•Muoka, Lord's Chosen G.O

•Muoka, Lord’s Chosen G.O

The police in Lagos have launched investigation into the massive production of audio and video CDs of purported miracles performed by the General Overseer of Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Renewal Movement, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, currently circulating in the state.

Thousands of these CDs are sold daily at various markets in Lagos and at a high price.

The label on the CD is entitled ‘Chosen Mopol’ with a subtitle ‘Naked Truth.’ It has photographs of former workers in the church, including Pastor Nnamdi Ofoegbu, who allegedly disclosed how Pastor Muoka stage-managed miracles to deceive members.

The church has disowned the CDs, saying it did not emanate from them.

P.M.NEWS investigations revealed that a copy of the CD is sold for N200 and N300 in the market. Those behind it are unknown but the police have started investigation to expose and arrest the culprits.

The CDs show Ofoegbu and other former church members testifying against some of the miracles performed by Pastor Muoka which they described as fake and stage-managed.

Ofoegbu has, however, come out to deny having anything to do with the CDs. He said he does not know those behind the CDs and called on the security agents to fish them out and prosecute them.

In the video CD, a woman who gave her name as Mrs. Juliet Eze said she was asked to dress and act like a mad woman before the congregation, adding that Muoka later delivered her from ‘madness.’

She also said she was asked to sit on a wheel chair and dress like a disabled woman and give testimony in the church that Muoka healed her.

She disclosed further that she was asked to confess that she was a prostitute and when she started coming to Lord’s Chosen, she was delivered and became a born again.

According to her, pastors and members of the church are subjected to untold hardship and poverty by Muoka. Members are also asked to forefeit all their properties to the church, she added.

She explained in the video that after contributing so much for the growth of the church, Muoka abandoned them.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS on the CDs, Ofoegbu confirmed that his attention was drawn to them but denied having watched them.

•A sample of the fake miracle CDs on sale in Lagos

•A sample of the fake miracle CDs on sale in Lagos

He said the CD might be the one he tendered to the police when he had issues with Muoka.

He said he once had issues with Muoka and the matter was eventually settled for them and they have since reconciled.

Ofoegbu recalled that in 2007,  he and Muoka tendered some video tapes to the police, adding that it was the tapes that some individuals have commercialised to make money. He said the tapes were not meant for sale.

“Yes, we have issues with my pastor (Muoka) and we settled and reconciled and I even went to Muoka’s church and told his members that we have settled,” he narrated.

He explained that he had no reason to malign Muoka who he said he has great respect for because he made him to repent and embrace Christ.

He described those selling the CDs as wicked. He called on the public to give information to the police to effect their arrest.

Ofoegbu who is also a chief said he left Lord’s Chosen in 2006 and established his own church called Christ Chosen Generation Revival Ministry.

After he left the church in 2006, there have been claims and counter-claims by him and Muoka, as regards who erred in the preaching of the gospel.

Both of them have been quizzed by the police on different occasions.

Ofoegbu had claimed that Muoka shortchanged him to the tune of N317 million being the amount he contributed to the growth of the church since inception up to the time he left in 2006.

He also claimed that it was an investment based on an unwritten agreement he reached with Muoka to invest all he had with the hope of reaping bountifully  at the time of harvest.

He alleged that when it was time for him to enjoy the fruit of his labour, Muoka ditched him.

When P.M.NEWS visited the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Renewal Movement for comment, the information officer, Pastor Chidi was not around.  He later spoke through phone. He said the CDs were fake and added that those circulating them were defrauding innocent Nigerians and should be arrested.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe