‘Don’t Let Me Die’, Nollywood Star Pa Kasumu Cries Out

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Ailing veteran Nigerian actor, Olukayode Odumosu, popularly known as Pa Kasumu, has cried out to Nigerians to come to his aid and save him from  death.

Odumosu made the plea while speaking with P.M.NEWS Showbiz Trends in his Mushin, Lagos, residence.

The thespian currently battling a life-threatening Bi-Ventricular Failure (a heart and liver condition) and Parkinson’s Syndrome urgently needs N12million for treatment abroad to correct his endangered internal organs.

•Pa. Kasunmu displaying one of the x-rays
•Pa. Kasunmu displaying one of the x-rays

“I want all Nigerians to help me out of this unfortunate situation that I find myself. I wouldn’t have bothered anybody with my problem if I am still agile and can move here and there to do my job, but unfortunately I couldn’t, as the sickness has weighed me down. I don’t have any money any longer after exhausting all my savings, as well as sold most of my properties.” the actor said, sobbing.

Narrating the genesis of the ailment, Odumosu said it all started in 2008, when he visited his family doctor for a checkup after he noticed some strange feelings. According to him, at the clinic, the doctor conducted a series of tests which produced uncomplimentary results. He was then referred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, for a comprehensive assessment. At LUTH, they later discovered that his heart, kidney and liver were not functioning properly after months of various examinations.

“Since 2009, I have been undergoing major cardio treatment in LUTH three times a week. Some times in a day, I will have between four and eight tests, and all these test were very expensive with some as high as N150,000,” Odumosu explained.

PMNEWS Showbiz Trends learnt that Odumosu had to sell his BMW car and two plots of lands to raise money for his treatment. He even had to travel to Cairo, Egypt. He said so far, he has spent over N4million in search of solution to the ailment.

“We are shocked to hear of Kay’s ailment. He has never really complained to anybody about this, as we discovered that he has quietly managed the health problem without bothering anyone. Though, I know he is ill but never knew it was as grave as this,” Jide Kosoko, Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioner, ANTP leader told P.M.NEWS Showbiz Trends.

According to Kosoko, rather than wait to raise money for funeral, the ANTP has already set up a committee to see how they can be of help in bringing Pa Kasumu back to good health, while appealing to all Nigerians, especially Lagos and Ogun States government to come to the aid of their dear colleague.

In 2011, news went viral that Pa Kasunmu had suffered a stroke. But he bounced back and was even present at some events until recently when the ailment relapsed, especially with the Parkinson’s becoming more pronounced.

For kind-hearted Nigerians, corporate organisations and Governments which would want to help the actor stay alive, his bank details are:  Olukayode Olugbenga Odumosu.

Diamond Bank plc Account number: 0036059543.

And for those who will love to reach him on phone, his telephone numbers are 08033535159 and 08096762254, while his son, Tunde, can also be contacted on 08174435105.

—Funsho Arogundade


  1. Emir October

    May Allah heal him, give him quick recovery, long live and prosperity. Aaameen

    1. deji kajogbola

      Dear Lord, I ask you to turn his weakness into strength, suffering into compassion, sorrow into joy, and pain into comfort . May your servant trust in your goodness and hope in your faithfulness, even in the middle of this suffering. Let him be filled with patience and joy in your presence as he waits for your healing touch. Pa Kasumu be rest assured God is in control. Put trust in Him.

  2. hollywood

    if you are willing and you really want to act in nolly wood as a star pls contact ( nollywoodnigeria47@gmail.com) or call +234813820112.

  3. yemi oloyede

    am a prominent member of the antp and also close to the family of pa kasumu. there is this on going rumour going around dat the group were fighting over 600k which is a lie. let me ask. how did family come about this 12milion when he does not need surgery. both ogun and lagos state government gave him 3.5million and he has gotten more than 6million. the government has given him more dan what he wants so why is the family still begging for more money. its so disheartening that this selfish pa kasumu and his family have now turned begging for money into money making business. he went as far as lying to the public his doctors told him to travel out and if not for the help of the government dat made known the truth that all he needs is management with drugs. when he was busy consuming cartons of alcohol why didnt the family stop him. the public needs to wake up to the reality that he has gotten money to manage his health and he should stop begging for more money. up A.N.T.P

    1. Emir October

      I wonder when I see unkind hearted people like u making statement in puplic. I dnt know why u cannot keep silent whn u know u hav nothing good to say. Actually, d man is not asking u for help, so why do u have to discourage people from helping him. U cannot be closer to him than Jide Kosoko who hav made statement n plea to d public on his behalf. Whatever d case may be, though u may hav quarrel with him but remember d day of judgement n muslim prophet’s word which says: “he who believe in God n d day of judgement should say good thing or keep silent rather”. Pls watch wht u say either in d public or vice versa.

