Igbo-Yoruba Affair: A Mistrust Carried Too Far

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There is a mistrust in the way the Igbo relate with their Yoruba compatriots. But analysts say the premises are faulty

The past 18 months or thereabout have yielded bountifully, elements that have inflamed tempers among the Igbo and Yoruba, as it usually plays out when members of the two major tribes have cause to discuss who did or did not do what in Nigeria’s pre- and post-independence era politics. This happens through street corner arguments, newspaper articles and even more significant nowadays, in online discussion forums. For one, there was the death, after months on sick bed, of Dim Chukuwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, the leader of the defunct Biafra Republic in November 2011 which, as was expected, resulted in fresh debates about who played what role in the 30-month failed effort of the Igbos to pull out of Nigeria.

There was also the publication of There Was a Country, the last book of Nigerian and global literary icon, Chinua Achebe, followed by the death of the writer last March. And lately, there was the relocation of some indigent persons of South-East origin to Onitsha by Lagos State government, an act interpreted by some of their kith and kin as another demonstration of general hatred for the Igbo. At the height of one of such Igbos-Yoruba spats, a Kenyan, alarmed by the ease with which the two major tribes of southern Nigeria threw insults at each other on the basis of their ethnic affiliation, posted a picture of a dog and cat lying side by side on an online forum, urging the two groups to take a cue from the animals on peaceful coexistence.

The good thing, however, is that the seemingly age-long duels have so far been devoid of wielding and using cudgels, daggers and guns. But it has not been short in verbal assaults, with some of the participants seeming to compete in seeing who can do the most denigration of the other person’s tribe. Such spats, borne out of age-long rivalriy between the two groups for domination of Nigeria’s political and economic space, actually date back to pre-independence Nigeria.

Colonial Period

In his autobiography, A Measure of Grace, Professor Akin Mabogunje, the first Nigerian professor of Geography, recalled one of such rivalries that played out at the campus of Nigeria’s premier tertiary institution, University of Ibadan, in 1950, over the invitation of Nigeria’s first president, Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe. The Progressive Party which the Geography Professor served as Secretary had mandated him to invite the late nationalist, popularly known as Zik, for a lecture in the run-up to the introduction of the McPherson Constitution in 1951. The Constitution, for the first time, provided for election into the houses of assembly of the regions, rather than appointment of official representatives stipulated in the constitution it was replacing. The Students’ Progressive Party had actually invited Zik for a lecture designed to give further enlightenment on what the new constitution portended for the country. The Progressive Party had perfected the invitation and received assurances that the leader of the then Nigeria’s foremost political party, the National Council of Nigeria and Cameroons, NCNC, would be available for the lecture.

Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe
Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe

But just as the Progressive Party members were getting ready to receive their august guest, they received information that not to be outdone, the Dynamic Party, with membership made up predominantly of the Igbo, did not like the idea of an Igbo leader coming to address a union of another ethnic group..

As recalled by Professor Mabogunje, the real drama played out on the day the NCNC leader arrived the university for the lecture. “As soon as the motorcade arrived, I went to the motorcade conveying Dr. Azikwe and introduced myself as the representative of the Students’ Progressive Party that had invited him to give lecture. An Igbo student representing the Dynamic Party jumped into the car and started talking to Dr. Azikwe in Igbo. Realising what was happening, Zik told him: ‘Speak the language the other person understands!’ Whereupon, he pushed him out of the car,” the Professor of Geography wrote in the book. The struggle for under whose banner Zik would deliver his lecture between the two students’ parties snowballed into a minor crisis necessitating the intervention of the university authorities. The lecture was eventually held under the auspices of the Students’ Union as advised by the University Warden, thus preventing the situation from ballooning into a full scale crisis. Of course, Zik also handled the situation with grace and impartiality.

However, in spite of such rivalry, the Igbo and Yoruba, to a great extent, were able to work together in the pre-independence era, especially in the fight to see the back of the British colonial rulers.

Herbert Macaulay, a detribalised Yoruba Lagosian, worked with Zik to establish the NCNC, regarded as Nigeria’s first truly national party because it was made up of many groups and associations across the country in 1944, for example. Macaulay was the party’s first president, while Zik served as the secretary. Despite the preponderance of other equally competent Lagosians in the party, Macaulay did not entertain any doubt handing over the leadership of the NCNC to Azikiwe on his death bed two years later. Zik spoke Yoruba with effortless grace and even gave his children Yoruba names to further demonstrate his affinity with the part of the country he lived in throughout his active years, economically and politically. On the other hand, Yoruba politicians like late Chiefs Theophilus Benson, Adeniran Ogunsanya, among others, also pitched their tent with Zik and remained in the camp of the Owelle of Onitsha in all their active years in politics.

In spite of such few bright spots, the mistrust between the Igbo and the Yoruba has endured over the years. Ironically, analysts situate the beginning of the enduring mistrust between the two tribes in the rivalry between late former Premier of the defunct Western Region, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Zik. Awo and Zik started off as members of Nigerian Youth Forum, regarded as the pre-eminent nationalist organisation of the period.

The two leaders, arguably, had their first major clash in the run-up to the 1941 election to fill a seat vacated by the late Sir Kofo Abayomi in the Lagos Legislative Council. In the election, Awolowo, an Ijebu, backed Ernest Ikoli, an Ijaw man; Zik threw his weight behind Samuel Akinsanya, the late Odemo of Isara, an Ijebu man. Many believed that Zik’s lack of support for Ikoli was an extension of the competition between the duo for control of newspaper business in which they were major stakeholders. Zik however resigned from the NYM with the claim that Akinsanya’s loss was due to a tribal gang-up by the Yoruba.

Many Igbo members of NYM accepted this explanation. Consequently, they also quit the party alongside Zik, who they regarded as their foremost leader in Lagos at the time. The outcome of 1951 Western regional assembly election in which Zik had contested on the platform of the NCNC with the aim of becoming the Premier of Western Nigeria further deepened the bitterness between the two tribes. Given the immense popularity enjoyed by the NCNC in the West and wide acceptance of Zik, the task was not a totally impossible one. But then, the NCNC had as opponent in the election the Action Group, established just a year before the election by Awolowo – who had by then become one of the prominent Nigerian political figures – and his associates. Awo, who had also by then become a lawyer, had returned to Nigeria in 1947 after his education at University of London to, in the words of Achebe, “found the once powerful political establishment of Western Nigeria – sidetracked by partisan and intra-ethnic squabbles”. The late writer observed that consequently, “Awolowo and close associates reunited his ancient Yoruba people with a powerful glue – resuscitated ethnic pride – and created a political party, the Action Group in 1951, from an amalgamation of the Egbe Omo Oduduwa, the Nigerian Produce Traders Association and a few other factions.”

Chief Obafemi Awolowo
Chief Obafemi Awolowo

During this period, Awo was accused of sending Zik away from the West. In a past interview with TheNEWS, Odia Ofeimun explained that Azikiwe’s West African Pilot reported after the 1951 parliament election in the West that Azikiwe’s party, the NCNC, had 25, the Action Group had 15 and Independents 40. Anybody who knew the Western Region, according to Ofeimun, knew there was something wonky with that way of presenting the results, because that particular election was run on the basis of very many ethnic organisations.

“People ran on the platform of Otuedo in the Benin-Delta area, Ibadan Peoples’ Party in Ibadan, Ondo Improvement League and so on and so forth. The only part of Nigeria where political parties existed properly was Lagos. NCNC swept all the five seats in Lagos. But it was because the NCNC swept all the five seats in Lagos, and journalism and communication was strong in Lagos, that almost all the Lagosians and, therefore, supposedly Nigerian public opinion, came to believe that Azikiwe won. The truth is that if you win in Lagos, you did not win in the Western Region,” Ofeimun added.

But that belief that Azikiwe won, in spite of what his own newspaper reported, became folklore. Odia continued: “And people forgot that among the 40 people, whom Azikiwe’s paper regarded as independents, were people who said they owed allegiance either to the NCNC or the Action Group. The Action Group was just being formed as a party and the NCNC was entering regional party politics for the first time. So you had these big political parties on which platforms candidates did not run because their people did not know them. So it was after the election that many of them were coming out.”

