Oyedepo watches beating of OGTV staff by church members

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Abiodun Onafuye/Abeokuta

For the second time, some members of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, better known as Winners Chapel have attacked another set of officials of Ogun State Government.

A reporter and cameraman of the state television station, OGTV, were the latest victims.

The State Commisioner for Information and Strategy,Alhaji Yusuph Olaniyonu,identified the assaulted officials as Mr Peter Falomo, a reporter with OGTV and his cameraman, Lekan Egunjobi.

The duo,according to the statement by the commissioner, were severely beaten and their camera was damaged when they went to the Ota premises of the church to cover the service of building inspection notices by officials of the Ministry Of Urban and Physical Planning.

Bishop David Oyedepo: witnesses another round of beating of government workers
Bishop David Oyedepo: witnesses another round of beating of government workers

The video camera of the TV crew was forcibly seized and damaged in the process. The camera was only released after the recording had been wiped off.

“Apart from the TV crew, two officials of the Ministry were also injured by the irate church members who prevented the team from entering the premises.

“The assault was witnessed by the Head Pastor of the Church, Bishop David Oyedepo who equally was visibly angry by the decision of the officials to attempt to carry out their statutory duties in his church premises.

“At a point, the Bishop was saying unprintable things while querying the audacity of the state officials to attempt to regulate building of structures for commercial purposes in his church premises.

” The officials of the Ministry of Urban and Physical Planning who were accompanied by policemen had, following the previous day similar assault of their counterparts in the OGIRS, earlier made a report of their planned visit to the Winners Chapel premises at the Divisional Police Station, Onipanu, Ota”,the statement read in parts.

Those wounded were taken to the General hospital in Ota where they were treated and subsequently discharged.

It was gathered that the matter has also been reported to the police.

Commenting on the development, the General Manager in the Ogun State Urban and Physical Planning Board, Mr Stephen Adewolu, who was part of the team that was molested in Ota, expressed shock at the lawlessness displayed by the Winners Chapel members and their leaders.

According to him,”No organisation can carry on as if it is above the law. We have information that the people in that church are just building structures indiscriminately without building approval, without necessary environmental impact assessment reports and they are violating planning laws and regulations.

” We only went there to serve statutory notices on the on-going building development and they are behaving as if the premises of the church is not covered by the laws of the state in which it is located”, he said.

The State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice,Mrs Abimbola Akeredolu confirmed to our correspondent that her Ministry is studying the the facts on the two incidents with a view to take appropriate legal measures.

Also, officials of the Winners Chapel had shunned meetings of the Stakeholders Forum established by the state government for representatives of organisations located in the state to deliberate with the government on issues of common interest, particularly compliance with extant laws on physical planning and taxation.

On Thursday afternoon, security personnel of the Kingdom Heritage Nursery and Primary School, a commercial venture located within the complex of Winners Chapel, had violently assaulted tax officials and damaged assets of the Ogun State Internal Revenue Service (OGIRS).


  1. anonymous

    ” We only went there to serve statutory notices on the on-going building development and they are behaving as if the premises of the church is not covered by the laws of the state in which it is located”, he said.

  2. Badeola

    This is the man that slapped the innocent girl,watching his mumus to beat the hell out of the poor people that just doing their job.Even the lord JESUS CHRIST was angry with people did not flogged anyone when lord house was turned into market.Now i believe that one of the way to make money is to establish a church.The business man pastor established a university and for someone to study has to pay over 300,000 naira and they always say it’s for the masses.How many pepper sellers in Oshodi,Yaba,Ketu,Ikeja even in Cannan environs can afford to pay the money.A pastor with 4 Gulfstreams jet,staged the rich ones in the front and the prayer warriors at the back.This is not a new thing to me cos i once experienced it at House on the Rock when they used to have services at MUSON center when you can only go to the main auditorium with kind of your dress or else you will be directed by waiting and lined ushers to the shell hall with a big screen at the back.