  4. content222.com

    We have all prayed for him in Jesus name

    Let us contribute or raise money for him

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  5. Bola

    God will heal him in Jesus Name

  6. tgurl

    you shall not die buh live ijn…..God will see you through dis. be strong and have faith in him(d most high God)pa kasumu get well soon

  7. Tai

    May d gud Lord lay his healing hands upon u, touches d hearts of those dat will help u in raising dis money on time.

  8. lilly

    May Allah grant you good health PA kasumu amine. PLEASE CONTINUE TO SHARE THE NEWS SO EVERYBODY CAN RAISE MONEY

  9. Enifeni Chibuzo

    Pa Kasumu,May Allah in His Infinite mercy see u throu this ur hard time,Because His the source of good Health.

  10. Iwala Kehinde

    Take it or leave it, it takes Jesus Christ the great physician to heal the sick. doctors only care. The Almighty God Himself will intervene in Pa Kasumu’s case through His Son – THE GREATEST DOCTOR. Pa Kasumu will not die but live to testify to the goodness of God. I join millions of your fans in praying for you.

  11. Adegoke

    @ Don Mike,no pastor will not tell you that he heal, rather it is God that heals and as regards the issue of Tithe, God commands it (Matt 3: 8-10) and if you dont have faith in it pls dont pay. It is not by force. as regards Pa Kasumu’s health, i pray God Almighty will heal him.It it time we accept Jesus Christ Phil 2:9-11.

    1. Aribido kazeem abidemi

      mercy of God we fall upon u

  12. ROTO

    Your prayers are wonderful…. In this case what matter most is for us to do whatever we can do for this man,nothing is too small if we all come together, so please make a donation towards saving pa Kasumu.

  13. omorabbi

    I prayed that God forgive him his sins and heal pa kasanu in jesus name Amen

  14. sodeeq alao

    God we stay with u pakasumu

  15. Suny Lulu

    And yet a minister was yesterday saying that the elderly are well cared for in the country. It only shows that she is far away from the reality on the ground.
    The minister as well as those others that are charged with the welfare of the elderly should urgently look into how they can assist the ailing old man.
    In many countries of the world certain amounts of money are annually allocated for assisting people needing medical care but cant afford payments. All they need is to show proof that they cant afford to pay. But it is shameful for the minister who is expected to direct policy aright to be seen justifying the existing lack of provision for the aged and the frail because of mundane cultural practices.

    1. Don Mike ( De Tiger )

      Sunny Lulu, are you saying Government should also earmark money to treat even those who mismanage their life through excessive alcohol, reckless sexual intercourse, and/or those being destroyed by their family idols?

      Lets be frank my brother, our problems here in Nigeria is that we adopt every nonsense from Foreign land… We are geographically independent but not culturally… I can tell you that Pa Kasumu problem is a spritual bonbardment which could have been solved traditionally. But because of the foreign religion we adopted, some of these fools would rather embrace ineffective Christianity and mock our own Irunmales. ( gods)

      I can tell you that non of these Pastors who preached nonsense into their heads can heal this man. Not even to contribute money to help. Yet, if pa Kasumu has some tithe to pay to Church in his present position they will take it.

      Forget about all these donation and appease any raging Irunmales or consult Yemale to heal him.

      Truth is always bitter! Ooto oro, bi isokuso ni leti asiwere ( truth will always sound hogwash to people of limited understanding )

      Best wishes !

      Don Mike ( De Tiger )

      1. Emir October

        U could be reasonable in ur statement had u discuss it with Pa Kasumu personally, but uttering these kinds of words publicly like makes no sense. Sunni Lulu is only trying to call our government to attention so dt rights of d citizens which have been always denied for a long time may be reasonably given to them. His statement is a clarion call which no sensible man should criticise, but support because u as a person can be in d same position tomorrow. There4, issue of religion should not be addressed here whatsoever. Pls, kindly reason with me.

  16. Ayo Adekunle

    May God lay his hand of healing upon Pa Kasumu, he will not die but live in Jesus Name.

  17. Christopher S. I

    You will not die IJN. God will protect you.

  18. Edwin ugochukwu

    God wil nt let u die,silva nd gold i hv none 2 present,bt i pray dat d lord of resuration will heal u.dnt b afraid.

  19. ainy

    May God in His Mercies surprise you positively, U will not die by God’s grace.



  21. lawsta

    na wa o. d man is easygoing.

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