But something, according to him, happened. Before the election, the electoral officer insisted that the two political parties that were claiming candidates should bring a list of their candidates. Only the Action Group published a list of their candidates before the election. And it was on the basis of that list that the Action Group was claiming that it had won. So, because the NCNC apparently did not present a list, it could claim seats that it did not win. That was where the problem is.

And what was interesting is that Zik, as Odia put it, never stopped repeating it that he won, but that it was on the floor of the House that people cross-carpeted. No, it was not on the floor of the House.

Odia explained. Between November 1951 and January 1952, when the House actually met, where all the candidates belonged to had become well known and obvious. “But you know political parties never stop asserting strengths that they may not possess. So you had a situation where the newspapers were wrangling over who had moved to this side or who was moving to the other side,” Odia argued. Many of the candidates moving this way and that way, of course, were being lured by many things. Some of them, as he put it, had been members of Egbe Omo Oduduwa. Naturally, they were close to the organisation that Awolowo led. There were those who did not care about any ethnic organisation. The individual party members were simply looking for their own deal. The six members who came from the Ibadan People’s Party were shifting this way and that way, as the wind blew them. Most of the people who won on the platform of the individual parties wanted to know which of the two parties was likely to form a government.

Odia argued further:”Akinloye, after zigzagging, stood with the Action Group because the Action Group was particular about one thing: it wanted the brightest and the best. Akinloye had just come with a first class degree from Europe and, therefore, they wanted him at all costs. Awolowo just wanted the best in the place and offering Akinloye a job was one easy winner. And by the time Akinloye was offered a job, it was already clear that the Action Group had more seats in parliament than the NCNC.”

•Ojukwu: Led Biafra
•Ojukwu: Led Biafra

On the day the parliament actually met, Odia explained that the Action Group – and anybody who knows how Awolowo organises would understand that – moved to the House of Assembly as one team. They worked as one team, all of them brandishing Action Group plaques on their chest. Awolowo was their head; they followed him. When Awolowo got to the door and discovered that all the NCNC members were scattered all over the place, he said: “No, we shall not enter until they move to one side.”

The pattern in any serious parliament, as per the traditions of the House of Commons, is that parties stay on their side of the House. So, as Odia narrated, Awo insisted they must do so before they would enter. The traditional rulers came there and begged, saying: “Please, not in this new dispensation. Don’t let’s spoil it with rancour.” Awolowo never listened to such debates. He told them that until they moved, he and his men would not enter.

Awolowo’s chances of emerging the Premier of West with the regions becoming self-governing in 1952 was further boosted when elected members of Ibadan People’s Party, IPP, which was not affiliated to NCNC anyway, joined forces with AG members on the floor of the House.

“The IPP took its independent decision to join the Action Group to form the government in good conscience, based on the sentiment of the people they were elected to represent, and that is what republican democracy is all about,” Bari Salau, political consultant for Movement For Progressive Change In Nigeria, said in article he published in 2009 to commemorate what should have been the 100th year birthday of Awolowo. The late Chief Adisa Akinloye, a leader of IPP, actually said he led members of his party to join the AG which won the highest number of seats in the House when Zik refused to step down for a Yoruba man within the NCNC to be Premier of Western Region.

“What swelled the majority of the Action Group was not as a result of any ‘carpet-crossing’ from the NCNC to the AG but the declaration of support by most of the small parties for the AG,” noted S. Kadiri who challenged those who hold such opinion to publish the result of the election in an article published on a popular website. Kadiri further noted that even the charge that Awolowo had on ethnic grounds prevented Azikwe from leading the Western House of Assembly, the AG leader would have been acting in tune with principles enunciated by the leader of NCNC in an address to Igbo State Assembly at Aba on 25 June, 1949.

Zik had told his audience, as reported in compilation of his selected speeches published in 1961, that: “The keynote in this address is self determination for the Igbo. Let us establish an Ibo State, based on linguistic and ethnic factors, enabling us to take our place side by side with other linguistic and ethnic groups which make up Nigeria and the Cameroons.”

Chimamanda Adiche, award-winning author, had in an essay, “We Remember Differently”, published in November 2012 to celebrate Achebe’s clocking of 82 years, noted that Igbo children are raised on such anti-Awolowo staples. “I grew up hearing, from adults, versions of Achebe’s words about Awolowo. He was the man who prevented an Igbo man from leading the Western House of Assembly in the famous ‘carpet crossing’ incident of 1952.”

Even then, rather than stay in the Western House of Assembly as leader of opposition, Zik returned to the East to chase out and to take the position of the non-Igbo leader of the Eastern House of Assembly, Professor Eyo Ita, thus becoming guilty of the same accusation his supporters charged the AG leader with. An action which, according to Achebe, “compounded his betrayal of principle by precipitating a major crisis which was unnecessary, selfish and severely damaging in its consequences”.

Post-Independence Era

The rivalry between Zik and Awo persisted till the post-independence era, though there was a thaw when the duo worked together – AG-NCNC alliance which crystallised into the formation of United Progressive Grand Alliance, UPGA.

•Achebe: Accused Awolowo of genocide
•Achebe: Accused Awolowo of genocide

However, the interpretation of events of the Nigerian Civil War and Awo’s role in it has been another major cause of distrust between the two major Nigerian tribes. Adichie, in the article quoted above, listed the other crimes of the late AG leader, as related by Igbo parents to their children till today, to include “He (Awo) was the man who betrayed Igbo people when he failed on his alleged promise to follow Biafra’s lead and pull the Western Region out of Nigeria.” She quoted an unnamed uncle telling her that Awo “made Igbo people poor because he never liked us.” This was because at the end of the war, every Igbo person who had a bank account in Nigeria was given £20, no matter how much they had in their accounts before the war, an act which Chimamanda herself said she has always regarded as “livid injustice”. Many Igbo regarded Awolowo, who was the finance minister during the civil war, as the architect of this policy.

Achebe also averred in his last book that Awolowo had during the war deliberately initiated schemes to starve the Igbo, with the aim of eventually killing them and reducing the voting population of the group for his own political end, thereby committing genocide. The writer said Awolowo based this policy on a statement “credited” to him that, “…All is fair in war, and starvation is one of the weapons of war. I don’t see why we should feed our enemies fat in order for them to fight harder.”

Former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode however described such claims as just one part of the story.

The bitter truth, according to him, is that “If anyone is to be blamed for the hundreds of thousands of Igbo that died from starvation during the civil war, it was not Chief Awolowo or even General Yakubu Gowon but rather, it was Col. Odumegwu-Ojukwu.” The former minister recalled that the Federal Government had asked Ojukwu to open a road corridor for supply of food to the civilian population during the war as part of a deal that was brokered by the international community, but the Biafran leader turned down the offer. Instead, Ojukwu had insisted that the food should be flown into Biafra by air in the night, a demand that was unacceptable to Federal Government out of fear that such night flights could be used to smuggle arms and ammunition for use of rebel soldiers: “That was where the problem came from and that was the issue. Apart from that, Ojukwu found it expedient and convenient to allow his people starve to death and to broadcast it on television screens all over the world in order to attract sympathy for the Igbo cause and for propaganda purposes.

“This, however, worked beautifully for him,” said Fani-Kayode.

A secret United States dispatch made public recently supported these assertions. In the dispatch, it was noted that disagreement on the form of transportation to be adopted for supply of food to hundreds of thousands of starving Biafrans between Gowon and Ojukwu, were the chief reasons for hunger that claimed the lives of many in the rebel territory. It was specifically stated in the cable that Gowon stopped air shipments of food to the rebel territory at the height of the civil war in 1968 despite pressure from the United States and the Red Cross, because of fears that the transport airplanes were being used to supply arms to Biafra. While Gowon was willing to allow land shipment, the Biafran rejected it with claims that the food might be poisoned, and that such route would be corridor for federal soldiers.

Awolowo himself was confronted with the same charges in a radio interview during his electioneering campaign as the presidential candidate of Unity Party of Nigeria in 1983. According to him, the decision to change the currency which many Igbos said was aimed at preventing Ojukwu from using money looted from the Central Bank of Nigeria branches in Benin, Port Harcourt and Calabar by rebel soldiers to buy arms abroad: “We discovered he looted our Central bank in Benin, he looted the one in Port Harcourt, looted the one in Calabar and he was taking the currency notes abroad to sell to earn foreign exchange to buy arms.” He also said the policy to limit withdrawals to £20 was because depositors could not show proof of what they had as deposits, as Biafran soldiers burnt bank documents during their raids on the banks. While reiterating that he was a friend of the Igbo, Awolowo recalled that he saved the accrued revenue for the East Central State during the period the war lasted and gave it back to them at the rate of £990,000 as monthly subventions.

The late sage also said he ensured that the houses owned by the Igbo in Lagos and in the other parts of the country not affected by the war were kept for them: “I had an estate agent friend who told me that one of them collected half a million pounds rent which has been kept for him. All his rent were collected, but since we didn’t seize their houses, he came back and collected half a million pounds.” Segun Adeniyi, Chairman, Editorial Board of ThisDay newspapers, actually recounted the instance of Reverend Moses Iloh in his column titled “Memories of Biafran Nightmares” published in January this year. The reverend gentleman not only met his property as he left it, he also received help from friends like the late Ambassador Segun Olusola to kick off a new lease of life in Lagos. Adeniyi recalled in the column that Iloh told him how Olusola and another Yoruba friend, Dapo Gbalajobi, helped him with funds that enabled him participate in buying a company when the indigenisation policy was introduced, an act which eventually made him a very wealthy man.

“I remember a friend’s uncle in Lagos who collected and saved up the rent on two houses belonging to his Igbo colleague who had been forced to flee as a result of the war. When he came back three years later, after the war, haggard and mercilessly dispossessed and his colleague handed over his bank account, he was frozen with gratitude,” Professor Niyi Osundare also recalled in an interview published in The Guardian.

Though there may be few exceptions, the situation in the West was far better than in Port Harcourt where, in the guise of abandoned property, the indigenes proceeded in taking over the property of the Igbo at the inception of the war. Ironically, Senator David Mark who presided over the abandoned property saga as an army officer in Port Harcourt, has not come under serious attacks over his role in the civil war from the Igbo as had Awo. Analysts wondered why the supposed sin of one man is attached to his people.

The Igbo had also accused the Yorubas of betrayal. The allegation is that the Yoruba reneged on the promise of declaring an independent Oduduwa Republic in response to the declaration of Biafra. The late sage, claim those who hold this view, said this at a meeting between him and Yoruba leaders in May, 1967.

But in a recent interview with this magazine, Professor Ropo Sekoni recalled the exact words of Awolowo on the issue: ‘By act of commission or omission, if the East left, that the West would follow suit.’ In other words, the Professor said while interpreting the statement, said what Awo implied was that ‘circumstance that allowed the East to go might also push the West out.’ He added that the statement can also be interpreted to mean ‘Look, let us make sure that they don’t go.’ In addition, the fact that the AG leader led a delegation of Western and Mid-Western leaders to Enugu on 6 May 1967, to dissuade Ojukwu from seceding, as has been recounted in many accounts of the war, indicated that Awolowo was not ready for the potentially bloody adventure.

Second Republic

In the Second Republic, the then National Peoples Party, NPP, led by Zik, and Unity Party of Nigeria, UPN, led by Awo, had also mooted the idea of working together in the 1983 elections but the arrangement did not eventually work out.

The Deportation Saga And The Status of Lagos

The latest act that brought the distrust genie out of the bottle was the relocation of some Igbo destitute from Lagos. Lagos State government said the relocation was part of its programme of taking homeless people, beggars and urchins from the streets. It added that a large number of “area boys” who are mostly Lagos Island indigenes have been taken off the streets by its Kick Against Indiscipline, KAI Brigade, while it has also sent over 3,000 of such destitute individuals back to states in northern and south-western Nigeria.

The state also said it transported the destitute persons, whose number it put at 14, to Onitsha after the Anambra State government refused to respond to its letter urging it to prepare to receive them. Lagos State government claimed that states like Akwa Ibom and Katsina had made proper logistic arrangements to receive destitute individuals it relocated to their states in the past.

But this explanation was not acceptable to many Igbo, who accused the Lagos State governor of driving Igbo people out of Lagos through “brazen deportations and repatriations”. Former Abia governor, Orji Uzor Kalu, soon weighed in, accusing the Lagos State governor of working against the Igbo who contributed 55 per cent to the economy of Lagos. He also declared that Lagos was a no-man’s land, a view that received the support of some Igbo.

“In today’s world, cosmopolitan cities like Lagos are located in a specific place but usually transcend primordial ownership criteria,” said Chidi Amuta in an article published on the ThisDay issue on 13 August.

However, this logic was challenged by C. Don Adinuba, a public commentator of South-east origin. In his words: “There are so many investments in Lagos because Lagos has for long welcomed the Igbo people, enabling Ndigbo to prosper in Lagos more than in any other state. And no governor in Nigeria’s history has demonstrated as much affection to our people as Fashola. Commonsense dictates we protect in a strategic manner the interests of our people and reciprocate the friendship of well-meaning individuals and groups.”

He concluded that if the Yoruba hated Igbo, the Igbo would not be thriving in Lagos.

According to a US based academic, Dr. Wale Adebanwi, in a paper, “The City, Hegemory and Ethno-spathal Politics: The Press and The Struggle for Lagos in Colonial Nigeria,” agitation against Lagos started in the colonial period when there were plans to relocate the seat of Colonial government to Mount Pattle behind Lokoja [Kaduna or Abuja now].

However, the Governor General, Sir High Clifford, in his address to the Nigerian Council on 29 December 1919, argued for the retention of Lagos as headquarters for commercial reasons. But Adebanwi added: “Clifford was also concerned about the government moving far away from the articulation of dissent,” and that the colonial government ” would suffer in its execution if it moved away from critical appraisal that was evident in Lagos… Where activities of critical elements are exposed to the closest scrutiny and criticism.”

In fact, Adebanwi quoted H.O Davis as saying that Lagos contained “the genius of the country.” Adebanwi added that the matter was raised in the 1940s and 1950s.

The fight over Lagos also involved the media, especially Zik’s West African pilot and Daily Service. Adebanwi, apart from the origin of Lagos, traces the fresh clash over Lagos to the advent of Zik. Before that, Lagos was inhabited by what he describes as “closed aristocracy of the Yoruba and Yorubalised Creoles.” They were Yoruba or Creole families who, apart from Ernest Ikoli, an Ijaw, controlled the press.

The war between the Yoruba went deeper. As Adebanwi writes: “Azikiwe had earlier protested the domination of Lagos politics by the Yoruba who were also discriminating against non-Yoruba, particularly in the area of housing but his presidency of the Ibo state Union did not help matters. He had said while addressing his ibo constituents that it would appear that God of Africa had created the Igbo nation to lead the children of Africa from the bondate of ages.”

The conflict, as Adebanwi posits, ran deeper with the creation of Egbe Omo Oduduwa. In fact, a member of the Egbe, Oluwole Alakija wrote: “We were bundled together by the British who named us Nigeria. We never knew the Ibos, but since we came to know them, we have tried to be friendly and neighbourly. Then came [Zik] to sow the seeds of distrust and hatred.”

At a point, Zik’s NCNC argued that Lagos be separated as a federal capital from the rest of the West, “while the Action Group, led by Awolowo, rooted for the retention/merger of Lagos with the Yoruba West.” Zik held this opinion “for the sake of unit.”

When the Macpherson Constitution merged Lagos with Western Region, Zik’s pilot argued that it had “given us a country without a capital.” The newspaper fought the Macpherson constitution until, as Adebanwi put it, ” it way abandoned.

When the war became hot, the Service in 1953 wrote that the Yoruba “are not compelling the whole country to make Lagos their capital. But at least, it is the duty of the Governor to make it clear that the only alternative to the present situation of Lagos is for the people of Nigeria to buy a piece of land and establish on it a federal capital independent of the three regions.”

General Ibrahim Babangida fulfilled that when he moved the seat of government to Abuja!

An analyst of Igbo origin who resides in Lagos but declined to be named, reminded everyone that if the Yoruba hated the Igbo, would Lt.Col. Adekunle Fajuyi have defended to the death, his supreme commander and guest, General Aguiyi-Ironsi, who was assassinated during the July 1966 counter coup. “How come this has not been a major plank of this debate? Fajuyi’s wife, Eunice, recently died in Ado-Ekiti, how many Igbo leaders went there?”

