Fashola laments delay in monthly allocation

Kazeem Ugbodaga

Governor of the western Nigerian state of Lagos, Babatunde Fashola said the delay in remitting the monthly allocation to the state by the Federal Government has affected the state’s budget performance.

Lagos recorded 70 percent budget performance in the third quarter and an aggregate of 71 percent performance for the year.

Fashola spoke to newsmen during the third quarter budget review at the State House, Ikeja, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria on Thursday.

“We recorded 70 percent in the third quarters. It is a slight dip in the overall aggregate of 72 percent mid-year review to 71 percent now. But it is a larger dip from 83 percent for the second quarter. What is positive here is that what we report as budget performance is the combination of work done and payment made.

Fashola:blames budget performance on delays in Federal allocations
Fashola:blames budget performance on delays in Federal allocations

“There is a lot of work that has been completed, that we have not paid for. The core reason for that is the revenue shortfall we have been experiencing and delay in revenue that is coming from the federal government. This includes delay in the remittances of FAAC allocations and lack of agreement on NNPC accounts at the FAAC meetings. I think over two months now, between August and September, the FAAC payment did not come on time,” he stated.

The governor also said the augmentation also did not come on time, saying that “as far as I am aware, not all of it has probably come from the last report that I got. So, it puts our planning into some distortions. We hope that things will look upward and positive in the final quarter. We expect that as a country, we cannot continue to have this distortion in revenue collection and projection where the largest source of revenue comes from a single item.”

Fashola also called for probe over the 400,000 barrels of oil, which the federal government said was stolen, saying it is smacks of corruption for such thing to be happening in the country.

According to him, “if we are reporting some of the excuses that we heard, 400,000 barrels of oil is being stolen. The story does not change. Some of the questions really are: is it a fixed amount of oil being stolen every month? Even if oil thieves do not change, is it still the same amount? We need to look at this thing more rigorously,” he stated.

The governor, however, said most of the ongoing infrastructure projects in the state had reached advanced stage, saying that roads were being completed in Epe, Ajah, Agege and Ajao. He said the Ajao Link Bridge has been completed.


  1. Jiro Nwa

    Fashola has indeed done well for himself and his teeming fans. however, I still believe that he has performed below par considering the enormous resources that abound in Lagos. This city stinks of riches and the government does not spare anybody regarding tax remittances. My opinion: HE CAN AND SHOULD DO BETTER!
    Again, it would be a total blunder if Lagos state government goes ahead to open up Ajao, a supposed estate to Ejigbo and that part of the state without fixing the roads in Ajao first. The roads in Ajao are so tiny and bad, presently not serving Ajao residents well enough owing to very many containers that ply them (Ajao is partially an industrial estate).
    Whoever Fashola’s advisers are should please call him to order and point this salient point out to him before his desire to ease people’s suffering becomes the source of greater suffering to same people.

  2. paw,bean and rice

    Fashola is a foolish man. So Ejigbo is not part of lagos. there is no road in Ejigbo. all the whole roads there got washed away by rain and fashola is looking for money from federal purse.what of the money LASTMA, KAI and the high tarriff of council and tenement rate his people are collecting? what is he doing with it.if he asked federal govt to give figure of stolen crude oil, please can Fashola tell us the total number of agbero at oshodi or mile 2.is like he is growing old.


    @AKHIGBE, Please try to read ans understand simple information . The man is asking the federal govt, is it the same amount of barrel of oil is being stolen EVERY MONTH
    @ Kenny, good comment, please keep it up

  4. Idris kano

    Most of those who were against fasholas observations, they are the vandalisers, how will they be happy to see such a comment, the bunch of criminals dump at Onitsha will now go on vandalism, so that the allocated funds will continue to fall, and the country will continue to fall, because we are good in supporting fraud especially from our brothers, we are going back to decades, we should support truth even its from our enemies

  5. kenny-pee

    Education is not Information, with the way some people reason on this forum, I pity Nigeria. Taking politics out, I think BRF has discussed an issue, based on facts and the effect on the performance of his government. We don’t have to spare our leaders when they err, they do not have the masses in mind. So when we see them challenging each other, as the people, let’s stop politicizing issue… it’s healthy for the hegemonies to fight so that we do not surfer.

  6. Sunny Akhigbe

    Sometimes this Fashola man is too pedestrian to be called an intellectual. How does he expect government to tell the exact number of barrels of crude oil stolen if not an approximation? Does he think that such figure is as simple as the number of people dumped at Onitsha head bridge? He should go and ask the thieves to get answers to his ( foolish?) questions. Now this will be part of APC’s opposition singsong. Stupid!

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