•Clare Short

•Clare Short

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, EITI, an international body that preaches transparency in the management of oil, gas and mineral resources, has urged Nigerians to demand the implementation of the recommendations of NEITI’s audit report of the Nigerian oil sector.

Speaking in Abuja at a conference organised by NEITI for civil organisations and stakeholders in Abuja, Chair of EITI Board, Clare Short, said Nigerians should demand a change in the running of the country’s oil industry based on the findings and reccomendations of the NEITI audit report “The analysis done by NEITI is very impressive but the reforms that come from it haven’t been implemented yet. So, we are at a crucial point now where you need informed demand for a change. I think we are now in a position, especially in Nigeria, to make an informed demand and you are the people to make this’’.

Short stressed that the nation’s resources belong to the citizens and it is very pertinent for them to know how the resources are being managed by the government. She added that if the Nigerian government would judiciously use the proceeds from the oil sector, poverty level in the country would be reduced or eliminated before 2030.

Short said President Goodluck Jonathan assured the EITI team of the Federal Government’s willingness to ensure that NEITI’s findings were upheld. The team had earlier visited the President.

“President Jonathan made strong commitments on issues that have to do with transparency in the extractive industry because they’ve got the power to make sure that things are done properly,” she said.

The NEITI report was released in July this year. The report indicted many companies and government agencies in the sector.

In the same vein, Faith Nwadishi of Publish What You Pay, said if Nigerians refused to ask for the implementation of the recommendations of the NEITI audit, the findings of the report would be discarded.