13-Year Old Girl Raped By Dad, Friend For 7 Years

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•File photo used as illustration
•File photo used as illustration

A 13-year old girl has narrated how her biological father, Stephen Chimaraobi,  and his friend, Paul Oha, raped her for seven years in their Ojodu home in Lagos State, southwest Nigeria.

Following her revelation, the police at Grammar School Division, Ojodu, arrested her father and his friend.

Chimaraobi from Delta State has remained single after his wife left him, while Oha from Mbaise in Imo State, is married and has two kids.

The victim revealed that her 42-year old father and his friend started defiling her when she was six years old and continued till she became 13 without each of them knowing until she reported the matter to the police.

She said she did not know the damage they were doing to her  until now that she became an emotional wreck.

The traumatized victim told the police that her mother left her in the care of his father at  their home in Yetunde Morgan Estate, Ojodu, when she was six years old.

She said her father did not re-marry after her mother left him and he took advantage of her mother’s absence to rape her repeatedly.

The little girl said she was helpless because her father warned her not to tell anyone otherwise he would kill her.

She said while her father was defiling her, his friend, Oha, who lives with his wife and two children in the same estate, joined in sexually assaulting her.

She told the police that Oha usually comes to their house at odd time when her father had gone to work to have sex with her.

She said after that, he would warn her not to tell anyone about it, including her father.

“My father’s friend after abusing me, will ask me not to tell my father, not knowing that my father was also abusing me,” she told the police.

The victim who has started learning hair dressing, said she went to the police to report the matter when the trauma became unbearable.

When P.M.NEWS visited Chimaraobi’s residence, his neighbours confirmed the incident.

On the allegation by the victim, the neighbours said they were not surprised because there has been rumours like that and nobody was courageous enough to confront Chimaraobi or inform the police.

They condemned the act and said the police should ensure that the victim get justice.

They also said they knew Oha as his friend who usually visited the girl and her father and said they did not know  his visit was to defile the little girl.

At Oha’s residence within the estate, his wife expressed shock over the matter.

She said all she knew was there was a time Chimaraobi asked them to keep the girl in their house when he went to work outside Lagos.  At the station where the suspects were detained, the Divisional Police Officer,  D. P. O.  Uduak Udoh said that the victim came to the station to report that her father and his friend abused her.

He said the police have since started investigation on the matter and if our reporter needed any information, he should go to the PPRO.

Police sources told P.M.NEWS that the mother of the victim and the relations of Chimaraobi have been invited as part of the investigation to authenticate the girl’s allegation.

Chimaraobi told P.M.NEWS that he did not rape the victim as she claimed and said his daughter fabricated the allegation so that she will go back to her mother.

He said he married her mother and when the victim was six years, she abandoned him and the girl and left.

Chimaraobi said that since his estranged wife left, he has been taking care of the girl and she has just finished her JSS3, while her mother has been battling him to take the girl away.

He also said he did not know his friend, Oha, was sleeping with her until she said so at the police station.

The two men were charged with defilement and rape at the Family Court in Ikeja, yesterday. The matter was adjourned till 6 November while the suspects were remanded in Kirikiri Prisons.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe


  1. Vian

    why all dis ungodly things happening? Y rape case much nowadays? what is really happening? Govt i urge you to investigate this issue, in fact issues of rape generally,Suffer the so called rapists. the stigma on the girl involved is unforgettable.please handle well on this case

  2. u.S.o

    SHOCKING PHOTOs: Makurdi girl stripped naked for cutting friend with Razor during fight over Sex with Sugar Daddy


  3. u.S.o

    This is very evil..sad and pathetic.

    In other news: Mugabe to castrate Rapists in Zimbabwe

  4. Chima

    Some of u are stark fools! Imagine someone calling d igbos names here – imagine! @ Ado-ekiti some days ago, was it not on news how a 27yr old raped his own biological mum??? How are d yorubas always getting offended wen issues of general relations happen @ one part of d country? Stop calling names pls! Let’s all fight crime and achieve peace relatively, if not ……

  5. bigman


  6. Emmanuel Ojo

    This is a heart-broken story, and to say the least it is the highest level of criminality. If we live in a country where there is a good government in place, this poor girl deserves government attention. I mean real attention. In the absence of this , I want to appeal to the state government of this girl for assistance. She needs to be rehabilitated and the government to take over her education to any level.Also, kind hearted Nigerians should please rise to this occasion and see what God will do.