Analysts believe that, given the long history of intermarriages between the two tribes, with many prominent Igbo men like Chief Emeka Anyaoku and Professor Chukwuemeka Ike married to Yoruba women and vice versa, the rivalry should by now be a thing of the past.

—-Ayorinde Oluokun


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  6. Omonile

    Ayorinde Oluokun I’m as Igbo as they come but I do not have a grudge against the Yoruba. Most Igbos don’t. Igbos, including me have issues with Awolowo, who, as Achebe clearly pointed out, had an evil motive to annihilate the Igbos for electoral gain. Come to think of it, Zik was the only one amongst the trio of himself, Awolowo and Tafawa Balewa, who was mightily exposed from his long sojourn in the USA. Britain had a culture of ethnic/class chauvinism, which Awolowo wholeheartedly embraced and promoted.

    The whole issue between Igbo and Youruba is a creation of the press. Achebe’s personal observation about Awolowo’s actions toward Ndigbo drew blood from the Yoruba press who appropriated it and termed it Yoruba affair.. Far from it, sir. It is and has always been about Awolowo, your revered leader whose actions towards Ndigbo your people don’t want to criticize (a genuinely embarrassing problem with the black race)


    This is a partisan report. Really the writer tried to write on a neutral position, but like many other Nigerians, his tribal/ethnic inclination just could not be divorced from this write up. This article is still tainted in ethnic colours.
    The beginning sentence below:

    There is a mistrust in the way the Igbo relate with their Yoruba compatriots. But analysts say the premises are faulty [sic]

    Notice how it reads”… in the way the Igbo relate with their Yoruba compatriots.” At the end of that sentence you could have written : …and vice versa. Don’t get what I mean?, switch the positions of Igbo and Yoruba and read the sentence again, how does it sound?

    Another, “Herbert Macaulay, a detribalised Yoruba Lagosian, worked with Zik to establish the NCNC”- this statement tells me that there are a lot of tribalises Yoruba Lagosians. See?

    Zik spoke Yoruba with effortless grace and even gave his children Yoruba names to further demonstrate his affinity with the part of the country he lived in throughout his active years, economically and politically. – This shows how detribalised Zik was, you see? It has to be an Igbo man. That man Zik believed in one Nigeria, one people, how many of his contemporaries believed that? If they did would they have been known for their regionalisations?

    Now watch these two contradictions: “And what was interesting is that Zik, as Odia put it, never stopped repeating it that he won, but that it was on the floor of the House that people cross-carpeted. No, it was not on the floor of the House”
    Please read the following and compare the two statements.

    “Awolowo’s chances of emerging the Premier of West with the regions becoming self-governing in 1952 was further boosted when elected members of Ibadan People’s Party, IPP, which was not affiliated to NCNC anyway, joined forces with AG members on the floor of the House.”

    “The IPP took its independent decision to join the Action Group to form the government in good conscience, based on the sentiment of the people they were elected to represent, and that is what republican democracy is all about,” Bari Salau. Sentiments right? Another word for sentiment is perspective or view.
    Is this sentiment not ethnic? Tribal? After this has been done to people who believed in One-Nigeria is it not enough to make them develop mistrust?

    See, in Nigeria, the Igbo are the most believers in oneness and unity, which is why they are everywhere. They attempted to get out of this God-knows-what when they were persecuted sore but the state said no! Now they are here back , you have no choice than to live with them.
    Live and let live. The Nigerian state is a contraption and the Igbo have been the most affected, yet they continue. Anyone who tries to breed war will die in it.
    The rest of the south south knew nothing of what the Igbo were facing till, Isaac Boro’s case, till Ken Saro Wiwa’s case, till Goodluck Jonathan became president and the stupid northern machinery that is Boko Haram got unleashed, now, they know.

  8. Babs

    All of you readers had said so much about the past events in the country as I see this as part of the history of the country, which will never be changed. The most important aspect of this after having the opportunity reading the entire article published by the author(s), is that I personally found the entire article to be enlighten and informative. This is an excellent article for all Nigerian to read with clear mind whether you are igbo, Yoruba, Hausa or from other tribes. I believe the article is one that should be read by all youths in the country while moving away from tribal insults between all tribes in the country. We should all work together toward making the nation a better place for all the people that leave in the country, as we all see in other counties similar to Nigeria, which we all focus in resolving common problrms face by the country. In closing, I wish our country and all the leadership y very best to Nigeria and all our beautiful people across the country.

  9. we remember differently

    The crux of the matter is the difference in the Ibo and Yoruba world views. As Zik rightly observed Yoruba closed aristocracy is alien to Ibo republican nature and modern political-economy. Unfortunately, the truth is turned upside down in Nigeria. The Ibo who left his place to live with Yoruba is now regarded as less friendly yet he left his place to embrace Yoruba. Ojukwu was only offered suicide option as Awo devils alternatives was meant to kill by bullet or starvation (Ojukwu choice is most dignifying). Awo made last minute visit to save the war so that he could finish the Ibo without a fight in the lopsided Nigeria he had fortuitously became the dominant figure following botched coup to save his head (height of ingratitude). 20 pounds was only to Ibo because their account could not be verified (why not give survival Biafra since account was not required; note the Lagos bank accounts were not lost). Evil design! Akinloye IPP was not cross carpeting when the decision was hinged on Zik refusal to capitulate NCNC leadership (premiership) to a Yoruba man! Yoruba fought to keep Nigeria one but deports the poor and keep the rich (hypocrisy). Lagos is cosmopolitan but fair play (otherwise why have the politics of the state not reflected the diversity). Obama was elected president of America. Why was Awo fighting to keep Lagos part of Yoruba state? Compare attitude of Abuja indigene and Lagos Yoruba regarding the federal oil money pumped to their territory (Lagos believe it’s their ingenuity). We are in circle.

  10. Femi Williams

    Many Igbos have narcissistic, anti-social and or paranoid personality disorders; paranoia is an attempt to believe what is not true about one’s self as true; the paranoid personality posits a false grandiose image of himself and believes that he is such a special person and wants other people to kowtow to his madness and see him as he wants to be seen: a very important person; other people being healthy see him as like them, ordinary, and he feels angry at them for not seeing him as the imaginary god he thinks that he is.
    I am a guy who says things about me that many persons do not tell others about themselves. I am not motivated by need to maintain good social face hence hide facts about me that do not present me in good light. Thus, somewhere I wrote that I inherited certain genetic disorders (cytochrome c oxidase deficiency and spondilolysis); I observed that some children with these medical disorders tend to wound up in wheel chairs and die in their adolescent years.
    Certain Igbos took that piece of information about me (they always seek out negative information about people and use it to attempt blackmailing them; they seldom say nice things about folks…around them you must watch what you say, for as amoral people they would misuse whatever snippet of information they gain about you) and proceeded to say that they know who I am (they don’t) and that I am in wheel chairs! They did not stop right there. Their childishly fertile imagination proceeded to say all kinds of nasty things about me, all false.
    They articulated these lies about me with seeming certainty that some of their fellow country bumpkins actually believed in them! In their childish minds they have shamed me (anthropologists tell us that folks living in primitive cultures, as Igbos are, employ shame to get people to conform to their primitive ways; they shame those who deviate from their nefarious ways) and made me seem like a social nobody, a nothing hence not to be taken seriously, not to be listened to. In their minds folks would only listen to what they say.
    Alas, folks automatically know that they are telling lies and do not listen to them; folks, in fact, correctly evaluate them to be lunatics (only mad men believe in the improbable statements they make about folks). Assuming that it is indeed the case that I am in wheel chairs one would think that if they are developmentally adults, not the mentally retarded, emotionally arrested and underdeveloped persons they are, they would have compassion for me and do whatever they could to help me. But in their warped minds compassion is out of the question (except when they present themselves as victims and beg for other people’s sympathy and love).
    Their minds are generally devoted to seeking ways to rip-off people; to take from people but seldom to give to people; they are takers and seldom givers; they do not help folks but would take from folks; in fact, they would take food from starving children’s mouths. They are self-centered, unprincipled and amoral opportunists; they are always looking out for ways to stiff folks and steal from them rather than help them out.
    These people do not seek ways to uplift mankind’s down trodden minds but add to their already intolerable suffering. Apparently, nobody told them that it is better to give than to receive, to serve people rather than exploit them. And the sad part of it all is that they claim to be Christians; apparently, they are too daft to understand that what it means to be a Christian is to love and serve people rather than degrade and abuse them. They are anything but Christians; in my book, they are heathen and savages!
    All that matters to them is to present themselves to the world as very important persons; they are always comparing themselves to other people and want to seem better than you but would not lift a finger to help you if you are in need.
    Those who engage in such behaviors, in my judgment, are sub-human beings; it is insulting to consider them human beings, for human beings are different from animals because they have the capacity to love and help one another, whereas predatory animals merely take from other animals and do not care for the welfare of other animals.
    Those who deliberately go out of their ways to tell lies about other people, who aim at rubbishing the name of people are evil persons”- PROFESSOR OSUJI OZODI.