  3. john kayode

    pls dont let us insult the man of god whatever he and his memeber has done wrong let us call them to order and correct them, instead of insulting him, insult would not solve the problem

    1. john kayode

      Let those who have insulted the man of god beg for forgivness so as to be forgiven by god

  4. joe

    Let him that has no sin cast the fisrt stone


    Let me comment here, Every person passing judgement without a fair hearing is indeed a complete and nasty fool. were you guys there when the incident occurred, or are u guys just following media report. we know that our media is fond of twisting words at times to sell papers, since they know we have a gullible public.

    For goodness sake why not find out what happened, before jumping into conclusion, those of you passing comments are the kind of people who will hear ole ,ole, on somebody running and u will pick sticks and stones and start throwing without getting the true picture of thing, complete shame on you guys.

  6. Truthometer

    Don’t worry. The OGTV staff had only received spiritual beating. They are already blessed. Thank you Bishop Oyedepo.

  7. Oyesile Abidemi

    Nigerians are soooooooo gullible. Reading anything to comment anyhow

  8. excel ochiama nwaneri

    Pls be mindful of your utterances.let’s be decent in our utterances.I believe bishop oyedepo has brought indescribeable development to ogun state and has further put Ota on the world map.he needs to be encouraged.God bless you sir

  9. emmanuel

    because bishop oyedepo is a man of God that is why he should be allowing what is not ideal, i think journalism profession has some ethics. how can journalists go to someone’s house and be taking pictures without the owner’s permission, they even have to sue for that, for those of you that have nailed the man of God on cross, God will forgive you.

  10. Olorun Esan

    Yes, the school need to pay tax if it makes profit out of the fees being collected from the pupils. Not only this, the school suppose to deduct PAYE from the staff salaries in its employment and remit same to the government. If the school has failed to do it, then it is also liable about this, I am sure there are many chartered accountants and tax experts in Winners who should know better. It is even absord and ridiculous that the school, which suppose to lay good example is owing tax for ten year; what a shame.

  11. Oyedepo spiritual son

    Pls be mindful of what u w say to a man of God like Bishop Oyedepo so dat you wil nt cal 4 fire of God upon ur life nd ur children children up to four generation so watch ur tongue.

    1. AA

      @spiritual son, may I ask you which fire?, neither you nor I know what actually happened but you need to stop this your fire mentality because a Pastor, Bishop or whatsoever is rebuked or said to have done something wrong, remember they are not angels but they are men like you with their inherent characters still in them. If Bishop Oyedepo was actually there when the guys were beaten then something is really wrong and we need to ask questions but I want to believe he was not physically there because what Christ taught was to live peaceably with all men and at that height should be an example to others. The news coming from the church should be ones that glorify God and not one that make people to make unnecessary comments about church and christianity. My whole message to you is Jesus never called fire on anyone and remember the power belong to God and not to man, men are just his vessels, so stop your this fire mentality but rather learn to live an exemplary life and stop worshipping and making man your god but rather focus directly on God.

  12. Tony

    can you enter the premises of the Nigerian police with a camera ans start filming. can you enter the premises of coca cola and start filming, can you enter the premises of Globacom abm start filming. can i enter your house and start filming. The other day a young man that was filming some police men with his phone was caught and taking to the station , and he will be taken to court for Unlawful coverage, Hypocrites Nigerians, If i cannot come to your house without permission and start filming , then you are equally guilty

    1. emman

      if have nothing to hide why are you afraid of being filmed…. shame on you!

  13. Monday

    The Ogun state Govt should leave Canan land alone. This man of God is doing his best to develop the state and the country at large. The state should set up estates and develop the land for the citizen and not to intefare with areas that does not concern them. Why take pictures when not invited?. Look elsewhere and encourage developers so we can have a beautiful Nigeria for the good of all.

  14. tope

    @woseibotei,10ku for dt enlightenment.Fellow Nigerians,b careful wot u say esp, wen a man of God is involved.@Justice,why don’t u know ur God n stop setting the white people as our standard.10k God d gospel came tru them bt d word of God is our standard as the bible says in Heb 12:2 dt ‘Lukin unto Jesus,the author and the finisher of our faith…’ I pray God wld give you an understanding to know dt u av to know Jesus personally,until wen u stop luking unto people will u enjoy Him.GOD BLESS YOU.

