in the white hat, far away from the camera lenses.

The lady in white hat at the background
The lady in white hat at the background
Stella, in white hat, still hiding, at Mount Camel Church with President Jonathan
Stella, in white hat, still hiding, at Mount Camel Church with President Jonathan
At River Jordan: Stella is pictured three rows behind, still in white hat
At River Jordan: Stella is pictured three rows behind, still in white hat


  1. sthambruz

    the ada of ndigbo herself.. “I only asked them to do the needful”.. Such a smooth operator!

  2. JJ

    Does Pst Oritsajaefor still or ever fast and pray at all? Look at his protruded tummy like Obj’s . . .

  3. Tibaya

    Gudluck many people dey vex for u. where is our subsidy and seven{7}point agenda? you eat all the money and you still can call another person a thief. just hear you out you don’t even know you are not a good government? the whole nigeria dry vex. if there is a person that can buy our country, people will have sold it. all b nigerians praise yaradua instead of you

  4. Kunle

    U can’t expect anything better from HIS cabinet when HE himself is an epitome of corruption incompetency

  5. Nwoye lynda

    Abeg make we leave all this talk talk but make we pray for better Nigeria

  6. Solomon Ekwus

    It is time we stopped dwelling on irrelevancies! Let’s look for a way forward!

  7. daramz

    A beg no kill me with laughter. How river Jordan come resemble fish pond for your eyes. You are just too funny

  8. Olusola Adewanle

    What will all this jamboree of Jona sum up to? Jonathan + Oduah = Corruption. Even if Jonathan should go on pilgrimage 1,000,000 times, it would not erase the fact that he is the “greatest” symbol of all the corrupt leaders that we have had since Abacha. In fac,t he is corruption personified. He thinks, dreams, swims, eats, sleeps in corruption. When the head of the fish is rotten ……….. . We can not expect any thing better from members of Jona’s cabinet. The entire cabinet is stinking. Expect many more revelations than that Oduah soon. Do not infected. Many have caught the virus called “ebeleism demonisi” e.g. Reuben Abati

  9. Augustus

    Is this River Jordan or a Pond,lairs,just galivanting up and down in Jerusalem with their dirty hearts full of corruption,embezzlement and oppression of the poor masses.May God save Nigeria.

  10. adeyeri oladeni

    Bunch of thieves. Nonsense.

  11. chigbo

    pm news when will you desist from nonsense reporting,seems like you are APC or NEW PDP this is irrelevant

    1. James

      So what do you want here? if you are not happy with P.M News, then go else were. Na by force for you to come here?

  12. truthurts

    This Jonathan is a 1000% mistake in power. Did you hear him talk in Jerusalem? “If I try to restore power some people out of devil will go and cut the lines and turbines to say Jonathan is bad” hear our president. Ha! Does this not tantamount to insecurity and image destruction? Hmmm! I dey laugh oooo

    1. emmanuel

      We are waiting for you to get there mumu.

      Lets know how much milestones you have covered in life.

      Cowards like you who pride themselves in talking as if Nigeria is a piece of cake to run should contest for the presidency so you can change over 80% of Nigerians who are rogues overnight.

      If the judiciary is mortally corrupt, where do you think the sanity should reside? The executive can only investigate and prosecute and then the Judges would kill the cases? Do you know how much frustration the presidency is going through?

      If he enforces his stands on the Judiciary, everybody cries that he has become meddlesome. Such as Salami’s case the Vice Chairman of APC representing the Judiciary (i regeretted all my support for him when his crises was on).

  13. Ambassador

    PM News when will you people report correctly.
    Free Stella jor!

  14. Comrade

    That is not Stell Oduah at all. I doubt if the reporter zoom and studied the picture before arriving at yet another speculative reporting the PM style. Thumbs down!

  15. akpos1

    Keep following her. Even when she wan shit. Nonsense.

    IBB steal $12.7b since 1990 na wetin una do am? Farouk load my oil money in dollars for inside him head & nothing happen. No single idiot demonstrate. No camera follow the idiot up and down.

    Why must Beautiful Stella be different? Farouk de dollar has been going to mecca. Why did PM News not send useless camera to follow am? Spiuuuuussssshhhhh………

    Long live the Confederating Republic of the SS&SE

  16. simsis jirosa

    It looks like the hat of Hallison Maduekwe, but the face of Stealer, i mea Stella Oduah! Bravo for catching her.

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