    1. obinna

      that ozodi of a fool is not a professor biko.. he just has a useless PhD. can you please edit that comment.

  11. MARVEL





  12. danladi haruna

    Deltas, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa, Calabar, cross Rivers and other south-south are waiting for you to secede. Kai, you will suffer with your Ugu and palm-oil. I pity your children yet unborn. You are fighting a tribe that will destroy with everything without been loud like you Igbos. Hausas knows we cannot mess with Yorubas and hence we consult with each other on issue that pertains to the country. You igbos think you are everything, insha Allah, you will fall again. I trust the Yorubas, the most accommodating, yet daunting and vengeful when they feel it is time. Do not provoke these people to anger or else 2/3 of you will net reach Igbo land again, and the remaing 1/3 will go with half body. Leave their land , at least they are not in your own disease invested areas. When you governor fired all non-igbos from their positions everybody kept quiet, but now that the Yorubas just sampled you, you are shouting.

  13. danladi haruna

    hhahahahahahahaha! I cannot stop laughing at these stupid Igbo people. You have one airport that your brothers cannot even fly into and you are asking for a sea port. Trading alone does not make the economy of a state. petty businesses are for the Igbos while mega businesses such as banking, Oil and gas, real estate, communication, energy and others are controlled by us and the Yorubas. You call us cows, Igbos are the grass we eat. You have not seen anything yet, your emissaries from Israel are back with bad news that you guys are not Jews. You have littered the whole world with your greed and coveteousness. no wonder Thailand, Malaysia and other Asians now feed your bodies to animals after committing those crimes. Listen to your left over fathers fron Biafra, and hear what they are saying. Now you want to start claiming Lagos state. kai. Yoruba people will not shout , when your kids and wives starts dying without ammunition, then you will know that they have chemical spiritual weapon. Soon you will claim Ile-ife as Arochukwu. bunch of idiots

  14. agubuebge

    Mr yahaya your middle name is FOOLISNESS, you are a perfect example of an untrainable fool,just know that the Ibos are light years ahead of the north, no matter the number of years the north has been in power, compering the north with the south east is like compering the dead with the living or better still compering the darkness and light, the north occupies the begger’s industry of Nigeria, the north will be closer to the SE south east maybe in a zillion years to come,

  15. son of man

    Don’t be fooled people! This guy has written an APC script to portray Yorubas as OUR DEAR FRIENDS so we can enter into unholy marriage with APC and Islam. They know that the determinant factor on who wins the 2015 election is eastern Nigeria. They know we have no fellowship with feudels and designers of the econic policies that one million Igbo children to death, and handed over wealth to the Oduduwa. We will not, by a sponsored artcle forget soon the blood, the betrayal , the selfishness surrounding the history of our survival. It will not be long before the yoruba land will taste the pain of betrayal and anguish of a war. The soul of Nigeria will never know peace, untill they atone for the blood let and betrayal of the man of the east.



  17. Ogbeni N.

    The Hausas,Efiks,Ibibios,Ekpeyes,Ogonis,Ikwerreans & Deltans have dealt with the Igbos the way the Igbos deserved.The Yorubas thought the Igbos are human beings by showing enough kindness to them not known that they dont deserve to be treated like human beings, but with the trends of what is on ground created by Chinua Achebe who has just exhumed corps before he suddenly died of frustration & inferiority complex, the Yoruba will soon join their other Nigerian sisters to put the Igbo to check.The plan is strongly in full force.They will ever regret their actions,utterance & write ups,then we shall see if their Achebe will safe them by the time we start throwing them out of Yoruba land,




    1. Tony

      What has the Igbos benefited from the commissioner thing in Lagos. DEPORTATION. If not because of Votes ACN will not make an Igbo man a commissioner, Dont forget they have a large population that can alter the elections in Lagos state, so it is neither here nor there. in fact it is for their own good to give an Igbo man a post.. What other tribe enjoys that kind of population in any state.My friend , no finger not even yours can feed us. i served in the North. you know in your heart that without the Igbo man in the north, you are all finished. they are you r Doctors, teachers, etc name it. so they are the finger feeding you.

  19. Koya

    It is wrong for the Igbos to say, or even think, that Lagos is a no-man’s land, just because the Yorubas have been accommodating and hospitable to them. Even Abuja, is not a no-man’s land. Very soon, an Igbo man would want to play to the gallery, to contest the governorship of Lagos State, or become the Oba of Lagos! My advice to Indigbo, is to put their house in order, and stop blaming their woes on anybody. For instance, after the Presidency of the dynamic Chuba Okadigbo in the Senate, see how many Igbo Senators became Senate Presidents, as they continued to throw the proverbial banana peels for their kins and kiths. The same distrust made them unable to have another state created in the East, or produce a democratically-elected President of Nigeria. Shall we say that the Igbos are their worst enemies? Let us face the truth and the devil will be ashamed! The claim that 55% of the economy of Lagos is as a result of Indigbo’s businesses, might be true, just as it is true that their prosperity is enhanced by secure environment and brotherliness, which the Yorubas have demonstrated to them, over the years. I dare them to move out of Lagos in protest, and see who will suffer. They actually tried it during the June 12 saga and suffered huge losses. They moved en masse, out of Lagos. Many of them lost their property to fellow Igbo men. But the ones they left behind were still protected by the Yorubas, whom they so villify. As someone has reasoned, Indigbo should stop exhibiting bragaddocio, as that will only hinder, rather than help their progress in the Nigerian nation.

    1. Tony

      Today we have an international airport . soon we shall have our sea port. then we will know how Lagos will fare, it was a conspiracy by the Yorubas and the North to deny the Igbos these amenities, so that we are forced to come to Lagos.Truth be told. Igbos came to Lagos because they have no choice and they had to survive. and they have by their little money given to them after the war, done well in commerce. Let us face the facts Lagos is what it is because it enjoyed the Capital status and everything was based in Lagos. I remember when the Igbos left Lagos en mass during the Abiola crises,I dare to challenge anyone to tell me Lagos was not almost a ghost town. Truth be told,

      1. JayKay

        @Tony, you are still living in what Ozuji(Phd) described as a fantasy life. You remembered the rumor being circulated in 2006 that Fifa said the world cup will not be fun because Nigeria did not qualify for the tournament. In fact, the tournament was the best ever for African representatives. So, let’s just try it for a year, move your petty business to the east for a year and let see what happens. Ewu!

        1. Tony

          Haha , today you call it petty business, nay be you should go and ask Fashola how much these petty business contribute to the GDP of Lagos. i only pity you because the Agberos will now feast on you. why is it that when you want to develope any area in Lagos , you chase the Igbos o that place because you know you cannot do it yourself.Truth be told,even if you deny that fact. you should thank the igbos for coming to Lagos. why dont you have the same thing in Ogun, Osun, etc. Simple because you dont have a lot of Igbos there.i think is high time you thank this people for developing your area.

      2. Abayomi Aseda

        Tell no lies, claim no easy victory, always tell the truth, Lagos did not feel the absence, what was noticed is free flow of traffic

  20. Tom

    We need one Nigeria.

    1. paul

      @ TOM that would be financing with your cow money not oil money.


      1. Ty

        ThAnk God some people still get sense in this country to write sensible things. NOT BASTARDS LIKE PAUL, ANIMAL PAUL WEY HIM PAPA NA MONKEY AND HIM MAMA NA GORILLA!!!!