  15. temi

    @Akpatevi,i agree with u,people are quick to judge what they do not know,,what were they doing on the premises without authorization,they should go to court and have due process for entering people’s compound,the next time they come they should be dealt with as thieves…

    1. j

      No one is judging him but people are criticizing his actions, a man like him would have called his men to order rather than watching them fight govt officials like a political thugs. And this problem has been brewing for some months now, he ought to have known the best way to handle it. As a christian he is supposed to set good example for his followers.

  16. woseibotei Akpatawei

    Why are we blaming Bishop Oyedepo? Before entering into somebody’s asset did you make contacts? Did the two ministries locate the authority of the church before making any move? The Ogun state government is imitating Lagos state. Yes pastors should pay taxes, yes the government should evaluate buildings. But the question is how or by what methods the government should use in achieving these? The government should make meaningful contact. You cannot enter people premises and taking video, pictures or going to church school and telling them to pay taxes. Did the Government agents went to the Bishop and discuses with him? If such methods are applied, Does that gave them the power to enter into the premises? This is what Fashola is doing to most Lagosians and thinking he will succeed. Therefore Nigerians should be mindful of their comments ot uttrances in other not to commit sin against God.

    1. sale

      The state govt should leave Canan land alone. The Church has papers to occupy so what is the problem? Look elsewhere to develop for the citizen and for the good of the nation. Why go take pictures whe they no invite you?

  17. sm

    when principles are bridged, the consequencies are unlimited. journalists ofcos know you can carry out recording of private infrastructured without a note or order by the owner to do so as you can’t enter the premises of their station with your camera(s) on else you are on investigative journalism.
    I rep proper code of conduct void of assult and bridge of law and order.

  18. Justice

    Not until our people emancipate themselves from religious slavery and focus on themselves, issues like this will go on forever. Oyinbo people brought us Christianity, today is Sunday, just outside the high street to my house, there are few oyinbos drunk. 80% of British oyinbos don’t believe in God, don’t even attend church…. so why are our people still living in religious business.
    Always remember, your religion won’t take you to heaven but the works of your hands. Do good to fellow human and God will always be kind to you in your times of need.

  19. Mr s

    Pls I advice you all to go to court instead of using derogatory statement on the man of God.
    Mr editor( abiodun onafuye) you and your colleagues can go ahead and celebrate an exconvict (chief Bode George) in Aso Rock with your PDP brothers.

    What a country ! What a people!. We know who you are and where you belong. But stop misleading the people. May God help you.

  20. bukky

    @ u naubiko or wetin u call urself , are u serving God or man? U are a big disgrace 2 christianity….. SMH 4 uuu

    1. naubiko

      @bukky I know most people we never understand a satire when they see one….do I sound like a mugu to you?

  21. j

    This man oyedapo, does not potray himself as believer not to talk of being man of GOD ALMIGHTY. I wonder what his teaches are, no matter what, you can never be greater than your state not to talk off a whole nation. May GOD touches your heart, for greater change, Amen.

  22. Ola

    i dont support violence but i want u guys to know that this man is an Architect and he knows building regulations law like d back of his hand. Official can inspect and give any notice on their first visit but not to take pictures

  23. ot'obayomi

    This action will never be taged an terrorist act but If it were……God will see us 2ru



  25. yemdol

    Nigerians are waiting to hear d bishop own side of story, so pls dont wash d man down yet. I believe there is a law regulating the establishment of a church in our own country. Pls stop abusing d man of God.. let him explain to us what went Wrong dat led to the assaulting of the people that came to carry out their official duties. We r all equal b4 d law, even, b4 God.

  26. Lawless Oyedepo

    Do you think Oyedepo will be sued,those that his members dealt will just suffer it,my candid advice to the Govt is that this man’s activities should be checked.
    1) He was the one that slap a woman in his church
    2) He was the one that confiscate a widow’s house that she should will to God.(Mobe Ajomi de-it was air in this programme)
    3)He was the one that his boys shoot a man about 30 bullets in head(Nkan Gbe-it was air in this programme)
    4)He has committed many atrocities
    Well,if he escapes Nigeria Law,what about God’s.

