Nigerian Fraud Suspect Arrested In Dubai

A suspected Nigerian fraudster, Itumo Anthony Chidebere, has been arrested in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

His arrest was made possible by the collaboration of the INTERPOL Unit of the Nigeria Police, headed by DCP Adeyemi Ogunjemilusi, and the  Abu-Dhabi police.

Chidebere had sought sanctuary in Dubai after allegedly defrauding a Nigerian businesswoman of  $2million. The 35-year old suspect, from Ebonyi State, has been on the run for the past 13 months.

In June 2012, the suspect was reported to have presented himself to the said businesswoman as an estate broker in Dubai, claiming that he could purchase a house for her. Relying on this assurance, the unsuspecting complainant made a payment of $2,082,139 US Dollars to the suspect, on the receipt of which the suspect disappeared without purchasing the said house, but rather chose to be running from one country to another in a bid to evade arrest.

In the meantime, INTERPOL Abuja is working with their United Arab Emirates counterpart and the Federal Ministry of Justice to facilitate the extradition of the suspect to Nigeria.


  1. Kaze, you are narrow minded by making such a comment. Where did the woman get such a huge some of money. Anyway she is your sister the drug paddlers. We know the part of the country where you guys comes from. Condemned saints that talks any how without the zeal to put up a fight.

  2. @kaze A,for using dat word all,all,all may all the creation of God work against ur destiny and entire life forever and ever.Amen

  3. These days, once i hear that a Nigeria had been arrested in a foreign land for crime, i hardly waste time guessing who the criminal might be. I think it should be put in the constitution of Nigeria that all Ibos are eligible to rubbish all Nigerians anywhere they are.

  4. But all of us should have fear of god in anything we are doing ok both conplainat and the suspect should charge according thanks

  5. Business woman indeed; This is one of those bad journalistic reports that many of Nigerian journalists are known for. If you must report, please publish the name of the criminal (which you did) but you must also publish the name of the victim , in this type of cases. In order to make your report believable and authentic.
    Your so called business woman is of bad character, she needs to explain how she came about over Two million in cash to buy a property in another count she’ s not a resident, while she could have invested the money in her own country to reduce the unemployment rate of almost 70 to 80%.
    No country can develop without utilizing her working group, which is 18 to 40 year old citizens, If these group of people are unemployed, cases like these will increase, And these are situations caused by people like your so called business woman.
    In United States, court will look at how much she paid in taxes last three years, for her to have access to that kind of money in cash.
    Well what do you expect from a banana republic, being run by monkeys.
    Ole gbe, Ole gba. (thief stole from a thief).

  6. The should arrest all the criminals that call themselves politicians and statesmen. they are all fraudsters.

    • You be monkey. Did you read the story well. What is your name that they are damaging??? what is the name of the businesswoman and where did she get the 2M dollars.

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