  21. Tony

    I think everybody should learn from history. Whenever elections are by the corner, ethnic hatred and rivalry are generated by politicians to obtain what they call grassroot support. Everyone needs to get wise and ensure that they are not misled by self serving politicians who always play the ethnic card to obtain what they perceive as political relevance. Nigerians should be ashamed of themselves because they do not have the culture of reading and studying history of past events. This is why politicians have been playing the ethnic card since the 1950’s to date and will continue to play same since we as a people never learn from history. The issue of deportation of beggars and destitutes have been going on for a long time in many states including Anambra and Rivers and no one including the press complained. As elections are approaching, politicians saw what they termed a political opportunity about the deportations and all hell was let loose.

  22. obinna


    did you bother reading the comments that followed the ozodi osuji phd article.. don’t take that mad dogs article serious bro.

    instead of researching faults on ibo.. why not channel that energy into an objective research on how to make Nigeria a better place..

    we have bigger problems in this country…


  23. Ismaila Yahaya

    I came across this article from a fellow Igbo on line yesterday. Though lengthy, readers should endeavour to read every bit of it for proper consumption.
    This Is Why It Is Difficult To Heal Mental Illness
    Ozodi Osuji
    Have you ever wondered why psychiatry has no record of healing one mentally ill person; I mean just one mentally ill person. A profession with such dismal record would be seen as a useless profession. No wonder that psychiatrists have the highest suicide rate of all professionals; they do not accomplish much and, as such, must feel useless.
    Psychiatry is that branch of psychology that specializes in psychoses (schizophrenia, mania, depression, delusion disorder and a few orders). Clinical psychology specialized in minor mental disorders and provide talk based psychotherapy to them (the walking wounded who is every human being). Like psychiatrists, psychologists have no record of healing any one. However, people who go to psychotherapists can gain enough insight from talking to them and thereafter go manage their lives well but in reality are not healed. To the best of my knowledge, no one has healed one worried well neurotic (the rich and well educated persons that go to psychotherapists).
    So, why is the mental health profession (psychiatry and psychology) unable to heal any one of his mental disorder?
    The answer is very simple. Mentally ill persons do not want to be healed. They do not want to be healed because they do not want to accept what it means to be a healthy person. To live on earth they must be mentally ill.
    Being mentally ill is the only condition for being on earth. You cannot be mentally healthy and be on earth!
    The so-called normal person is actually operating at animal level of existence and for all intents and purposes is not yet given birth to what it means to be a human being; if he knew how dreadful it is to be a human being he would have become a neurotic and or psychotic. The normal person made a choice not to use his mind to grapple with the nature of reality and merely live as sheep, cattle and tigers and lions do, mindlessly! To be normal is to be an animal, to be pre- human in one’s evolution; if one attains the human level of evolution one must appreciate its absurdity and seek to adapt to it either through neurosis or psychosis.
    A dog is happy because it is not aware of the nature of its absurd existence; the same goes for normal human beings.
    No one can heal the mentally ill. The sooner one accepts this reality the better it is for one. To be a human being is to be mentally ill. Therefore, as long as people want to be human beings they must be mentally ill.
    One can only become sane if one chooses not to be a human being.
    To be a human being one must be deluded (belief in what is not true as true) and must hallucinate (see what is not there as there, hear voices that are not there etc.).
    Delusion and hallucination are the two parts of mental disorder. Since to be a human being is to be deluded and to hallucinate, to be a human being is to be mentally ill.
    What do I mean that human beings believe what is not true as true and see what is not there? This is a good question. Are you, however, ready to accept the answer that your question calls for?
    Let us begin with seeing. You see people, animals, trees, land, mountains, planets, stars, galaxies, and the physical universe. Now consider what you see.
    Everything that you see is made of atoms. Your body, for example, is made of trillions of atoms (so are all animals, trees, lands, mountains and stars etc.).
    Atoms are made of particles of electrons, protons and neutrons. Particles of neutrons and protons are made of quarks (electrons are made directly from light). Quarks are made of light. In other words, everything you see on earth as not light is actually made of light. Think about that for a moment. If you break down all matter, space and time what you would see is light (radiation).
    If people’s bodies are made of matter and matter is made of light do you think that people’s bodies are made of light? Of course the answer is yes. Look at yourself and all people and things that you see. The bodily you that you see are made of matter (atoms) which is made of light.
    Matter is literally congealed light; Einstein told us that matter is energy in a different form in his famous equation: E=Mc2.
    There is a version of you and each of us that is made of pure light. There are people who actually can see you in light form (and see all people, animals, trees and everything in light forms).
    Every human being has two pictures of him or her: one in dense matter and the other in pure light. This is a fact, not speculation. How so?
    When you sleep and dream you do see you, people and animals and trees and everything, don’t you? Did you think that you saw them in solid matter form, that as solid matter they entered your tiny head for you to see them? Can a mountain in our world enter your three pounds brain? You saw a picture of the things you see in your dream.
    Pictures are made of photons, particles (waves) of light.
    You do see you and other people in light forms in your dreams. When you die you would also see you and other people, animals, trees and everything in light forms (as you already do in your nightly dreams; death is just another form of dreaming).
    Both forms of matter and light are illusory, not real; they do not exist, in fact. How so? They came out of nowhere and nothing during the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago.
    Logically speaking, that which came from nothing is nothing. Energy and matter does not exist eternally; they have temporary existence.
    Light, and its congealed form in atoms, matter, space and time are illusions; it seems to exist but does not exist, in fact.
    As long as you see things at all, be they in light forms or atom/mass forms you are seeing what is not there; you are hallucinating.
    Since on earth we see things that are not there (matter) and after our physical death we continue seeing what is not there (light forms), we are hallucinating. The world of forms, in atoms or in light does not exist yet we see it hence we are seeing what is not there as there hence hallucinating.
    In as much as we believe that what we see is there and it is not there, in fact, we are deluded. Therefore, we satisfy the criterion for psychoses: have hallucination and delusion.
    Can you refute what I have just said on scientific grounds? Of course you cannot do so.
    For years I worked with the mentally ill. I did not heal any one of them. I left the field to do other things. But my mind kept wondering why we, so-called psychotherapists, have such a dismal record of healing any one. Finally, I got it. People are mentally ill because they want to be and it is the only condition for being on planet earth. People do not want to become mentally healthy because if they did they would exit from this world and not see it or believe that it is there.
    My conclusion was enhanced by observing Igbos, a people who are clearly mentally ill. If you have dealt with Igbos you know that they want to be very important persons. They are boastful and perpetually tell you childish tall tales about their phantom accomplishments. They want to be seen as better than their neighbors (Yorubas, Hausas etc.).
    Igbos tell you how an Igbo was the first in everything in Nigeria and has done everything better than other Nigerians.
    Igbos make outrageous claims if that makes them seem important, such as claiming that the slave, Olauda Equano who while living in England wrote an autobiography of his life in the late 1700s was an Igbo; that claim makes Igbos seem important for he was the first negro-African to write in the English language and Igbos must be first in everything.
    Never mind that in the book Olauda talked about how his fellow Africans kidnapped him and his sister and marched them to the Atlantic coast and sold them into slavery. Igbos would not take blame for this sordid aspect of Olauda’s life. What they are quick to do is take credit for whatever seems good and gives them bogus glory.
    The good is always Igbo while the bad is always not Igbo. These people see themselves as angels and blame all their bad behaviors on other people; it is always other people’s fault if they did something wrong but whatever they do right they tell you about it. This is infantile effort to seem perfect by taking responsibility for the good and denying ownership of the bad in one.
    Simply put, Igbos see themselves as a special and superior people; they are forever boasting about their superior accomplishments. Their goal is to establish that they are better than their Nigerian neighbors.
    The more they boast about their imaginary superiority and accomplishments the more those around them detest them. Igbos are, perhaps, the most loathed people on planet earth! No one wants to be around them (do you like to be around boastful people, of course not). An hour of being around Igbos drives me up the wall; I must leave their presence so as not to be subjected to their perpetual boastfulness, their vain glory seeking life style, and yes, their delusion of grandeur.
    In a series of papers I pointed out Igbo characteristics. I naively hoped that by doing so, pointing out what is obvious about them that they would change. What I said about them is known by all other Nigerians so I really did not say anything new. I was surprised that despite pointing out how they come cross not one Igbo person changed as a result of my input to them. They persisted in boasting, seeking superiority and specialness.
    Like certified psychotics, they struggle to get you to change your perception of them as imperfect human beings and see them as they want you to see them, special and perfect human beings.
    If you go to psychiatric hospitals you quickly learn that the in-mates, patients want you to see them as very important persons. Mentally ill people want you to see them as Jesus Christ and or God or whoever or whatever they think makes them seem very important. In psychiatric hospitals it is always a hilarious sight witnessing patients fighting to establish which one is the true Jesus Christ/god and which ones are not! The crazy Jesuses duke it out to establish who the real Jesus of the insane asylum is!
    Igbos want you to see them as very important persons and persist in this psychotic road show. They try to wear you down until you collude with them and see them as special.
    If you do not want to be worn down by these crazy people you avoid their presence. How can one human being be better than another person? That is absurd. We are all equal and the same; any talk of superiority and inferiority is madness.
    As noted, I did not get one Igbo to give up his desire for specialness, his delusion disorder. Why? Recently, it dawned on me that it is because no one can heal the mentally ill person.
    Igbos clearly are deluded. Their delusion disorder is shown in their pursuit of grandeur and accompanying sense of persecution.
    Igbos attack other people by insulting them and when in self-defense those they insulted counter attack them, they forget their initial attack on them and see themselves as innocent victims of others attack.
    Lately, they have been insulting Yorubas by claiming to own a piece of Yoruba land, Lagos and when Femi Fani Kayode defended Yoruba ownership of Lagos, Igbos feel attacked and go into their paranoid persecution mode. They are currently telling us that they are innocent victims of Mr. Kayode’s attack but have forgotten their lunatic claim of owning Lagos that precipitated Kayode’s defensive statements.
    Igbos accused Kayode of hating them. Whoever is not in cahoots with Igbo madness is seen as a hater of Igbos.
    To prove that he does not hate Igbos, Kayode told us that he was pumping many Igbo women’s piss holes during his college days at Cambridge University (and during his brief tenure as the Minister of Aviation).
    If you know anything about Igbos neurotic games, you know that if you disagree with them they preempt what they see in themselves, as mad people, by calling you mad. They are currently calling Kayode mad. Kayode is a normal human being. Igbos want to discredit him; they do not want people to listen to the truth he said about Igbos.
    Igbos do these silly things as if they do not know that each human being has his own mind and can read others and does not need Igbos deluded interpretation of people to know what is true about people.
    Many Igbos are deluded paranoid characters; paranoid persons see madness in them (their denial of their real self and identification with false big self is madness), deny it and project what they see in them to other persons. What they attribute to other persons is not gotten rid of, it is still there.
    The Igbo that calls you mad is as mad as hatter. What going to psychoanalysts does to people is help them understand themselves so that they stopped externalizing what they see in them to other persons.
    If you say what does not make Igbos seem like the God they want to be, they will try to humiliate and shame you. They will tell amazing lies about you, as they are now saying about Kayode (looking at his face, and his writing I can tell that he is an honest man albeit corrupted by Nigeria’s culture of corruption).
    Luckily, persons with healthy and positive self- esteem cannot be humiliated and shamed by the lies of the nuts called Igbos…
    If I had listened to their crazy lies about me I would be depressed. I simply saw them for what they are, nuts, and do not take their incredible lies seriously.
    Igbos little neurotic ego games are well known to all of us. We all know what they are doing; I mean their self-defeating games of insulting other people.
    We know that if they insult people, given that people want to be respected, they feel angry at Igbos and do whatever they can to thwart Igbos progress. What do you think: do you think that now that Igbos have done everything to degrade Kayode that he will now work for the good of Igbos, or put obstacles on their paths?
    Written by: Ozodi Osuji Ph.D
    Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Seattle, Washington, USA.