  27. Iyke 1

    The so-called OGTV / OGIRS & and their nonesense village planners do not have any single right to barge-into the premises of cannan land unauthorised or without been permitted by the church authority. If the state government is in need of financial assistance from the man of God, they should boldly meet PAPA, for he will +vely triple their demand.

    1. ayinde

      i think you are seek in the head, better go for medical checl up in yaba left were.

    2. Angie

      Who is your Papa? You are all not in your right sense. I am very sure Winners Chapel in the US and European countries will not barricade their buildings to the fire Marshall and other state inspectors. The fundamental problem with us in Nigeria is that we refuse to put the safety of our people first. Inspection of buildings and taxation is what all Nigerians that travel outside the country adhere to. Why should it be different at home. As a nonprofit or church organization.in the US, you no fit say you no go pay taxes, both to the state and the Federal government. You immediately loose your non profit status and your ability to enrich yourself like these so called Nigerian pastors do and don’t be shocked to find your Holy self preaching in the prisons. Incarceration is your next endeavor. Go and ask Winners pastors in the US. We just need to prosecute the participants of the attacks and have the organization which is registered in a country with laws that govern it pay all taxes due and comply with its laws. Other option is to move or relocate the organization to heaven.Stop this madness and embarrassment of God’s work. Over zealousness and” pastorlatry” (modern day idolatry) does not get you to eternal life.

    3. oluomo

      U r very sick..oyedepo s nt worthy of being called a man of God..a pastor who flies a private jet arnd d globe,charge ridiculous fees on convenant students and yet finds it hard to pay a tax of abt 2m..go n find out ao real men of God behave nt lyk ds asshole called oyedepo n his followers..stupid pple

  28. king

    pastor can only control by Bible law not civil law.
    let the Govt uses the law from the bible to prosecute the pastor

  29. Austin Akaninyene

    Even the Bible says give to ceacar what belongs to ceacar and obey constituted authorities! Until church buildings start collapsing then people will start blaming government for not regulating or suppervising their activities

  30. kunle

    this getting too much on my own i will say the church need to be demolish to serve as a warning for others so called pastor who turn t themself o God,

  31. Naija Entertainment Blog

    Lol at your comment naubiko. That’s what we get when we begin to worsip men and not God.

  32. Yandang

    Demonic activities! They want Ayedepo 2 join their stupid politics. God wil punish them.

  33. Dele

    Holy Agberos bred in the Church.

  34. David Oyedepo Aremu

    For goodness sake what is this madness going on in Nigeria? Why is this bastard occultist Oyedepo treated as if he’s above the law of this land? Who the hell does he think he is? Is his Church in UK and other western world above the law of those countries?
    Does he think he is Jesus Christ? Why are Nigerians worshipping this foolish proud pig? Woe unto you, Oyedepo. Unless you genuinely repent, your end (very soon) will be worse than the Ajanaku of late. Oloshi onimu nla.

    1. Aliyu Adamu.

      The commentator who referred to himself as David Oyedepo Aremu is very Crude and vulgar.Why did u choose to use a fictitious name,if you are so sure of yourself.Referring to the pastor as a cultist is LIBELLOUS.But i am sure you won’t know what libel is because it is evident that you are an illiterate.

    2. kaycee

      let be reasonable enough and find out what the truth is before jumping into conclusion

    3. kaycee

      pls stop using insultive words on this forum.

  35. naubiko

    Pastor Oyedepo, we’ve made you lord over us ..may you continue to reign over us.As we know you’re above the law as shown earlier by slapping the devil out of a woman.
    Please the next time the tax men come around get your security man to shoot at sight. How dare they question a god of men to Pay taxes even when they know the school and the university is making for for the kingdom. Insult upon injury.

    1. Oke

      Bird of feathers.

    2. kaycee

      is there no other way for u to contribute on this forum………hooooo gushhhhh

    3. Mephy

      Naubiko how dare u make such a statement. Be careful not to go into idolatory, in d name of protecting your pastor. I believe even he will not support you.

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