Hungry Boko Haram militants turn cannibals

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Dozens of suspected Boko Haram militants in Magumeri forest, Borno state, north east Nigeria, have turned to human eaters after being stranded for days without food or water.

Magumeri forest is about 150 kilometres from Maiduguri, the state capital.

The incredible story was related by Malam Momodu Bukar, who claimed to be part of the insurgency group.

He told newsmen on Saturday in Maiduguri that he fled the camp at the forest on Thursday when it became obvious that he was going to be eaten.

“I thank God that I escaped because I would have been slaughtered by now to provide meal for my colleagues at the camp,” Bukar said.

The militant was captured by a Youth Vigilante Group, popularly known as the civilian JTF at Baga Road motor park, Maiduguri, on Friday..

He said the militants had been in the forest since May, when they were dislodged from Marte, Marte Local Government Area, by the Joint Task Force (JTF) on Operation Restore Order (ORO) after the declaration of the State of Emergency.

“Our group, consisting of about 300 well armed combatants, headed for Magumeri on the orders of the sect leader, Abubakar Shekau, shortly before the military took over Marte Camp.

“We have been wandering in the forest. We have exhausted our food and water supply, and so, everybody became hungry,” Bukar said.

He also said that they lost contact with Shekau due to the closure of GSM services by the Defence Headquarters.

“It all started last Monday when three of the combatants in camp died of acute hunger, and it became obvious that all of us will die if action was not taken.

“The leader of the group, Abu Omar, directed that a non combatant member be slaughtered to provide meal for the rest.

“The meat provided meal for the combatant for just two days and another person was killed in the same manner on Wednesday.

“So, it became certain that I might be the next person since I am also a non combatant member.”

Bukar said he escaped after volunteering to help search for drinking water for the group in a nearby village.

“I left the camp on Thursday evening after agreeing to fetch water from the village.

Suspected members of Boko Haram arrested in the past
Suspected members of Boko Haram arrested in the past

“After leaving the camp, I started running until I arrived at Magumeri town, so, I slept in the motor park before boarding a vehicle to Maiduguri with the little money on me.” he said.

Bukar said that he was apprehended immediately he arrived at the motor park in Maiduguri by the youth vigilante group.

Commenting, an official of the vigilante group, Mallam Ajid Asheik, said the suspect would be handed to the Joint Task Force (JTF) on Operation Restore Order (ORO) for investigation.


  1. Magaji

    u dont surpose to escape u would have stay and die since u dont want to repend and accept christ for live evalasting, ur god is death hel fire is waiting for u. god wil purnish u for running for ur life.

  2. sunny

    by the time the non combatant are exhausted,the combant will begin to eat one another accoding to their ranks. God is great. weldone cjtf,jtf and fg.

  3. Magaji D.

    I dnt bliv his story. Y cnt d BH militants also get ppl from d same village dey wia going 2 get water instead of feeding on 1 of dia own? Its a set up.

  4. truth

    Bh u na grandmama don die finish.una tink say 2suck innocent blood good.dat innocent blood had turn2bitter leaf,sorry.

  5. Ogbeni N.

    That is the strategy that brought the civil war to an end.

  6. Olagbebikan

    Why not use this sell confessed bh to trace and arrest that his group before exposing this to the public?Is this a wise decision in a war situation ?

  7. emmanuel

    I agree that Shekau is dead and the minister for special duty knew about it before last week. He only tried to hrry the government for a quick amnesty deal for his brothers.

    GEJ, no telephone lines until BH is rooted out.

    Malam shehu u just dey pretend for here. Try to read back your comments in the last 8 months or there about on this issue. Why have you suddenly started praising JTF? Are they no longer doing ethnic cleansing?

    Person when wan go chop 72 virgins nor want make dem chop im meat. JTF i beg make una despatch am go meet the virgin as if life na all about sex?

    Meanwhile, some of my female friends that have had sexual stints with them say “nor mind mallam jare dem nor dey sweet for bed” yet all dis BH evil na to go have sex for hell!

  8. Mr.Dogwoyaro

    God created man in his own image and likeness,but u can see hw sm pple re changing from dea nature to bush meat.Hahahahahahaha…..dis is just d begining.

  9. gudluk

    anoda islamic doctrine is to become cannibal


    How was he identified? and his revelation is supposed not to have been made public.