    1. Henry

      Dear Ismaila. For your information he described the whole humanity as collectively insane. I am sure you do not believe that you are insane. If so why should we believe everything he said about the Ibos. Even if we are braggarts, loud mouths etc. Talk is cheap. Same cannot be said of people like you who: Incite murder, Commit Murder, Commit Arsonists, Loot, Inhale Gum, Engage in Child Marriage, Hav a Born to Rule syndrome, have if i cannot get it, i destroy it mentality, Promote VVF to name but a few.
      As for your inciting the Yoruba to kill us off, I have this for you: We only engage with them in verbal and academic wars. The Yoruba will never descend to your level to start killing, looting etc just because of a verbal war. Unlike your kith and kin, they are refined people. Food for your thoughts.

    2. Tony

      I pity all of you, deep down in your hears , i know you are full of envy. the Igbos are better than you in every field, let me even go to sports in Nigeria, look at the super eagles, it is always the igbos that produce the bulk and the best of your players, Olympic gold , all our junior teams. education, commerce , you name it. one day we shall become the president , then you will understand why we are the best, even your conscience bears you witness,my question, if Igbos were not the best, why didn’t you allow them go peacefully. you will not because you know without the Igbos , there will be no Ngeria.

  24. Chukwudi Obi

    We Ibo go sell Yoruba people as slaves to Hausa people.

    1. Isah Boluwa

      See who’s talking about selling someone as slaves to another.Much as it is wrong to rejoice over innocent people’s death,let me remind you that Nigerians of Igbo extraction are already slaved in the north,with many loosing their lives.Why don’t Igbos learn from history?Your mouthing caused the death of several of your kins during the civil war and you are still re-creating history.God have mercy on you.

    2. Ogbeni N.

      For your information, your Igbo leaders consult Yoruba leaders on leadership & moreover Igbo is the traditional ladders for any other tribes to get to the Presidency, while they fenders to protect the interest of others when they get to the presidency.TAKE NOTE.

    3. Femi Williams

      Some of u ibos always talk about we yorubas like we cannot fend without u, I respect your achievement in petty trade and commerce, but I smile when u insult us calling us the abgeros of lagos, looking at some of your comments its obvious the bulk of you commenting are illeterate traders.you Talk decieving urselves that u are better than other nigerians.the Igbos have not excelled more than Yoruba people in any kind of business at an advanced level, with the exception of the long haul coach and bus business. In the transportation business generally how many igbo people own the largest private airport on the African continent like Wale Babalakin. Tell me the Igbos that are mega industrialists like Folawiyo, Okoya, Adedoyin, Akindele. Or awosika. Even forbes magazine just confirmed that the richest black woman on earth is Alakija, far richer than the former ,oprah winfrey itS obvious mobile internet has granted too many illiterates internet acces, for crying out loud, what is Nigeria without GTB, Oando, FCMB, GLO, Con Oil, Nicon Insurance, Sahara Oil, Bicourtney all owned by Yorubas. How many Igbo companies provide mass employment in comparison? If you take away all the companies owned by Yoruba businessmen what is left? The truth, hurtful as it can be, is that the leading industrialists and entrepreneurs are Yoruba people and they built Lagos with their mega business skills. We yorubas realise that we are yorubas before we became Nigerians but even before we became yorubas we were human beings, hence people are allowed to conduct business and live peacefully within our teritory. You igbos are not any better than other nigerians as u are deluded . We are not the list bit scared of a break up because we have religious tolerance and legitimate enterprise not substandard drugs or piracy. Etc we are talking real enterprise ur talking spareparts smh.

  25. Ayour Pee

    The igbos are unnecessarily agitated. Igbos problems stem from themselves but each time, they prefer to blame it on others. Yorubas are very accommodating in every sense of it. In my remote village, the largest shops are owned by the igbos. There was a time an indigene retired home and used his pension to set up a big shop, the igbos were (still is) so powerful to the extent that they frustrated him out of business … igbos are still in my village waxing stronger.

    I am married to an igbo woman . I never had objection from anybody for doing so and I am sure many other yorubas are married to igbo people. In my own case i know what efforts i made before i changed her igbo mentality. I don’t really care much if eventually it turned out that i will be married to the same woman but a foreigner but i think history will vindicate the Yorubas that we love our igbo brothers more than they love us … my opinion

    1. paul

      @Ayour Pee Your Yoruba girls ladies smell like rats that is why u went for backward Igbo lady.