  7. Ola

    This is Delta Ibos. What do you expect, Ibos have no manners and no scruples . Anything to make money, fake drugs in the country, counterfeit products, 419, drug exportation and now incest.

    1. stanlee

      Ola, you are too wrong. You can’t come here and start putting the blame on tribe. Watch what you say online. Don’t be tribalistic in issues like this.

  8. J.T.I.

    @sunny, if you do not believe this girl, i tell you you can equally do what her father did to her. You dont believe her because that her criminal father fabricated stories to counter her? My problem with PMnews is that they dont follow cases up, if not I would have said wait and at the end, the idiot will confess!

  9. emmy

    d girls should b ask if she has any boy friend,n 2 b ask if any man @ slep wit her ever b4.

  10. sunny

    I don’t believe d girl.

    1. itaruku

      shut your face azz hole. imagine she is your sister, wld u not look into the matter b4 saying that.
      think, mr anuofia.

  11. alfie

    Those two must have done it to other children, and that friend if she has daughters as well, must be checked, he might be doing the same to them.

  12. augustus

    it’s disheartening,utter madness.

  13. moses

    Her mother should go to jail too.

  14. andrew ojiezel

    These two men, the father and his wicked friend, should be allowed to rot in jail-they don’t deserve to stay among decent community- Police should use this case as a tool to checkmate rapes that are almost becoming everyday occurrence-period

  15. Abu AB

    These prevalent happening will surely have a lot to many people joining cult or seeking means to get rich thru devilish means.

  16. paul

    I am not Igbo either.

    I went out since morning to make money first before talking of people problems.

    They both should be hag immediately.

    The two men are bastards and that is what you expect to see from people from that wasted land in Igbo, men without honour.

  17. Abey

    It is increasingly disturbing the rate at which news about father defiling their daughters come out on daily basis in Nigeria. What could have led to this ugly development, is it poverty or frustration? Or could we say matured women have made sex so difficult for men that they now turn to their daughters to dowse their sexual tensions? God save us.

  18. Iyke

    God have mercy! End time indeed. But why is this type of thing rampant now?

  19. Angelloni

    Crime is crime 4get ethnic differences and condemn evil

  20. nancy

    I have said this before, rape carries a more heavy weight than robbery. Just imagine what they have done to the life of this young girl, and it might live with her for the rest of her life. And that useless friend who left his own wife to come and start rubbishing this young girl should be castrated.

    They’re some kind of male friends men shouldn’t allow visit their homes, bcos either they’re targeting your daughter or your wife. Even your male neighbors watch the closeness between them and your wife and daughters. Some men find pleasure in peoples wives and daughters, mostly when they know the man of the house, so that they can laugh at him and call him a fool anytime he passes after defiling either his wife or daughter. Such men are evil.

    Women we have to come out and demonstrate against rape in our society, all those ngo’s for women protection this is where we’re supposed to see you people come out in full force. Not miss leading already married women how to destroy their homes, by teaching them that they should challenge their husbands at home.

  21. yinkataylor

    God help us in this end-time !!!

  22. becky

    K you must be yoruba dats y u r screaming igbos like a squirrel. Wat has dat got to do with igbos in general. Upon your secondary school level of education you still don’t know all about individual differences. Anyway back to d main topic, I’m glad the girl was brave enough to report the matter to the poilce. Who knows wat phsycological trauma she has been through for the past seven years. Well all d same if wat her father claims to be true let God vindicate him but if not let him just ask for forgiveness and let the court serve dem d right sentence.

  23. asprilla

    @k jst 1 sentence 4U: you are worthless than a tribalistic fagot that can never be changed!

  24. James

    I know the Religious and ethnic bigots will run away from this news. Paul and his co-travelers will not see this news.
    By now they will have jump into this blog if a Muslim or a Yoruba name is attached to this news.

  25. Mercyville

    This is really disheartning.Govt must act decisively about this rape thing.

  26. K


    1. kay

      It said Delta please

    2. andrew ojiezel

      It is not a mater of tribe, in fact, tribal sentiments should be removed from this. But I want police to ensure that these two wicked people, the father and his friend, should be made to rot and die in jail to act as deterrent

    3. abu_aq

      @ MR K, a man is a man, a race is a race, the girl father can either be a Yoruba or Hausa Man even it possible He could a white man.. So mind Y̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊r word

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