  11. prince

    boko boko haram ram

  12. prince

    those wey say make 12years girls dey marry are boko haram relatives, JTF go after them.Dey nor get better plans for dis country. na animal dem bi

  13. prince

    very soon the remaining boko boko horom, morom ,haram, ram plus their sponsor go go hell fire so that each can have 72 virgins .shekau rest in pieces with your 72 virgins

  14. prince

    shekau dey hell fire now with 72 virgins as compesation

  15. olly

    Let d coward fool lead JTF to d forest so that they can all be wasted in that forest so that they will not be able to escape to the town again.

  16. Kasheem

    Good 4 dem. De never c anytin yet. D military n ol stakeholders welldone d guy can provide usefull info on hw 2 nail d rest of dem may Allah swt continue 2 xpose dem n their sponsor

  17. Delta tori teller

    I could not stop laughing when I read this story, I weep for his mother because she born a coward and a beast. He join them to eat others for two times but when it became his turn to be eaten he ran away, leaving other to stave of human meat. If these people should catch buhari they will not see meat to eat from him. lol

  18. Servant of God

    We thank Almighty Allah for the xpensive revalation if these insanious human being, by God grace all of you will eat your self one by one. Thanks to God, jtf, and every individual who work tearllesly to unvail these terrorist.

  19. aaa


  20. abeh

    He should hav been allowed to fetch battalion/troops of soldiers into thier mist.but the security agencies still have a better chance to capture them.

  21. lekan

    It is an accolade to the CIVIL JTF, JTF & FG, if the news under consideration is anything to go by.
    Infact, it is KUDOS to them all. Even, including all Nigerians for their UNDERSTANDING & PERSEVERANCE.
    Meanwhile, all that concerned in seeing to the end of the carnage by the DREADED GROUP(s) in the Country should neither RELENT nor RELAX, as this might be another PLOY by the CALOUS & DISGRUNTLED ELEMENTS in the Society, to divert attention of all WELL MEANING Ngerians.
    Once more, KUDOS to you all & keep on with the good job(s).

  22. Owen

    It’s a good sign that the reign of Boko Haram is almost over. The hunger strategy is a good one just like the days of Biafra. Ride on JTF.

  23. Omahaba

    Cowards why not embark on mass suicide if you cannot surrender? Is this what you bargained for? You can only win the fight against hunger with canibalism a shortwhile. You cannot defeat the ensuing disease and pestilence.

  24. Omahaba

    Under this condition jtf should simply tighten security around the forest to Prevent their escape from this self imposed detention. Feeding on themselves is not canibalism, a lot of animals do same. Thanks boys for saving us food and bullet by this ignoble chill out.

  25. Joy

    How are thoes vigilantes able to identfy him as boko haram? Could somebody please expalin tp me.


    The fool does not want to die. But the same would not bat an eyelid when he kills a non combatant. BH your miserable lives will soon be over.

  27. M. Ezeh

    So funny, that he went out to fetch water for the cannibals, a good secury intelligence would have allowed him fetch much more than enough water, he would have been allowed to fetch a flood of millitary men into their camp. Just catching him and publicising it doesn’t help.

    1. akpos1

      Right thinking. We will need your services in our army – The armed forces of the United Republic of the SS&SE

  28. Tungyi

    Boko haram days are numbered.

  29. sunny

    those of u that av despised the efforts of jtf cum fg,what do u want to say now? WELL DONE JTF AND FG. NA UNGER GO KILL ALL OF THEM.

  30. innocent

    who says SOE and JONATHAN are not working.starvation is d greatest tool to bring boko boys to their knees. cut the food and water supplies.

  31. SMITH

    Why are you running for your life?? foolish man, how about the pupils and innocent souls you wasted theirs?? una never see anything shaa.

  32. Famous

    Why this news now, wht abt the remaining group members in the forest, they shuld ve been arrested bf making this news public.



  34. Ola

    Dis is part 1 of the film titled UNA NOVA SEE ANYTHING..haahahahahahahahaa.Laugh wan wound me oooh.Awon Weereee.Madt Boko bokoo.

  35. Rommel

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahloooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!! dem nevr see anything stupid people,your agenda has failed and soon you will routed out.

    1. paul

      I won’t be happy until BUHARI AND EL RUFAI are arrested because they are sponsors of boko haram.

      Get them behind bar this nonsense will stop

      1. Tola Femi Ogunleye

        How do you mean? Are you in this world at all. What has Buhari and El Rufai got to do with Boko Haram? Are they the ppl Mr President claimed are in his cabinet? Those two, are honourable Nigerians with a clean hand. Any attempt by anyone to link them with the boko haram is in effort to tarnish their image.

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