      You will die of poison mark my word

      1. Ogbeni N.

        Dr Emeka Anayaokwu,Prof Ike, Dr Akanu Ibiam,Dr Maduka and many successful Igbo leaders are & were married to the same smelling Yoruba rats (girls) according to you and they are among the most successful Nigerians in the history ( I dont meanthe like Emeka Ofor & the rest Igbo criminals).Many of your men still marries Yoruba girls because you Igbos trades with everything even your daughters for money, that is why you are into crimes to raise money for your marriage,more over your girls are the people that smell like rats because they stay too long at home like clothes abandoned in the closets.

  26. revolutinary answer

    for me what I really learn and understand about the whole story is that I really don’t think Yoruba people hate Ibo though there might be some mistrust which I believe it happens anywhere in the world and to be honest there is mistrust and betrayal everywhere in someone family. Yoruba man betray is brothers and so does Ibo .and the reasons for betrayal are material thing such as .money , power .woman and lot more .my prayer is one day Yoruba and Ibo will put all differences behind them and learn form past mistakes and move forward because in these two tribes I see intellectuals, progress, development ,and lot more

  27. Ally

    Enough is enough! Igbo must go!

  28. obinna

    ismaila.. I dare say that your education is a waste. you don’t deserve to be in ABU Zaria.. listen to yourself and tell me if all these shit you wrote relates to the context of this article in anyway..

    If the north really wanted the ibos out, why did Nigeria led by north fight the way.. that’s by the way though..

    the writers point is, since we are all still stucked together in this entity called Nigeria.. we ought to make it work. and the supposedly educated ones like you are supposed to be leading the initiative.

    Note: if Nigeria is to break up today, the north will be a land locked state and hence, the most disadvantaged..

    our ancestors have made their mistakes, and that’s what we are suffering now. it left for us to fix it so that our children don’t suffer the same fate.. think about it.

    Uniportinfo.com inspirenaija.com

  29. Akpaka na doha

    Ismaila is a student and member of Boko Haram

  30. Ismaila Yahaya

    The Yoruba’s have extremely over welcomed the Igbos in their territory.No wonder they can shamelessly fight for what is not theirs.Go to Rivers State,Igbos are crying fowl because the aboriginals refused to sell their birthright to them, by agreeing to equal ownership of the state.Same thing too in Delta.In fact, several Delta-Igbos,so called hate to identify with the SE Igbos.(Readers can google the rivalry between Igbos and Ikwerres).When they started their craze in our region here in the north,barely had we finished dealing with them that they started crying fowl.Before now,in Kaduna State Igbos were given land to build their houses and stores.However,when the indigenes understood what awaits them in the future,they quickly retraced their steps and put Igbos where they belong.Today,in Central Market where Igbos used to be shop owners,they are now tenants and in most cases,occupying road sides to hawk their goods.Why couldn’t they stay back in Kano to lay claims to the state when they were slaughtered in hundreds?Why are they constantly fleeing Gombe, Taraba and co in cowardice after all the noise of indigeneship they had claimed?My plea to the Yorubas is to teach these ingrates a lesson so that they will all go back to their devastated region,where crime is high and live there. Ismaila is a student of ABU.

    1. Henry

      @Ismaila. Your hatred is born of a deep seated inferiority complex. We understand your plight. With the backwardness, illiteracy, child marriages, extreme poverty, boko haram, drug abuse, laziness etc. Why won’t you bay for blood and violence. Eeeyaah. Sorry ooo. No be we do you. Aboki na

    2. paul

      World’s Most Evil and Hated Country?

      The United States of America is now the most evil and hated country in the world. No other country even comes close.

      Amazingly, due to the enormous truth suppression power of America’s criminally controlled media, the vast majority of Americans are still totally unaware of these facts.

      Let’s just examine a few facts to help understand why America has rightfully earned the label of “World’s Most Evil & Hated Country”.

      First, the United States is the military arm of the World’s most diabolical criminal cabal which is led by the Black Pope from Vatican City and the Rothschild-led financial titans from the City of London.

      Of course, since the United States serves as the bully or muscle to murder and make war for this criminal cabal, the United States serves as the ugly face of this evil and hateful organization.

      While the Black Pope and the international banking elites hide behind the media they own and control, the United States is right out there in the World’s Face, using the most powerful and sophisticated military and intelligence ever seen to rape, murder, and steal whatever they want.

      The United States now has more than 700 military bases in some 130 countries around the world. Why? Because we do whatever we want! Do you suppose the vast majority of these 130 countries really want us occupying their countries? Hell No! They have something we want so we TAKE it!

      Just ask youself if you would like the Russians or Chinese to simply move in to America and start occupying our country? I know I wouldn’t like it.

      We use our CIA to cut an evil deal with the leader of some country we want to take over for their natural resources or some geo-strategic reason, a deal orchestrated by the brains in London and the Vatican.

      Then, using our military muscle, we simply move in and set up shop. We’ve done it numerous times. Check out former CIA henchman John Perkins.

      Because war and drugs are the two most profitable businesses, this criminal cabal totally controls both. The wife of Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild once said, “If my sons did not want war, there would be no wars.”

      That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, every war for the past 250 years was intentionally orchestrated by this Vatican-Rothschild-led criminal cabal. If you doubt this, then you are simply uninformed.

      This criminal cabal has been running things for a long time. They had Abraham Lincoln murdered. They murdered JFK too. Both of these presidents tried to take the job of printing money away from the Vatican-Rothschild controlled Central Bank.

      We have called the Central Bank in America the Federal Reserve Bank since 1913. Of course, this bank is “privately” owned and controlled by the Vatican and the Rothshchild-led bankers. Like Mayer Amshel Rothschild and his sons always said, “Give me control over a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes the laws.”

      Yes, this criminal cabal intentionally started the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Viet Nam, and all the wars in the Middle East.

      These criminals orchestrated the events of 9/11/2001 also. They simply blamed it on Osama Bin Laden because Bin Laden was supposedly hiding out in Afghanistan. And, of course, the criminal cabal needed a good excuse to attack and occupy Afghanistan. Then, the corrupt media easily sold most Americans the lie because most Americans are woefully ignorant.

      And, every one of these wars was started due to the lies and deception of our most trusted leaders who have all been working for this criminal cabal. They easily sell these lies to us using their totally controlled media.

      These criminals also totally control the world’s cocaine and heroin business, frequently using the U.S. Military to transport huge shipments into America on Military aircraft. They then hand over the drugs to the Mafia who use their sophisticated distribution network to get the drugs into the hands of American citizens.

      The United States has been totally controlled by this criminal cabal for a long time. Even FDR was a criminal puppet and traitor. He knew about the Pearl Harbor attack days before it ocurred, yet allowed it to happen because the cabal needed the United States to get involved in WWII.

      The United States military has murdered millions of innocent men, women, and children all over the world for many years. Most of the folks in the military are totally unaware of the real truth, why they are really fighting.

      Lies, lies, and more lies is the way it has always been. Israel’s Mossad, literally a creation of the Rothschilds, and the equivalent of our CIA, has a motto which they even display on their offices which reads, “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”

      Ladies and gentlemen, you have been lied to your entire life by the people you have looked up to for leadership. This includes the President of the United States, your senators, your religious leaders, your mainstream media, and more.

      With access to the internet, at least for now, you can dig, dig, and dig some more. There are hundreds of sources to study. Yes, there are some disinformation agents out their trying to confuse and distract you, but if you study a lot, you’ll discover a lot of the truth.

      Check out The Money Masters, The Empire of the City, Eric Jon Phelps’ 1800 page book entitled Vatican Assassins. This will get you started.

      1. Ty

        This monkey banana called Paul, your father made a huge mistake bringing you into this worl, you be shame,bad shame to beta igbo peoples wey dey ds world. I sorry for the family wey u come from, and the mumu monkeys wey dey your family. Plus your bastard children too amd mumu family

    3. agubuegbe

      Mr yahaya your middle name is FOOLISNESS, you are a perfect example of an untrainable fool,just know that the Ibos are light years ahead of the north, no matter the number of years the north has been in power, compering the north with the south east is like compering the dead with the living or better still compering the darkness and light, the north occupies the begger’s industry of Nigeria, the north will be closer to the SE south east maybe in a zillion years to come

    4. bennfort

      Yahaya or whatever you’re called, you’re in abu bcos of quota system and even at that, I believe you barely scored up to 30 in ur jme examination. Let’s play on a level ground and I bet you, u and ur generation will forever be rearing and supplying us nama (cow meat) for our pleasure. Efi awusa.

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